Is CBD Oil Legal? The Legal Status Of Cannabidiol

Is CBD Oil Legal? The Legal Status Of Cannabidiol

CBD Oil Legal

In a context of research and legality in many countries, the percentage of cannabidiol use by inhalation, oil, cosmetics, and food supplements is increasing day by day. On the other hand, there are those who are already working to define cannabidiol under the term drug, which could completely stop the current free trade? New revelations about CBD Oil’s therapeutic capabilities have made cannabidiol more popular.

Nowadays, many entrepreneurs and consumers join in what appears to be a real revolution in the use of cannabis components that do not cause a high. In not too distant futurе, CBD will become аn еѕѕеntіаl source thаt wіll enter іntо thе соmроѕіtіоn оf fооd рrоduсtѕ, in food supplements and also in the composition of pharmaceutical specialties.

Your Next Medicine

Among others, cannabidiol, over thе уеаrѕ, rеvеаlѕ іtѕ mоѕt varied quаlіtіеѕ such as rеduсtіоn оf еріlерtіс ѕеіzurеѕ, ѕеvеrе аnаlgеѕіа, trеаtmеnt оf dіаbеtеѕ, trеаtmеnt оf ѕсhіzорhrеnіа, hаltѕ thе dеvеlорmеnt of саnсеrоuѕ tumоrѕ, treats of anxiety relieves nаuѕеа аnd vоmіtіng, treats migraines. It hаѕ аntі-іnflаmmаtоrу properties, аnd еvеn mоrе, it has the potential to renew cells in the brain in a process called neurogenesis.

A new, recently published research out there has found another benefit: CBD hаѕ аn іmроrtаnt аbіlіtу to balance thе рѕусhоасtіvе effects оf THC and to рrеvеnt phenomena ѕuсh as раrаnоіа аnd аnxіеtу frоm over-medicalization.

The business that presently runs the mоѕt аdvаnсеd clinical rеѕеаrсh in CBD іѕ the UK рhаrmасеutісаl соmраnу GW Pharmaceuticals! Thе wеll-knоwn саnnаbіѕ sprays manufacturer Sativex, that is presently working hard on the concluding phases of expansion of its new flаgѕhір product, Eріdіоlеx, whісh It асtѕ like Sаtіvеx thаt dоеѕ nоt contain THC, but only 98% CBD аnd 2% other cannabinoids.

A Drug Or A Food Supplement

If it’s finally decided that the CBD should be removed from global drug laws or otherwise defined as a medicinal substance, a real revolution in the field is expected. If аррrоvеd аѕ a dіеtаrу ѕuррlеmеnt, саnnаbіdіоl wіll bесоmе a соmроnеnt соnѕumеd daily bу millions of реорlе around the globe. Suсh a сhаngе аlѕо has broad іnduѕtrіаl implications fоr ореnіng nеw factories and creating jobs.

On the other hand, if it’s decided that the CBD is completely medical, its use will be strictly prohibited by anyone who is not a recognized pharmaceutical company with a specific license to use, market and sell the substance after having been proven in clinical trials and regulatory files.

CBD declared as Supplement not as medicine

Pending a new аnnоunсеmеnt, the CBD continues tо bе considered a dіеtаrу ѕuррlеmеnt as lоng as thе соmраnіеѕ thаt sell іt dо nоt dесlаrе it a mеdісаl рrоduсt. Thіѕ allows thе trаdе іn CBD оіlѕ and рrоduсtѕ tо соntіnuе tо grow and spread around the globe, particularly in Europe.

Over the past 2-3 years, the CBD has taken off, and in parallel with thе dеvеlорmеnt оf tесhnоlоgіеѕ tо separate thе molecule frоm thе plant іn thе lаbоrаtоrу, medical саnnаbіѕ соmраnіеѕ аrоund the wоrld have strated marketing cannabis varieties.

The reactions on the ground were constructive, and very swiftly the flower became like green oil, which is now consumed daily by millions of people around the world, as part of a daily diet.

The countries most responsible for the expansion of cannabidiol in Europe in the last two years are the Czech Republic and Switzerland. These two countries have for a long time approved a complete non-incrimination of the use of cannabis, including THC, they constitute the base of the hemp and CBD industry in Europe.

The Czech government officially defined cannabis extracts that do not contain THC as a dietary supplement, resulting in the explosion of the local CBD market. A striking example is the largest cannabis exhibition in the world, the Cannafest, which is held every year in Prague.

Until 2015, only tea and biscuits containing CBD were presented on the festival stands. Today, those attending the event will be exposed to dozens of stalls selling CBD products and extracts, oils, cosmetics, various food products and more.

Recent events around CBD and the DEA

CBD- Cannabidiol is still legal

Because of the recent events around CBD and the DEA, we are temporarily forced to switch between different payment options. This will continue until the hustle and bustle of CBD has settled. CBD order. Read more in Is CBD still legal? DEA’s Move May Not Be Legal!

IS CBD Oil legal?

Yes, in the most Countries of the World  CBD Hemp Oil is legal. This is a good news and we can use the CBD benefits for ourselves. To be honest, i don´t know if there is any country in which CBD is prohibited. Its because of the simple reason, that what makes cannabis illegal is THC and not CBD.

In the international legislative text about how to deal with Cannabis is written, that for the people in the States which have associated to this international prohibition against cannabis, are the following products of cannabis illegal to buy and sell:

The definition of this Convention is provided above, serves to explain the concept of cannabis:

  • Cannabis refers to the flower or inflorescence tips of the hemp plant. Excluded the hemp seeds and hemp leaves are so far the flowers were separated from it.
  • The resin of the cannabis plant in extracted form, whatever you want to call it
  • Cannabis plant refers to any genus or species of the hemp plant.
  • Excluded are plants, wherein the THC limit of 0,2 % is not exceeded.

In Fact, Hemp Oil which contains CBD as main ingredient is extracted from Hemp Plants with a lower concentration of THC than 1 %.

The following list is a list of countries that we know does allow CBD Oil from Hemp:

  • United States
  • Argentina
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Belize
  • Brazil
  • Bulgaria
  • Canada
  • Chile
  • China
  • Colombia
  • Costa Rica
  • Croatia
  • Cyprus
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • England
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Georgia
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Guam
  • Guatemala
  • Hong Kong
  • Hungary
  • Iceland
  • India
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Malta
  • Netherlands
  • Netherlands Antilles
  • Northern Ireland
  • Norway
  • Paraguay
  • Peru
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Puerto Rico
  • Romania
  • Russia
  • Scotland
  • Slovak Republic
  • Slovenia
  • South Africa
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • U.S. Virgin Islands
  • United Kingdom
  • Uruguay
  • Wales.

If you do not live in one of these countries, CBD Oil extracted from a Cannabis Sativa Variety with a THC content less then 0,2% (Hemp) may be not illegal. But  you should inform yourself about the law in your country before ordering.

Another step in public recognition

The entry of Cannabidiol into the world of legal trade has taken an important step this year (October 2017) with the World Agency against Doping in Sport (WADA AMA) which announced the list of 2018 in which the CBD will be withdrawn of the list of drugs that are banned in the sport.

The non-hepatic cannabis component, which has excellent anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects, can now be an integral part of the athletes’ training menu.

CBD Is Worth Money And A Lot

CBD sales are expected to reach $ 500 million by the end of 2017, only $ 200 million compared to 2015. The Hemp Business Journal estimates that by 2021 the United States CBD market is going to now reach $ 2.1 billion, As available Some time ago on the popular Forbes website.

The costs of raw CBD, in kilograms, оf соurѕе, vary dереndіng оn thе quаlіtу оf thе fіnаl рrоduсt. Some laboratories produce cannabidiol with a purity level less thаn 90% аnd others reach the 99% lеvеl. The price or maybe cost gap between these 2 products is enormous.

In addition to the huge sums of money and the huge value of the molecule, its lack of psychoactive power and its health benefits in each mode of consumption creates a new industry around cannabidiol and will allow the creation of new factories, stores and thousands of jobs. It could happen as early as 2018, maybe a little later.


Despite fears of redefining cannabidiol as a drug that would transfer its rights to pharmaceutical companies, the industry assumes that we can no longer backtrack. The public wants CBD, and we will delivering it.

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CBD Tincture – How to make it & the dosage

CBD Tincture – How to make it & the dosage

CBD TinctureCBD products are starting to gain terrain on today’s market after an increasing number of people found out about their amazing therapeutic benefits. With an extremely low content of THC or no content at all, these products are extremely safe to be used even during the day, as much as you need in order to get the desired effects. In this article we will take a closer look at the CBD tincture.

The scientific world is currently unrolling various studies to determine the potential of this treatment, which is so efficient without the presence of any unwanted side-effects, like in the case of using traditional treatments, and without any psychoactive occurrences.

So, if you have a health problem that is bothering you, whether it is a physical or mental one, CBD can help you keep its symptoms under control in a safe and pleasant manner. Of all the CBD products out there, the tincture is something you can prepare at home and use in a discreet manner no matter where you go.

What are CBD tinctures?

A CBD tincture is obtained if the cannabis or hemp is disclosed in alcohol, in order to extract its most valuable cannabinoids. You can find these products readily-made in shops that sell CBD products, in small bottles that come along with a dropper for easy administration.

The concentration of CBD in tinctures is quite significant, ranging anywhere between 2,5% and 25%, so they are quite potent. In order to get the therapeutic benefits of CBD tinctures, all you have to do is put a few drops under your tongue, wait for a minute or two, and then swallow, using water to remove any hemp taste the tincture may have left behind.

So, in the next 30 or 90 minutes, you will feel it working its way through your system, making you feel much better than before but without altering your state of mind.

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How to make CBD Tinctures?

As mentioned before, you can prepare CBD tincture at home, if you want to make sure that the product is of the highest quality.

Necessary components

The most important ingredient that you will need is dried hemp flowers, which, in an ideal case, is organic, meaning that it was grown away from any sources that could contaminate it and that there was no mold present while the plant was drying out. So, yes, this kind of dried hemp flowers may be rather hard to find, but with a bit of research, you should be able to find it.

You will also need a base with high alcohol content, such as vodka, although there are people that managed to obtain CBD tinctures without any alcohol content, by using Food oil or apple cider vinegar. While it is not that potent as the one made with alcohol, you will still get some benefits and will stay away from alcohol consumption, if this is what you want.

Other supplies you will need is a jar that can be sealed with a lid, small bottles that have a dark color and, ideally, with a dropper, cheesecloth or muslin, a strainer, a funnel, and a glass jug that has a spout.

First steps

Start by grinding the dried hemp so that you will manage to fill the jar half its way with the ground dried plant. Next pour the alcohol over the plant until it is covered completely, so that the plant content will not remain dry, and tightly close the lid of the jar.

First production method (CBD Infused Oil)

cbd-infused-oilPlace the jar in a dark and cool place, like a cupboard, and take it out just to shake it daily, doing it for an entire week, helping the alcohol (or Food Oil) get the best out of the hemp. Then leave the jar to rest for 5 more weeks. Once this time passed, take the jar out and use a strainer to filter the content first, using the cheesecloth for a second and thorough filtering of the resulted liquid.

Put the liquid in your dark-colored bottles and the CBD tincture is ready to be used. You can put it under your tongue or add a few drops in your food or beverages, depending on how you prefer. However, this alcohol CBD solution is not suitable for all clinical pictures (such as epilepsy, liver diseases, etc.) and also not suitable for children.

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Second production method (CBD Concentrates)

In case you want a CBD tincture that is more concentrated, but without any content of alcohol, you can use various solvents (such as Ethanol, Isopropanol) to extract the CBD from the plant. But, be extremely careful as the solvents are highly flammable and can even be explosive in some cases, so you need to pay a lot of attention when using this method.

Also, it would be best to avoid butane, as it may leave toxic residues in your tincture, ethanol being a much better option.

Again, you will need organic cannabis and a high CBD cultivar. Put the plant matter in a bowl or bucket, and cover it with ethanol. Stir the mixture inside the bowl for about 3 minutes, by using a spoon. Next, use a sieve to get the plant matter out of the mixture.

how to make cbd oilThen, with the help of the coffee filter, run the remaining liquid through it to remove the small plant particles that went through the sieve. In order to obtain a clear liquid, you will have to do this operation several times.

To keep fire risks at bay, it would be best to use a water distiller to separate the ethanol from the plant oil. So, start distilling until about 80% of the ethanol has been removed from the liquid. To get rid of the rest the alcohol in the product’s content, use a heat-proof glass container and the heating plate of a coffee machine (or similar).

Take the liquid container and place it on the heating plate, heat the liquid to around 75 ° C (boiling point of the alcohol) and allow the liquid to boil until all the alcohol has evaporated. As soon as no bubbles appear at this temperature, the alcohol has completely evaporated.

CBD Oil before decarboxylationYou can test the resulted oil to see if the alcohol has been completely removed. You can do so by dipping a paperclip into the oil and applying it in an open flame. If there are no sparks under the flame, then it means that the oil is free of alcohol.

Last but not least, the decarboxylation must be made. This process transforms the crude cannabinoid CBDa (acid version of CBD) into CBD. This also applies to THCa and THC. The CBD (a) oil must be heated to a temperature of 110-120 ° C and kept for about 30-60 minutes.  At this temperature, small bubbles form again, which is due to the decarboxylation process.

Collect the oil with a syringe but make sure that the container in which the oil is, is not too hot to melt the syringe on contact. This concentrate can be diluted with food oil to reduce potency and increase volume.

cbd oil in syringe

CBD Tincture Dosage

While CBD is very safe and can be consumed by adults and children alike, providing health benefits in each case, this doesn’t mean that you should take as much CBD tincture as you’d like. Deping on the CBD Oil (Concentrate) product, CBD is very potent, it is, after all, pure cannabinoid oil.

While overdosing is not dangerous, it can make, in some rare certain cases, the symptoms worse instead of helping you out, so it is important to find the right dosage in your case for optimum results.

Don’t worry if you don’t get the right dose from the start because you can adjust it until you manage to obtain the desired effect. But, you will need to observe your evolution several days when using a certain dose, to be able to tell whether the dose is working for you or not.

Also, the purpose for which you are using a CBD tincture will also count in choosing the right dose, the needed dose may be higher in case of treating chronic or severe symptoms.

It is important to understand that there is no general dosage for everyone. Each one is individual and also has individual health problems and an endocannabinoid profile. Therefore dosage instructions are only for rough orientation.

Thus, having all these in mind, in case you are using CBD tincture for maintaining a good state of general health, the dose should be between 2.5 and 25 mg of CBD daily. In case of chronic pain, the dose should be between 20 and 50 mg of CBD daily and, for managing sleep disorders, 40 and up to 160 mg of CBD can be used in this case.

All of these examples are for orally administered CBD and it is highly recommended to start with the lowest dose, adjusting it up gradually, by adding just a few milligrams at once, and according to your needs, until you reached the desired results.

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High CBD Tinctures

CBD cannabis BUDSJust like there are high THC cannabis strains that are preferred by those who are looking to use the plant for recreational purposes, there are high CBD strains that are more potent when it comes to therapeutic benefits.

These strains are extremely helpful for developing strong tinctures meant to manage severe symptoms, such as the ones triggered by illnesses like PTSD, multiple sclerosis, Dravet’s Syndrome, Crohn’s disease, and others.

In the case of Dravet’s Syndrome, the lives of patients revolved around suffering a great number of seizures, in severe cases even hundreds of seizures in one single day, so high CBD tinctures are really offering these patients and their families hope, by diminishing the occurrence of these seizures in a significant manner.

While it is true that the content of CBD can vary from strain to strain and from plant to plant, depending very much on how they are cultivated, there are several strains that were specially bred to have higher levels of CBD.

We are talking about Harlequin, Charlotte’s Web, Cannatonic, and Sour Tsunami. If you’re looking for a high CBD strain that will help you obtain high CBD tinctures, you need to direct your attention toward any of the mentioned strains.

Hemp (Cannabis Sativa) Strains with Low THC – High CBD content
  • KC Virtus (HU)
  • KC Zuzana (HU)
  • KC Dora (HU)
  • Tiborszallasi (HU)
  • Monoica (HU)
  • Fibrol (HU)
  • Antal (HU)
  • Kompolti (HU)

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But, don’t go for potent products unless you need to and have a health condition that needs something efficient in order to make you capable of handling the symptoms. Also, don’t go for the highest dose right from the start and experiment in a gradual manner, until you manage to obtain the desired relief.

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How to use CBD oil – A Guide for Beginners

How to use CBD oil – A Guide for Beginners

how to use cbd oilCBD oil is starting to build a positive reputation, unlike its other relative, THC, which is also cannabinoid in cannabis just like CBD but provides psychoactive effects. Thus, more and more people, including researchers and healthcare providers, discovered that CBD is entirely safe to use, by both adults and children, because it does not make you “high”. But, the main reason behind this increasing popularity is the fact that CBD has a wide range of benefits when it comes to health. So, how to use CBD Oil?

While some may use it pretty much in the same manner as regular supplements, especially for managing stress, anxiety and high-pressure situations, many people use CBD oil to control symptoms that are hard to bear of severe illnesses.

CBD extracted from hemp and marijuana

Cannabis hemp flowersIf you’re interested in using CBD oil, it is worth knowing that it can be extracted both from hemp (cannabis sativa) and marihuana plants. CBD oil extracted from hemp is legal in the areas where cannabis is not accepted by the local laws, due to the fact that the content of THC is extremely low and, therefore, negligible.

But, some say that the CBD extracted from the marihuana plant is of a better quality and concentration, mainly because it contains complementary cannabinoids. In the opinions of those that opt for cannabis-derived CBD oil, these extra cannabinoids bring extra benefits, which is known as the entourage effect, making this particular oil more potent when it comes to its therapeutic effects.

This only applies when comparing isolated CBD with full spectrum CBD oil. Hemp (Cannabis sativa), however, like marijuana, offers a full spectrum of cannabinoids such as CBD, CBC, CBN etc.

The main difference is in the THC content, which does not exceed the limits for the hemp varieties used. Of course, depending on the hemp (cannabis) varieties, the cannabinoid content can also be very different.

It can not be denied that THC also has therapeutic efficacy for specific conditions. For those who have chosen THC as a useful therapeutic agent, CBD oil can be an alternative. For others THC can not be replaced by CBD.

Still, if you know that cannabis is not legal in the country or state where you live, getting CBD oil extracted from marijuana may get you in trouble. On the other hand, CBD from hemp is more accessible from this point of view, and you will get the health benefits of this particular oil for sure.

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How to use CBD Oil?

So, how to best use CBD oil? CBD comes in a variety of forms, such as oil, tincture, oil for vaping, sublingual spray, edibles, and topical creams, so you can choose the method that is most suitable in your case. The main idea behind all the methods of using CBD is to make sure that this cannabinoid ends up in your system in an easy manner, producing the results you want.

But when it comes to choosing the right method, it depends very much on the optimal dose in your case, the results you wish to achieve, and how long you want its effects to last. So, there isn’t a general rule when it comes to using CBD products.

Most people that use CBD prefer the varieties that are not for smoking, contrary to what people may believe, although vaping is great for alleviating symptoms in a matter of minutes, with effects ranging up to a few hours.

CBD administered orally can produce effects that last longer, a couple of hours in a row, but it takes longer for them to kick in, which is somewhere between 10 minutes or an hour and a half since the administration of the product. So, again, it is a matter of personal preference and desired effect.

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What is the best way to take CBD?
  • You can take CBD under the form of oil, which can come in the form of capsules, pre-made edibles, or as it is, added to the foods and drinks you consume daily.
  • It is worth knowing that CBD oil is extracted through a variety of ways, the CO2 extraction method being the one you should prefer best because it is the cleanest and most efficient. This doesn’t mean that the others methods don’t work, but, in case of solvent use, such as butane, toxic residues can be left behind if the process is not performed with maximum attention.
  • You can also use CBD in the shape of a tincture, which allows you to put a few drops directly in your mouth, under your tongue, or in your food and drinks. This form is quite appreciated by many people, as it is a discreet way of taking CBD, even in public spaces.
  • There are the CBD oil that is specially made for vaping pens, a method ideal if you want to enjoy the effects of CBD in a very fast manner. And don’t worry, vaping CBD does not have the same unwanted side-effects as smoking. If you are not sure if this method is for you, do know that there are disposable vaping pens, with a limited number of uses, just in case you want to try it out before deciding.
  • Sublingual sprays, just like tinctures, were meant to be used discreetly, by pulverizing the product under your tongue. They can be found with a various amount of CBD content, depending on the desired effects, representing a fast and easy way to get the treatment you need.
  • And, finally, if you experience muscle and joint pains, you can opt for using topical CBD products, which are made to be used externally, by applying them on the skin, on the painful spot. They are created and used due to their pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties, helping people that suffer from conditions like arthritis.

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How much CBD to use in a dose?

CBD OIl medicationHow much CBD should you take?

This is a question that pops into the mind of people that never experienced CBD before.

CBD works great in a wide range of health problems, but there is no standard dosage when it comes to treatment.

We are all different and so are our bodies, so you are the only one that can properly adjust the right doses, according to the way you feel and how you would like to feel.

For start, you should be taking small doses of CBD and observe what is happening.

Instead of taking one big dose, split it into smaller doses throughout the day, taking them as needed. Keep the same schedule and doses for a few days in a row, to really tell if the plan is working in your case.

If you don’t get the desired results, you can adjust the dose by slightly increasing it, but, again, don’t overdo it, as adjusting it slightly works best in the case of CBD. This is because small doses can act as stimulants, while large doses can be sedatives, so you really need to keep an eye on your evolution.

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Are Isolated CBD products better than whole plant extract CBD oil?

Many people are tempted to believe that products that contain CBD only are the best, thinking that using just CBD alone is a more effective treatment. While products that contain single-molecule CBD, meaning that you won’t find any other compounds, are already provided as medicines, they are not that efficient than whole plant extract CBD oil, when it comes to therapeutic effects.

It was determined that a synthetic CBD molecule used all by itself is not that efficient as a treatment. A patient needs high and very precise doses of this kind of product in order to feel the desired effects and, even so, this treatment cannot be applied but in a very limited number of cases. On the other hand, the CBD-rich plant extract is needed in rather small doses to provide an increased therapeutic effect in a wide range of health problems.

Are there any side-effects triggered by CBD?

CBD is an extremely safe substance and will produce some minor side-effects on very rare occasions and only if the dose is too high for a particular patient. But, if you are already following a particular treatment, it is recommended to talk with your doctor before starting to use CBD, to avoid any unwanted interactions.

More Infos:

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CBD Weed – the best & most potent CBD strains

CBD Weed – the best & most potent CBD strains

cbd weed

CBD is a cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant that has an incredible potential to become an alternative medicine for a wide range of illnesses. While it does not create psychoactive effects, like other compounds of cannabis, the scientific world still wishes to unroll more research and find out more about its benefits and effects on the human health.

But, so far, the people that tried CBD products for managing stress and anxiety, chronic pain, epilepsy, and others, claim that the effects are spectacular.

Not to mention that there are no risks associated with the consumptions of CBD since the product is entirely natural and extracted from plant matter. Of course, no one denies the fact that some people choose to use cannabis because it makes them “high”, so it is important to know that there are strains with a higher content of CBD, suitable for therapeutic purposes.

And strains cultivated for their generous THC content, which is the one that provides the psychoactive effects some look for in case of recreational use of cannabis. But, in the following lines, we will focus on the strains that are rich in CBD.

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acdc-strainThis is a classic strain that still goes strong in 2017, being the favorite of so many CBD users out there.

It is a hybrid strain that is able to provide a 20:1 CBD strength while spoiling its users with a taste of berries and cherry, and a pinch of lemongrass.

Bred by Resin Seeds and belonging to the Sativa-Indica family, this is a strain you definitely need to have in mind if you want a potent CBD product.


cannaronic-strainAnother hybrid strain that has a low content of THC, of only 6% or even lower, and a high content of CBD, which can range anywhere between 6% and 17%.

It provides a fresh citrusy flavor and users claim that this particular strain is great for managing health problems such as migraines, nausea, spasms, and stress.

They also noticed improvements in their focus and mental state, while their bodies were soothed and relaxed. It is highly important to know what you’re going to use the CBD for because each strain will offer a different result.

Charlotte’s Web

charlottes web cbd strainWith a content of THC that is lower than 0.3%, Charlotte’s Web is the ideal strain for all of those people that are looking to enjoy mild soothing effects and aid in pain management.

Thus, if you are looking for a strain that has no psychoactive effects whatsoever, this is the strain you need to have in mind.

While it is true that there are other non-psychoactive strains on the market, this one is by far the most potent and efficient of them, so no wonder it got on the favorite list of so many CBD users.

Due to its efficiency and lack of psychoactive effects, this strain was successfully used to treat children suffering from Dravet syndrome, PTSD, epilepsy, and other conditions that trigger highly unpleasant symptoms.


CorazonThe Yerba Buena farms decided to take AC/DC and turn it into an entirely new strain.

Focusing on obtaining more CBD from a cannabis plant and lower the content of THC.

So, the result was the Corazon strain, which has a generous 22.5% CBD content and just 2.71% THC.

It is still a relatively new strain, so it still needs to be discovered; this is why you won’t find too many users’ opinions about it just yet.

Critical Mass

critical massThis particular strain is a cross between Skunk and Afghani Indica, which is extremely easy to grow at home, without needing any special conditions.

So, if you never cultivated cannabis and would like to have a strain rich in CBD, this one should provide the start you need.

Its CBD content goes up to 22% and you’ll be impressed by the size of its buds.

It is mainly used to get rid of a variety of pains and aches, sending a pleasant buzz through your entire body. This happens due to a rather high content of THC, so it would be wise to use this strain later in the day or at night, to avoid experiencing its psychedelic effects while at work or during various activities.


Harlequin cannabisThe Harlequin is a rather surprising strain, having Sativa genes dominant in its body, with a CBD-THC ratio that can be described as being 5:2.

It increases alertness and focus, relieving physical pain at the same time, for a much-improved state.

If we are to look at its flavor, it provides a pleasant combination of musk and mango, so it can be extremely pleasant to use this particular strain.

Ringo’s Gift

Ringos GiftThe users of this strain chose it because it is capable of providing effects including energy boost, increased focus, and diminished “high” effects.

The strain itself will have a content of CBD ranging between 15 and 20%.

But, if you choose to turn a high-intensity oil or use it for vaping, the concentration will reach 75%.

It has an intriguing flavor that can be best characterized as a mix of pepper, spices, and mint, so it is very refreshing. It is great is managing symptoms triggered by Parkinson’s, migraines, spasms, arthritis, and GI disorders.

Sour Tsunami

CBD-rich-Sour-TsunamiThis was a strain specially created for higher CBD content. So, it is capable of providing a CBD concentration of 10 to 11%, while THC is around 10%.

The THC in this strain is very useful when it comes to managing symptoms of pain or anxiety, while CBD works best in keeping your mind focused and clear.

It is worth knowing that this strain came to live after NY Diesel and Sour Diesel were combined, which are two strains that are highly appreciated for their properties.

The flavors it provides are incredibly pleasant, as you will experience woody and pine accents with a touch of citrus and sour accents. So the Sour Tsunami has all the chances to capture your attention.

Stephen Hawking Kush

Stephen-Hawking-kushExcellent for treating conditions that trigger spasm and involuntary muscular contractions, such as multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, or ALS.

This particular strain is the result of combining Sin City Kush with Harle-Tsu.

Providing mild sedative effects, it is a strain that can be easily used by anyone, even during the day.

Because you’ll experience sensations of serene relaxation, rather than becoming sleepy. Also, if you like the combination of mint and fruits, then this is definitely the strain you’ve been looking for.

Valentine X

valentine-x-the-patron-strain-of-epilepsyValentine X is a strain with a rather high content of CBD, of 18% more precisely, but it is also generous when it comes to THC.

So, yes, it will provide a euphoric feeling after using it, while its potent CBD content will manage unwanted pain in cancer patients, symptoms of epilepsy, inflammation, depression, and stress, but also nausea and seizures.

It is also worth knowing that this strain was named after St. Valentine, which is the spiritual patron of the people suffering from epilepsy. So no wonder that it is used for treating such a condition, successfully reducing the number of seizures.

Recommended Hemp Varieties for CBD Production

CBD Hemp Buds(Low THC – High CBD content & other Cannabinoids)

  • KC Virtus (HU)
  • KC Zuzana (HU)
  • KC Dora (HU)
  • Tiborszallasi (HU)
  • Monoica (HU)
  • Fibrol (HU)
  • Antal (HU)
  • Kompolti (HU)

This is just a short list with the CBD-rich strains you can find on the market, as there are others as well. Many CBD manufacturers work hard to cross-breed different strains with the purpose of obtaining better and more potent strains, which can address a wider range of health problems. The previously mentioned strains are highly popular this year but do expect others to emerge in time.

The CBD market is only starting to develop, so once CBD will end up being an acceptable alternative and natural treatment, it is highly possible for the number of CBD-rich strains to multiply. Until then, you’ll have from where to choose, depending on the results you want to obtain when using them.

Also, do not forget to do a thorough research before choosing the strain you are about to use, because not all of them are reliable. Since the market is not yet properly regulated, there are many frauds out there that will sell poor quality products.

Rerlated Articles:

Reliable CBD strains

So, if you want to make sure that you’re buying reliable strains, do know that any of the previously mentioned strains are more than reliable, as we picked them carefully and did our best to describe them for you. But besides deciding on the strain you will use, also make sure that the provider is trustworthy as well.

After all, you want to get the strain you’re paying for, especially if you want a strain that has extremely low THC content and no psychoactive effects, so you can use it during the day.

So, CBD can be a great choice if you’re looking for a treatment free of unwanted side-effects, but you should also be careful what you buy and use because there are many things be careful at until the market will be governed by clearer regulations.

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CBD Concentrates – What it is and how to make it

CBD Concentrates – What it is and how to make it

cbd concentrates

When we say CBD concentrates, we say CBD content in its purest and most potent form. In the world of CBD products, concentrates are available in various forms, such as wax for vaporizers, CBD tinctures, or the classic CBD oil concentrates. If you decide to get the real benefits of CBD concentrates, you need to find a reliable provider, especially if you want to make sure that the CBD product you are about to consume does not contain more than the legal homeopathic concentration of 0.2 % THC.

The market in this particular domain is not regulated as it should, so the quality of the products can be arguable in some cases. But, what you need to know is that you can extract and prepare your own CBD concentrate. All you need are cannabis sativa (hemp) buds (female flowers) coming from a reliable strain, something you can find if you do proper research.

There are particular cannabis strains that are rich in CBD and have very low content of THC if you need the product for therapeutic purposes, so the quality of the finite product will be a certain thing.

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What are CBD Concentrates?

But, what are CBD concentrates? Well, according to the specialists in this domain, a concentrate is any product that results from an extraction process. When it comes to extracting CBD from the cannabis plant, one could use several solvents, such as CO2, butane, or ethanol, which get the desired oils respectively the resin out of the plant. More specifically, from the trichomes of the cannabis plant.

The resinous – oily compounds of the plant contain the cannabinoids you are looking to get out of the plant, the ones that could help you improve your state of health. What you need to know about CBD concentrates and extracts is that they come in various forms or concentrations.

Some have a very high concentration of THC, while others are richer in CBD, with little to no concentration of THC, which makes them more suitable for therapeutic uses. The list of the different Cannabis concentrates is rather long, so we are going to mention some of the most popular.

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kiefCommonly known as pollen, Kief is a powdery product extracted from the trichomes of the plant, more precisely in their glands.

This is where the cannabinoids and terpenes are found in abundance, the ones that give cannabis products their flavor and effect.

Usually, Kief is used for the making of hash, but you can collect it separately and use it sprinkled over ground cannabis, in case you need to add more potency to it.


HashIt may be futile to say that this is one of the oldest and most popular types of concentrates when it comes to cannabis. As mentioned previously, the hash is made out of Kief, once the powder is compressed.

Another method to make sure you collect all the good stuff from the plant is to use several solvents, such as ethanol or ice water, which can also help you obtain the hash.

Even though is not one of the most potent cannabis concentrates, hash still manages to be one of the most appreciated.


CBD TincturesThe tincture is a type of CBD concentrate that is extracted with the help of alcohol or other solvents.

So yes, tinctures are quite rich in cannabinoids, many CBD tinctures users put several drops under their tongue to get the benefits of the product.

If you don’t want to smoke in order to get the cannabinoids you need, a CBD tincture is the best alternative, especially since you can find them today in a variety of flavors.

But depending on how much the tincture is diluted with oil (hemp seed oil or coconut oil), one can no longer speak of a concentrate.

Butane hash oil or BHO

butane hash oilIf you need a strong concentrate then you need to know that BHO is one of the strongest. A butane extraction is used to get the compounds out of the plant, the result being a thick wax usually used for dabbing or other methods that involve vaping.

Available as “honeycomb”, in a crumbly form, or “shatter”, similar to glass, BHO has a content of up to 80% CBD or THC depending on the strain from which it was made.

Which makes it a suitable concentrate for people suffering from chronic pain conditions.

If you opt for this, then it is highly recommended to make sure that the product’s purity was tested in a laboratory, because some products may contain certain amounts of butane.

CO2 extracted oil

Co2 Extract CBDThis is a type of concentrate that cannot be prepared at home because it needs very special botanic extractors that use CO2 and high pressure to get CBD oil.

Still, the product is extremely popular due to the manufacturers that invested in proper equipment and made it available on the market.

This kind of product is mainly used for vaporizer pens, which work with CO2 oil cartridges.

How to make CBD Oil & CBD Concentrates

The easiest way to extract CBD oil from the cannabis plant is with the help of alcohol. Anyone can do this operation and it produces a few grams of CBD oil that is highly potent, suitable for ingestion, and great for medicinal purposes.

Once you get the hang of this, it won’t take longer than 2-3 hours to get the CBD oil you need. But first, you need to make sure that you have all the needed supplies.

You will need 100 gram of dried and ground hemp buds or trimmed cannabis plant, 1 gallon of solvent that is ideally grain alcohol, Isopropanol or another similar kind of alcohol with more than 90% alcohol content.

But never rubbing alcohol, a ceramic or glass bowl of medium size, a cheesecloth, a catchment container, double boiler, and several kitchen utensils, made out of wood, plastic, or silicone.

Make CBD oil concentrate with alcohol as solvent

Make CBD oil concentrate with alcohol as solvent

!!! Foreword: This process is dangerous and should be done with great caution. The vapors from the evaporated alcohol are harmful and highly inflammable. The process should take place in open air & well-ventilated area. And there must be no open flames. Therefore, the heat source must also be electric to heat the solution !!!

Start by placing the dried and ground plant in the bowl and cover it with alcohol until you have 1 inch of alcohol above the plant material in the bowl, making sure the bowl you pick provides sufficient space for this.

Take a plastic or wooden spoon and stir the content in the bowl for 3 minutes, allowing the alcohol to extract the resin. When the plant looks saturated, the solution is separated from the remaining plant material. For this purpose, a coffee filter or kitchen roll and a funnel or the like is used.

how to make cbd oil

Pour the liquid from the bowl through the funnel with the filter and allow it to filter into the container. At the end, squeeze the content that remains in the filter, making sure you recover as much liquid as possible. You can repeat these steps several times, allowing the solvent to capture more resin.

Place this liquid in a temperature-resistant glass vessel and put it in a water bath of a double boiler or rice cooker and heat it until the liquid (Alcohol & Extraction) starts to make bubbles.

Just don’t forget to add water to the boiler in the appropriate area. Depending on the alcohol content of the solvent, it starts to bubble at around 70 ° C. Since the boiling point of the alcohol is at this temperature, the temperature will not increase until the alcohol is completely evaporated. Continue this process until the alcohol is completely evaporated.

CBD Oil before decarboxylation

Once the alcohol has evaporated, raise the temperature to about 110 ° C so that the decarboxylation process is initiated. Once you reach the right temperature, the remaining CBD Extract will re-bubble. Continue this process until bubbles no longer form at this temperature. Depending on the amount of extract, this can take 5 to 20 minutes.

The decarboxylation process is important to convert the cannabinoid CBDa, which is the raw form of CBD, into the cannabinoid CBD. CBDa is simply the acidic form of CBD.

The final result should be a thick compound, pretty much like tar, which does not create bubbles anymore. Thereafter, switch off the device and remove the container containing the CBD extract from the heat source. As long as the extract is warm, it is still liquid and can be absorbed well with a syringe. But as soon as it gets cold, it’s a tough, resinous paste.

How to make Cannabis Oil / CBD Oil

If you are interested in how to make Cannabis Oil / CBD Oil. In this video a method is shown very vividly. The alcohol extraction method. Credit: I am Cannabis

Posted by CBD Hemp Oil Benefits on Sunday, October 1, 2017

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CBD & Liver Diseases – A great potential for Treatments

CBD & Liver Diseases – A great potential for Treatments

cbd & liver

Recent studies discovered that CBD or cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive compound extracted from cannabis, can improve the treatments for a variety of illnesses and make them more efficient. The same happened in the case of liver diseases, number studies being conducted to understand better how CBD acts when the liver is damaged and in what ways this compound can be used to improve the life quality in the case of patients that suffer from various liver conditions.

The Endocannabinoid System & the Liver

It is known that the human body has a number of cannabinoid receptors, CB(1) and CB(2), which form the endogenous cannabinoids system. These receptors bind to the CBD molecules and create a set of reactions that are beneficial for our body’s processes, although how this happens is not fully understood by researchers.

When it comes to CBD and liver diseases, researchers discovered that the EC system, mentioned earlier, is not active when the liver is healthy. But, once a chronic liver disease gets installed, the EC system is “turned on”, being part of the pathogenesis of a series of liver conditions, such as non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, fibrosis progressing to cirrhosis, and appearance of cardiovascular abnormalities developed by the presence of cirrhosis.

Also, in case of acute injury of the liver, EC is responsible for some of the inflammatory responses and influences the mechanisms that manage cell damage; this is why it is considered to have great potential when it comes to treating liver diseases.

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Cannbinoid Receptors (CB1) and the liver

cb 1 receptors cbdThe CB(1) agonists are currently considered the best available option in the treatment of non-alcoholic fatty liver and even of cirrhosis, the patients that utilized this pharmaceutical tool showed improvements in their condition, the development of fibrosis being slowed down, while the cardiovascular alterations associated with an advanced stage of the illness were attenuated.

Also, CBD can be the answer doctors are looking when the aim is to protect the liver against injuries.

The signaling of the inflammatory process and the liver’s responses in cases of hepatic ischemia or reperfusion injury are significantly reduced by cannabidiol, which prevents the oxidative stress and death of liver cells. In case of liver surgery or liver transplant, the biggest challenge is to prevent the liver from being damaged.

Laboratory studies on mice determined that CBD can be a highly efficient new strategy of managing the inflammation and tissue injury of the liver, working independently of cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2, which makes the discovery even more important.

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CBD & liver fibrosis

If we are to take a look at a fibrotic liver, the condition appears when the hepatic stellate cells are activated, which multiply excessively and produce collagen in excess quantities, leading to liver fibrosis. CBD was proved to produce the death of these activated hepatic stellate cells, which can turn into an effective treatment for liver fibrosis.

In another study involving mice that suffered from hepatic encephalopathy, the use of CBD shows that a better treatment can be indeed developed. Hepatic encephalopathy appears when an acute or chronic liver failure occurs, leading to this neuropsychiatric disorder.

The mice treated with CBD for this particular disease showed improvement in their liver functions, as cannabidiol restored the plasma levels of ammonia, liver enzymes, and bilirubin. At the same time, the administration of CBD helped to normalize the brain function of the same mice as well, which is considered to be possible due to the double action of CBD, both on the brain and liver at the same time.

CBD & Liver Cirrhosis

Cirrhosis, a liver disease that is affecting so many people, also has high chances to be treated by CBD in the near future. Of course, many still have to be discovered and understood when it comes to the action of CBD on the liver and human organism, as it is a complex process that has been unrolled in in-vitro studies and on laboratory mice and rats.

But, the results that have been obtained this way are more than promising, so clinical trials of CBD treatments for liver conditions may soon follow to attest the validity of CBD treatment. In previous studies, the cannabinoid receptor CB1 was proven to have a positive impact on the management of liver fibrosis, non-alcoholic cirrhosis, and a number of other conditions that affect the liver.

The Importance of activation of the CB2 Receptors in the case of a Liver disease

But switching off or blocking the CB1 receptor could slow down the process of liver disease. This is one of the reasons why CBD as a cannabinoid is so promising as a therapeutic agent in liver diseases. It acts as an antagonist to THC and can block the activation of the CB1 receptor.

However, CB2 receptor activation has shown beneficial effects on alcoholic fatty liver, hepatic inflammation, liver injury, regeneration and fibrosis and CBD has that potential. Therefore, research suggests that using Cannabinoids to selectively activate the CB2 receptor offers therapeutic potential for cirrhosis and other liver diseases

But, there are studies to show that cannabinoid receptor CB2 can be as useful and efficient when it comes to liver diseases, showing positive results in the case of alcoholic fatty liver, liver injury, fibrosis, and hepatic inflammation. Thus, using cannabis extracts that will particularly activate the CB2 receptor may indeed help in the treatment of these conditions.

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endocannabinoid-system CB1 CB2
Studies on CBD & Liver diseases

In the studies of mice suffering from liver failure, CBD helped by restoring their liver function more efficiently than traditional treatments. In the case of CBD administration, the liver is also protected against ischemia reperfusion, which is one of the most important mechanisms that damage a liver affected by cirrhosis, reducing tissue injury through oxidative and nitrative processes and minimizing the inflammatory pathways.

It is worth noting that these protective actions occur independently on the impact CBD has on the CB2 receptors of the body, which makes them even more efficient and important. When it comes to liver damage caused by alcohol consumption, CBD can protect the liver for being damaged, even more, reducing the autophagy and oxidative stress triggered by alcohol intake. But, the use of CBD in managing cirrhosis goes further than just protecting the liver and aiding in getting its functions restored.

It can also improve the condition of the patient by reducing the presence of symptoms associated with cirrhosis, such as nausea and vomiting, regardless of their causes. At the same time, it improves appetite and leads to the stabilization of the patient’s body weight.


So, CBD has a bright future when it comes to finding a more effective treatment for a variety of liver diseases. The numerous studies made to better understand the action of CBD in the case of liver damage and failure proved that the liver’s functions can be restored, totally or partially, repairing other damages that are produced by severe liver illnesses, such neuropsychiatric disorders, and minimizing the presence of unwanted symptoms. Patients that suffer from various liver diseases could have a chance to live a normal life if CBD will be considered a viable treatment.


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CBD and Hepatitis C – New researches give hope

CBD and Hepatitis C – New researches give hope

cbd and hepatitis cDid you ever manage to see a connection between CBD or cannabidiol and hepatitis C? Probably not, just as many of us who never imagined that such a connection is possible. In recent years, CBD is constantly surprising both the scientific and medical world, proving its efficiency as a treatment for a large variety of illnesses, in laboratories and clinical trials as well.

But even before there was any scientific evidence, those that used CBD products with the purpose of alleviating the symptoms of their illnesses stated that this compound extracted from the notorious cannabis works. They managed to set themselves free of traditional treatments, traditional meds, which usually come along with a set of unwanted and uncomfortable side-effects, especially in the case of long-term treatments.

New Studies on CBD and Hepatitis C

A new study concerning the therapeutic effects of CBD may bring the much-needed beam of hope in the case of patients that suffer from hepatitis C. But, even so, several years may pass until an actual cure for the HCV virus, which is the one responsible for hepatitis C, will be developed. Still, this is good news and we can only hope that the cure will be available as soon as possible, giving so many patients out there the chance to enjoy a normal life.

Even if the HCV virus affects so many people, there isn’t any vaccine that could prevent the disease from developing. It is worth knowing that HCV is transmitted through infected blood in the majority of cases, like sharing the same injections for the administration of drugs, which is common in underdeveloped communities, or if the medical equipment in hospitals is not properly sterilized. But, it can also be transmitted through unprotected sexual intercourse.

Unfortunately, this virus affects the functionality of the liver, leading to liver failure, liver cancer, and cirrhosis. According to the World Health Organization, approximately 140 million people around the world have the HCV virus as a chronic condition and because of this virus and the disease triggered by it, called hepatitis C, about 700,000 lose their lives every year.

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HCV is widely spread – mainly in third world countries

hepatitis_c_spreadThus, considering these numbers, an effective treatment is more than needed, so that all of these people have a second chance to live. What can one do in present days if he or she receives the diagnosis of being infected with the HCV virus? Counseling and education about the virus and its actions are recommended in all the cases.

Also, one can deal with the infection by attending group therapy and by closely monitoring the liver, with the help of periodic medical checks, but apart from this, there’s not much one can do. Of course, there is always the option of getting antiviral medication, but this kind of treatment is not accessible to everybody and can treat the condition  in all of the cases.

The discovery that CBD could help a patient with hepatitis C is great news for the medical world, which knows that the current treatment for this particular illness is hardly affordable by the patients that live in developing countries, due to the fact that the costs of a single session of treatment can reach $85,000. Thus, it is mandatory for affordable treatments to emerge on the market, so that even those with a precarious financial status could have the chance to enjoy the treatment.

But even if CBD is eventually transformed into a more accessible treatment, there are still many issues to cover when it comes to making it reach patients in the developing countries, such as countries in Central Asia and East Europe, where sharing syringes for drug administration is a rather common practice.

Having in mind that in America, the price of CBD oil can range anywhere between a couple of dollars and a few thousands of dollars, depending on the quality, provenience, and concentration of the oil, as well as the condition for which it is used, it is obvious that there will be serious issues for administering this treatment as well.

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The discovery of an effective medicine is not the only hurdle

life cycle of hcvBut, the first step that has to be made in order to turn CBD oil into hepatitis C treatment is for it to be approved by the World Health Assembly. This assembly has 192 members, each representing a particular country, and all of these members should agree when it comes to making CBD available throughout the world for the treatment of the HCV virus.

Even if CBD would be approved by the World Health Assembly, there is always the major issue of transporting the treatment. In third world countries, the drugs almost never reach their intended destinations, as the transport “leaks”. This means that the drugs are stolen on the way to the hospitals that should receive them, making the treatment impossible to administer to the people that need it.

Let us take the ideal case in which the treatment, CBD oil, in this case, reaches its destination, a hospital or doctor’s office in one of these developing countries. You may think that this is good news, but it is not. The hospitals and other medical units in developing countries lack properly educated medical staff and may utilize medical equipment that is not sterile, so there is always the risk for the patients not to receive the treatment they need.

Unfortunately, the medical services in these countries are far from being efficient and the medical staff that works in hospitals and clinics lack the attention needed when practicing such jobs. Doctors and the medical staff don’t spend a sufficient number of hours in hospitals and clinics, and even when they are present, they see a small number of patients.

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What do the studies say about CBD and hepatitis C?

cannabinoids cbd health propertiesThe recent surge in interest in Medical Cannabis has led to interest in evaluating and validating the therapeutic potentials of Cannabis and its metabolites against various diseases including viruses. Preliminary screening of cannabidiol (CBD) revealed that CBD is active against HCV but not against HBV in vitro. CBD inhibited HCV replication by 86.4% at a single concentration of 10 μM with EC50of 3.163 μM in a dose-response assay. These findings suggest that CBD could be further developed and used therapeutically against HCV.

The direct antiviral activity of CBD against the HCV indicates that the molecule has an effect against both the viral and nonviral hepatitis, otherwise known as autoimmune hepatitis. Autoimmune hepatitis is an inflammatory liver condition elicited by activated T-cells and macrophages.

Studies have shown that CBD by interacting with the CB2 receptor induces apoptosis in thymocytes and splenocytes inhibiting the proliferation of T-cells and macrophages which are responsible for either attacking liver cells or inducing the release of pro-inflammatory cytokines that cause autoimmune hepatitis in the liver.

This are actually pretty amazing results that shows that cbd inhibits the replication of HCV by 86,4%.


So yes, there are a view challenges concerning the application of CBD in the treatment of hepatitis C. But, we cannot ignore the fact that the in vitro study performed on CBD and its effects in treating the HCV virus has provided positive results. These results were both recognized by the scientific world and the media because the study represents the first step forward toward finding the first treatment for hepatitis C.

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UK: Will CBD products soon disappear from the market?

UK: Will CBD products soon disappear from the market?

UK: Will CBD products soon disappear from the market?

It is well known that CBD products provide relief for people that suffer from a variety of health problems. In the UK, very much like in any other country, people relied on this type of products as an alternative and effective treatment that was not giving them any unwanted side-effects. But, recently, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency or MHRA, requested manufacturers of CBD products to stop selling these products on the market. Read more

CBD and Parkinson’s Disease – Relief for Symptoms?

CBD and Parkinson’s Disease – Relief for Symptoms?

CBD Parkinson’s

Parkinson’s disease is a cruel condition that affects the brain irremediably. It is a degenerative disease that destroys neurons slow but progressively. Because the affected brain area is closely connected to movement control, people suffering from Parkinson’s have tremors, an unstable posture, and gestures that are rigid, jerky, and uncontrollable. The disease usually appears between 50 to 70 years old, the average age being 57 years old, so it is an illness related to advancement in age. In this article, we take a closer look on CBD & Parkinson’s Disease.

At the debut of this illness, the symptoms can be mistaken for signs of aging, but as it progresses, the diagnostic becomes clearer. While there is no cure for Parkinson’s disease, it was recently discovered that CBD or cannabidiol may help in managing the symptoms better, improving the life quality of a Parkinson’s patient. Parkinson’s disease affects people in their senior years around the world, being the second most commonly met neurological illness, after Alzheimer’s.

The sad part is that one doesn’t have to be too old to develop Parkinson’s, the vast majority of patients being just over 50 years old. Also, men are more likely to be affected by it than women, all patients risking to become the prisoners of their own bodies, not being able to take care of themselves and, thus, suffering from poor life quality.

Thus, it is imperative to find a treatment that can improve the condition of people affected by this illness. And when the answer comes from nature, it is even better. Usually, treatments for severe neurological issues almost always have a range of serious side-effects, but the use of CBD to make Parkinson’s more manageable is looking more than promising.

The role of Dopamine in Parkinson’s disease

cbd dopamineOne of the most severe consequences of Parkinson’s is the loss of the body’s motor functions.

This happens after 60 to 80% of the neurons that produce dopamine are destroyed by the illness.

Dopamine is an essential neurotransmitter in the human brain, responsible for transmitting information among neurons and helping with the regulation of various functions, such as movement and emotional responses.

It also acts in helping us identify reward and making action plans to get those rewards. So, it is easy to see what insufficient levels of dopamine seriously affect one’s life quality. As the neurons producing dopamine cease to exist, Parkinson’s patients start having symptoms like muscle stiffness and rigidity, tremors in the arms, legs, hands, or jaw, decreasing the speed of movement, impaired balance, and coordination issues.

Unfortunately, these aren’t the only symptoms produced by low dopamine levels. Patients will slowly lose their facial expressions, will face confusion and even dementia, will experience fatigue and sleep disturbances, depression, anxiety, fear, and cognitive changes.

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The right Diet plays an essential role

The right diet plays an essential roleIt was discovered that digestive imbalance can increase the risk of developing Parkinson’s disease and, in case the illness is already installed, it increases the severity of the symptoms. This happens because certain microbes release toxins in the guts, which leads to the damage of mitochondria, the power plants of every cell in the human body, except the red blood cells.

Without mitochondria to provide energy to cells and to help them repair, cells are dying at a faster pace, increasing the severity of the illness in a shorter period. So, if there is a close connection between intestinal bacteria and Parkinson’s, the evolution of the disease can be manipulated from this point.

A diet rich in fermented foods and supplements containing probiotics will keep mitochondria healthy by creating a proper environment in the gut, also helping with constipation and anxiety, which frequently occur in Parkinson’s patients.

CBD and Parkinson – Cannabis as a treatment?

cannabis parkinsonHere is where cannabis enters the scene, or more precisely one of its compounds, CBD. Researchers discovered that CBD behaves as an “inverse agonist” when it encounters a protein receptor named GPR6, depleting it and stimulating the production of the much-needed dopamine. Thus, with the help of cannabis products, Parkinson’s disease could be slowed down and its symptoms will be easier to bear.

Even though it is hard to believe, cannabis is mentioned as a potential alternative treatment for Parkinson’s since 1888, when it appeared in the scientific paper of Sir William Gowers, a renowned neurologist. Dr. Gower noted that orally ingested Indian hemp by a Parkinson’s patient will have a benefic effect on tremors, reducing their intensity. After just one year of using this hemp, the tremors of the patient, in this case, ceased almost completely.

Newer and modern research offer backup to the theory that cannabis could be successfully used in the case of people suffering from Parkinson’s. It helps with reducing the inflammation caused by the illness and alleviates its symptoms, while also slowing down the progression of the disease in a significant manner.

The fact that CBD is a potent antioxidant and has neuroprotective properties is precisely why this compound found in cannabis can turn out to be so valuable in treating patients that develop severe neurologic conditions, as some preclinical trial proved.

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The studies on CBD & Parkinson

Cbd-hemp-oil concentrationAt the moment, studies concerning the use and effects of CBD on Parkinson’s disease are very limited, due to legal prohibition concerning cannabis.

And, in some cases, provide conflicting results they still provide valuable insights of how CBD could help.

What preclinical studies showed sufficient evidence that CBD might work, setting a path for further studies and research, in order to obtain more evidence concerning this potential treatment.

These in-depth studies may even find out whether CBD is enough or it works better in combination with other cannabinoids, according to the different evolutionary stages of the disease.

CBDa – Cannabidiol Acid & Dosage at Parkinson’s.

The cannabidiol acids, present in whole cannabis products, appear to produce the most desired results, although more research is needed in this sector. The studies that have been made so far showed that CBDA, raw cannabinoid acids, which means that they have not been subjected to heating processes that turn them into neutral cannabinoid compounds, have properties such as anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, anti-nausea, and anti-seizures.

Back in 2004, a survey took place at the Prague Movement Disorder Center, concerning the use of cannabis among the people that were hospitalized there with various health conditions connected to their motor functions. Of all the patients using cannabis during this survey, 45% reported improvements in their motor functions affected by Parkinson’s.


Still, it was found that the dosage concerning medical cannabis in the case of Parkinson’s patients can be a bit challenging. It is impossible to set a certain dosage that should be applied to all patients, as it happens in the case of so many drugs because each person’s organism is different and may require a different dosage to enjoy the benefits of cannabis.

Not just the dosage differs from one patient to another, but also the method through which CBD ends up in the patient’s body. Some Parkinson’s patients found more relief by inhaling cannabis products, while others felt better after taking cannabis products rich in CBD sublingually.

Also, some patients feel improvements when using a combination of CBD with THC, so each patient should be treated individually. A person can start with a low dosage, which will be adjusted in time, especially when it comes to using THC products, to see which method, dosage, and combination works best.

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CBD & THC – CBD Oil & smoking Marijuana

Juan Sanchez-Ramos M.D. and Ph.D., who is also the Medical Director for the Parkinson Research Foundation, stated that he encourages his Parkinson’s patients to start treatment with a 1:1 CBD: THC ratio if they can find it. Using his book, written in collaboration with Briony Catlow, Ph.D., another doctor, Ethan Russo, created a summary of dosages that provided results in a variety of studies.

Thus, 300 mg of CBD per day improved the quality of life in a significant manner but did not produce any changes on the Unified Parkinson Disease Rating Scale. Tremors, sleep, and slowness of movement were all improved by 0.5 g of smoked cannabis.

Psychotic symptoms decreased with the help of 150 mg of CBD oil that slowly increased in dosage over the span of four weeks. Also, the REM-behavior sleep disorder was positively impacted by the usage of 75 to 300 mg of oral CBD.


The truth is that even the scarce results of these studies are giving people suffering from Parkinson’s and their families hope. A treatment that is finally providing positive results without having devastating side-effects is indeed remarkable. When it comes to a disease that damages neurons at such a degree that the patient will end up not being able to move at all, to think right, and to make decisions, any small improvement is welcome.

Let us not forget that CBD has natural sources, coming from a plant, which means that it will be better tolerated by the body. In a study involving 22 Parkinson’s patients that started smoking cannabis, reports showed that the patients enjoyed improved motor functions. Their tremors reduced, the rigidity in their muscles loosened, and it was not that difficult anymore to perform various movements that were voluntary.

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CBD & Parkinson – The studies have only begun

Still, the current studies only scratch the surface of the real potential behind CBD treatment for Parkinson’s disease. At the moment, there are insufficient studies and tests on this matter, although the results that were discovered so far show a promising future for this treatment.

Besides helping with the improvement of motor impairments, CBD also helps with diminishing anxiety, depression, and pain, which are associated with the disease and affect even more the life quality of a patient.

It is rather intriguing that the description of the illness’s symptoms does not include pain because according to Dr. Blair Ford, pain and physical discomfort are among the first signs that indicate toward a Parkinson’s diagnostic in approximately 85% of the cases.

CBD Oil Industry

Pain is generated by the fact that the body’s tissue is damaged by tremors, inflammation, and rigidity. It is well known the fact that cannabis reduces the sensation of pain, being a treatment that was used thousands of years ago for such purposes.

According to Dr. Mark Rabe, anxiety and depression are both quite frequent in the case of patients suffering from Parkinson’s. About 40% of the patients end up developing anxiety issues due to the illness, while 60% of them become depressed, ranging in intensity from a mild depression to severe and chronic conditions.

And it’s not the grim outcome provided by having Parkinson’s that trigger depression, as it is believed that the chemical changes that take place inside the brain, due to the disease, are responsible for producing these changes.

CBD has been used for a while to reduce depression and improve the mental stability of many people, regardless of the underlying cause. It works well in the case of anxiety as well, reducing discomfort and cognitive impairment. Also, used in the early stages of the disease, cannabis products can protect neurons from being damaged further more.

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Summary – CBD & Parkinson’s Disease

While CBD does not provide a final cure for Parkinson’s, it can bring a significant improvement in the fight against the illness’s terrible symptoms. This is why more studies need to be unrolled in this direction, because everybody suffering from a disease, especially one that affects the brain, would like to have a chance to lead a decent life and not become entirely dependent on another person for care and everyday tasks.

CBD could redeem dignity and self-esteem for people suffering from Parkinson’s, also improving their morale by treating depression, stress, and anxiety. It also allows people to sleep better and be more active, by reducing pain and improving mobility. All these reasons should be good enough in order for more studies to take place in this particular sector.

Until an actual cure is found, a treatment that improves life quality will be more than welcome. CBD is entirely safe to be used for medical purposes because it does not have a psychoactive effect. In fact, it helps diminish psychotic episodes, promoting relaxation and a calmer state of mind.

While it may take a while for researchers to fully understand how CBD works in protecting our brain, the positive results speak for themselves and such treatment should be made available as soon as possible.

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How to buy CBD Oil – The ultimate Guide

How to buy CBD Oil – The ultimate Guide

how to buy cbd oilCBD oil is an incredible natural treatment extracted from the cannabis plant, but without causing any psychoactive effects. Many people discovered that this particular oil can help them keep under control a high number of illnesses and health conditions, keeping them away from the unwanted side-effects of traditional medication. How to buy cbd oil – the ultimate guide should be an orientation aid.

If you want to try CBD oil as an alternative safer treatment to the health problems you may be suffering from, there are some important things you need to be aware of before buying CBD oil. Because this particular industry is not yet regulated appropriately, there are also low-quality products on the market and even CBD oils that can trigger psychoactive effects, due to their THC content.

Thus, this knowledge you will acquire by reading the following lines and doing research before purchasing a particular product will help you stay away from fake or dangerous products.

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Look for quality, not for low prices

quality cbd oil

Quality never comes cheap and that’s a fact. If a product is too cheap to be true then that’s probably a reality and you should think twice before buying it. Many so-called CBD oil providers took advantage of the fact that the demand for CBD oil is rising, due to the therapeutic effects of this particular oil, so they decided to make an easy earning by selling fake or poor-quality products.

The Internet abounds with all kinds of offers where CBD oil is sold for very small prices, although you may subject yourself to a lot of risks if you decide to buy such products.

One thing you should know about these cheap products is that the providers don’t have any proofs to attest the quality and authenticity of the product as claimed in the advertising or on the product’s label.

Real CBD oil providers can give you all the info you need to know about the product and its origin, plus you can see its quality in the cannabidiol concentration. The higher the cannabidiol concentration is, the more powerful the product will be, making your money be well-spent on a product that will actually deliver the desired results.

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How to buy CBD Oil

Although CBD oil is quite popular and it is legal across the globe because it is free of any psychoactive effects, it is not an easy task to find a reliable CBD oil product. Information about this particular product is fragmented all over the Internet and may not always be accurate. You’ll need to pay a lot of attention when searching for CBD oil, to make sure that you are buying the right stuff.

You may also come across reviews and opinions that blame the use of CBD oil, many people still mistaking CBD oil for THC, the substance that is found in cannabis as well and responsible for the psychoactive effects or getting people “high”.

The mere association of CBD oil with cannabis makes many people believe that the oil is a drug and has the effects provided by a drug, although laboratory and clinical tests proved that CBD has no ability to get you “high” whatsoever. But, if you are still confused by the differences between CBD and THC, do some research to clear your head and see for yourself.

Before buying CBD oil, you should know that there are several criteria that should be respected in order to make sure that you’re buying reliable and high-quality products. Also, a trustworthy provider will give you all the information and details you need to know about their products, so checking out the criteria that point out toward a desirable product will not be hard at all.

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CBD Volume

The first thing you should check when looking to purchase CBD oil is the volume of CBD in the product. You will notice that there are CBD oil products with various CBD volumes, so it is worth checking them out because it is a good thing to know just how much CBD you’re going to ingest.

Is there an upper limit to the CBD amount one can use? While “too much CBD” is something that doesn’t exist, it is a good thing to determine just how much CBD your body needs to handle the problem you’re having.

The concentration depends on the health issue you have, so it is recommended to talk with someone who is experienced with the use of cbd oil or read our dosage guide. You could also start with a lower concentration and increase the dosage gradually in case the initial doesn’t work as it should.

Also, when verifying the CBD volume, make sure the information makes reference specifically to CBD and not to hemp oil in general.

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Hemp Seed Oil Volume

hemp oil volumeCBD oil products have two main components that should interest you.

They are the CBD volume, as mentioned earlier, and the hemp oil volume, which is the quantity of hemp oil contained by the product.

Hemp oil alone, without the CBD, has some benefits as well, but if you’re looking to buy CBD products, then the concentration of CBD is obviously something that should be of interest.

Taking a product high on hemp oil and low on CBD would be like taking fish oil without too much EPA and DHA. In other words, you are taking a therapeutic product but without much active ingredients in it.

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CBD Concentration

Cbd-hemp-oil concentrationWhen we are talking about CBD concentration, we make reference to the quantity of CBD in the total volume of the product.

As found out earlier, CBD oil can contain other components as well, besides CBD, so it is important to know just how much CBD we can find in the product we are about to purchase.

If you are a new user, for example, the recommended dosage to start with is 2 to 3 mg of CBD per dosage.

Of course, according to your body weight and height, you can increase the starting dosage to 10 mg per dosage, adjusting it later on as your body gets used to the substance.

Still, you need to know that if you really want to enjoy the benefits of CBD oil, you will have to use the product every day, in a consistent manner, pretty much like you do when you take any other kind of supplement.

Still, if the starting dosage does not provide the desired results, just increase the intake of CBD, gradually and over the span of a week, until you reach a point where you actually start to feel significant improvements.

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Types of CBD Products

What’s great about CBD products is their diversity. You can find products with CBD in a large variety of forms, so you can find the ideal product in your case.

There are products that are focused more on delivering the potency of the active substance, while others are made to provide the minimum necessary dosage on the go, without any hustle and bustle.

There are CBD products enhanced with a variety of tasty flavors while others offer nothing but pure CBD oil for maximum potency and effect. And, there are CBD products made to be used together, while others were created to go great in combination with food or drinks.

So, it is up to you to pick the kind of CBD product that suits your lifestyle and personal preferences best.

CBD Capsules

H. 15 Plus - Hemp Softgel CapsulesIf you think that taking CBD in the way you usually proceed when taking regular supplements is the easiest for you, then CBD capsules may be the best option.

They have no taste and no smell and all you have to do is swallow a capsule with a bit of water and you’re ready to go.

The concentration of CBD in capsules is quite high, so they will certainly provide the kick you need.

Also, when taking capsules, you can easily track the dosage and check out your daily servings.

But, the downside of capsules is that you cannot adjust the dosage as desired because the capsules come in standard sizes and dosages. When wishing to increase dosages with the help of capsules, your daily intake will actually double.

And considering that each capsule has a good amount of CBD, maybe this is not the best approach. Using a tincture, on the other hand, in combination with your capsules will allow you to twitch the dosage in a more discreet and personalized manner.

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CBD Tinctures

BB. 500Plus Hemp Oil DropsIf we are to pick the most popular CBD products, the tinctures will certainly win.

They are very easy to use, come in a variety of flavors, and offer the user to conveniently adjust the daily dosage according to personal preferences.

You can practically increase or decrease the dosage by drop, having the chance to easily get to the ideal dosage in your case.

Plus you can add the tincture is almost any drink you enjoy during the day, diversifying in this manner the intake manner of the CBD product.

Not to mention that a tincture is quite easy to carry around, although CBD capsules and gums are less conspicuous than tinctures.

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CBD Topicals

I. Therapy Plus Hemp Lotion.2A topical CBD product means that it will be used externally, on your skin, rather than be swallowed like the previously mentioned products and used internally.

CBD topical come in form of creams, balms, lotions, and so on allowing you to treat physical stiffness and inflamed area locally and rather fast.

CBD can be absorbed through the skin, which makes it a great treatment in case you suffer from painful joints, pains in the muscles, back pain, stiffness, and other physical discomforts.

These are not the only kind of products that can be used directly on your skin, elbow or knee, which is something that can be achieved with the oral cbd oils as well.

But, it is worth knowing that CBD topics work a tad slower than any other CBD products because they have to pass through the skin first and then get into the system.

And they are also a bit more expensive, due to the fact that they contain other high-quality ingredients in their composition that cannot be found in other CBD products.

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CBD Oil Concentrates

ABB. 500Plus Hemp Wax Crumble - 1 GramThere no other CBD product that is purer than CBD oil concentrates. This is the strongest type of CBD product you can find out there, containing the highest amount of CBD you can find on the market.

These oils come in a number of strengths, to suit the needs of every user, and may or may not have added slight amounts of flavors or sweeteners.

In case you don’t find the taste of the oil desirable but you would like to enjoy the potency of the product, you can easily mix the CBD oil with your favorite food and have it this way.

In spite of the high CBD concentration, CBD oils are extremely safe and they can be used in two ways.

You can either take the oil orally or you can use a vaporizer. But, if you never used CBD products before, the CBD oil may be a bit too much for what your body needs as a start. So you may want to try products with lower CBD concentrations first.

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CBD Vaporizers

J. NATURAL - FX CBD Vape Oil - 500mg-1500mg CBDThe CBD vape oil are considered one of the most stylish CBD products out there, being light-weight, easy to use, and highly portable.

They function in the same manner e-cigarettes work, heating the CBD oil up to a point where it turns into vapors that can be inhaled.

A CBD vape oil uses the vaporizer itself, which is a one-time investment, and the oil cartridge, which can be refilled with the desired CBD oil whenever necessary.

There are CBD vaporizers that can be conveniently charged via USB, so you can enjoy your vaporizer without being dependent on the life of a battery.

It is worth knowing that CBD vaporizers produce vapors only, and no smoke, so they are very safe for your oral tract and lungs.

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CBD Brands

There are quite a few brands on the market that worked hard to create a great reputation when it comes to providing CBD products.

If you want to make sure you’re buying high-quality products, it is worth checking the product offer of the brands mentioned below:

  • Highland Pharms
  • BudTouch
  • Herbal Renewals
  • Tasty Hemp Oil
  • Endoca
  • Charlotte’s Web
  • Entourage
  • The Fay Farm
  • Pure Ratios
  • Plus CBD Oil
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CBD Oil and Autism – More Studies on Cannabidiol

CBD Oil and Autism – More Studies on Cannabidiol

CBD Oil and AutismAutism is a very complex disorder, more precisely a spectrum of disorders because it includes a variety of disorders that affect the development of the brain at the same time. While autism affects each patient individually, almost all patients have a few symptoms in common. These are difficulties in communication, difficulties in interacting with other people, and the development of repetitive behaviors, sometimes these behaviors being negative and self-injurious. In this article, we deal with CBD Oil and Autism. Read more

The FDA considers CBD as being beneficial

The FDA considers CBD as being beneficial

FDA admits cbd as beneficial

Many studies and researchers discovered, in the past years, that CBD can be extremely useful if consumed as a supplement or alternative treatment for a variety of illnesses. These scientific finds, backed up by testimonials of people that decided to try CBD as treatment and obtained positive results, led to the increase of CBD’s popularity. But, the federal government didn’t see cannabidiol with such good eyes, doing its best to include CBD in the Schedule I Controlled Substance’s group since last year. Read more

CBD for Insomnia – Cannabidiol & Sleep Disorders

CBD for Insomnia – Cannabidiol & Sleep Disorders

cbd for insomniaAre you experiencing a difficulty falling asleep at night? If you are reading this, and if your answer to this question is “yes”, then you have stumbled onto the right website. Read on to find out how CBD could be the solution to your problem with insomnia.

First of all, let’s find out what CBD actually is. Are there any experts and generally knowledgeable people among us? Then please bear with me while I explain to the newbies that have no knowledge about CBD, what this substance is:

CBD is the short term for Cannabidiol, which is one of about 80 Cannabinoids found in Cannabis.

Yes, that Cannabis, which is commonly known as Marijuana among the greater percentage of the world’s population, and which is more than often still considered to be synonymous with illegal drugs, narcotics, psychoactive substances, etc. (whichever term you prefer to use when talking about substances that can make you “high”). But indiscriminately perceiving Cannabis as a “damaging drug” is presumptuous, to say the least.

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CBD and THC – Psychoactivity

cbd and thcDid you know that of all the substances making up Cannabis as a complete plant, only one can cause a psychoactive effect when Cannabis is taken into the body by means of consumption, inhaling or topical application?

And that substance is not Cannabidiol, but its sister Cannabinoid called Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC for short).

Another interesting fact that is not commonly known, is that alcoholic beverages, which are completely legally obtainable globally, are also psychoactive and can cause far more damage to your body (and your relationships) than Cannabis. Especially when referring to Cannabis strains that are low in THC, but high in CBD.

Recent research on the effects of various Cannabis-derived substances in the human body has positively determined that CBD has no psychoactive properties whatsoever.

Also interesting to note, is that CBD actually counteracts the psychoactive activities of THC, meaning that a strain of Cannabis that contains a percentage equal to or higher than the percentage of THC in the same strain, will have little to no psychoactive effect on the consumer.

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Legality of Cannabinoids

legal cannabisHowever, whatever the case may be, Cannabis is still outlawed in most parts of the world, and Medical Cannabis strains and products are globally controlled to the extent that the percentage of THC in such a product should be equal to or lower than 0.01% in order to be legal.

As mentioned earlier, research has shown that CBD and CBD containing products have no psychoactive properties whatsoever and that CBD counteracts the psychoactive effect of THC on the human body.

CBD Hemp Oil is a variety of CBD Oil that is derived from Hemp, which is a strain of Cannabis that contains virtually no THC but is rich in CBD. Because of this absence of THC in the Hemp plant, Hemp is completely legal globally, and so are the products that are manufactured from it.

The medical industry has now turned to Hemp in order to provide remedies that are effective against all of the diseases and conditions that Medical Cannabis are used for, such as migraines, anxiety, multiple sclerosis, epileptic and even cancer.

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CBD for Insomnia

CBD for InsomniaOne such condition that can be treated with CBD, is Insomnia. In the United States alone, approximately 70 million citizens suffer from insomnia, and that figure grows significantly when the rest of the world is taken into account.

It has been determined that, in small doses, CBD can effectively treat insomnia, ensuring a good night’s rest without the alarming side effects of conventional drugs that are commonly used to treat insomnia. CBD keeps you alert when you need to be awake, and induces sleep when you need to sleep.

According to the most recent research, Cannabidiol (CBD) may be a viable option for treating people who suffer from insomnia.

Different doses of CBD was administered to groups of rats in order to compare their sleep habits, and a control group was given no CBD at all. Results were that those rats treated with CBD have shown a larger total amount of sleep time than those in the control group.

CBD was found to have an overall effect of having larger amounts of total time sleeping. It was also determined that the rats were less inclined to fall asleep during the daytime, resulting in the rats getting enough sleep during the nights, inducing a normal wake/sleep pattern.

Wakefulness at day – sleepy at night

Wakefulness at day – sleepy at nightIt has been found that administering CBD to rats during the day promoted wakefulness. Rats that were deprived of sleep during the night found it easier to stay awake during the day and, essentially, rats that received CBD under those conditions slept normally the next night and did not seem to need extra sleep (sleep rebound) that would usually be the case after a night of poor sleep. Note that humans also experience sleep rebound when they do not get enough sleep.

These exciting results suggest that CBD may have a much more intricate role in regulating sleep, and may be of higher significance in natural sleep-related patterns than potentially addictive conventional drugs that are usually prescribed by medical professionals for treating sleep disorders, and specifically insomnia.

Note, however, that these are early findings that will need to be followed by studies with humans. New findings will be reported as soon as results are available.

Trouble falling asleep at night or staying awake during the day? You may benefit from a CBD supplement, and you might find a product that will be ideal for you in our CBD Hemp Oil shop. A good night’s rest is important for a long, active and productive day. To find out more, go here.

Feel free to browse until you find what you need for treating your insomnia. Sleeping well is key to feeling healthy and energetic all day long.

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CBD for Diabetes – Treatment for Disease and Symptoms?

CBD for Diabetes – Treatment for Disease and Symptoms?

cbd for diabetesDiabetes is the name used to refer to a cluster of metabolic disorders characterized by the prolonged presence of high glucose levels in the blood. There are about 400 million of people that are affected by diabetes worldwide, and year after year, its prevalence continues to rise. Various treatments for diabetes are available. Recently, significant evidence was found suggesting positive effects of (Cannabidiol) CBD for diabetes. Read more

What are Terpenes and the characteristics of Terpenoids?

What are Terpenes and the characteristics of Terpenoids?

what are terpenesLaboratory tests concentrating on Hemp usually analyze various aspects and compounds within the Hemp plant. These include substances such as Cannabinoids, including THC and CBD, as well as solvents and the amount of terpenes present in the construction of the plant. The quality of products manufactured or extracted from a harvest of Hemp plants greatly depends on the contents, and the percentages in which they are present, within a particular harvest. But what are terpenes? Read more

Endogenous Cannabinoids – The key in us

Endogenous Cannabinoids – The key in us

endogenous cannabinoidsThe Endogenous Cannabinoids. When looking at the words individually, each word is fairly self-explanatory. The mere fact that you have found this website suggests that you have a fair idea what Cannabinoids are, and you probably know that Cannabis got its name from the Cannabinoids which form an integral part of its composition.

Cannabinoids have various functions when ingested by an individual, and besides the fact that Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is responsible for the fact that Cannabis is considered to be a psychoactive drug, it also has a great variety of medical benefits.

As do all of the approximately 85 Cannabinoids that form part of the chemical construction of the Cannabis plant. And especially Cannabidiol (CBD).

But what are the so called “Endogenous Cannabinoids” ?

So what does “Endogenous” mean? Endogenous means that whatever is under discussion has originated within the body of an organism, whether it is a plant or an animal.

Using this word in conjunction with the word Cannabinoids, one usually refers to the endocannabinoid system (ECS) within the brain, nervous system and peripheral tissues of a mammal, in other words a mammal has a set of cannabinoids that naturally occurs within its brain and nervous system. For the record: the term “mammals” includes humans.

What is interesting about this endocannabinoid system is that there is practically a receptor in the brain and body for each Cannabinoid that is contained within the Cannabis plant.

As though the Cannabis plant is specifically meant to use for our benefit, especially since Cannabis is significantly more nutritious than any of the other (mass produced) crops in existence.

What exactly is the Endocannabinoid System?

endocannabinoid-system-in-your-bodyThe endogenous cannabinoid system is probably the most significant physiological system that involves optimal human health and the maintenance thereof. This system was discovered during the process of research into the effects of Cannabis on the human body. And as such was named after the herb (Cannabis) that led to the discovery.

Endogenous Cannabinoids are present throughout the human body, i.e. the brain, organs, glands, connective tissue and immune cells.

Each Endocannabinoid has its own particular receptor by which the corresponding Cannabinoid in Cannabis connects to it within the human body. Cannabinoids perform different tasks within each different tissue, but the goal is always to maintain a stable environment within the body, irrespective of what goes on around us.

This process is called homeostasis.

Cannabinoids promote homeostasis at all levels, from the very basic sub-cellular level to the entire organism.

  • A great example is Autophagy, a process in which a cell submits part of its contents to be reabsorbed by the body. This process keep body cells alive.
  • B By the same process it also causes cancer to consume itself, thereby killing off the cancer. And of course, the death of cancer means life to the organism.

One can also locate Endogenous Cannabinoids and Cannabinoids at the contact points of the various bodily systems, thereby allowing vital interaction between different cell types.

When a person sustains an injury, Cannabinoids decrease the release of activators and sensitizers from the injured tissue. This stabilizes the nerve call, thereby preventing excessive firing, thus calming immune cells and preventing the release of substances that promote inflammation.

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Other properties of Endogenous Cannabinoids

Cannabinoid propertiesWhile certain Cannabinoids promote homeostasis within the body, others promote homeostasis within the brain and therefore the mind.

The Endogenous Cannabinoids or endocannabinoid system can therefore literally be seen as a link between body and mind.

By comprehending the way in which this works, we begin to understand how cognitive function can be a portal towards physical health or -disease.

Aside of regulating internal and cellular homeostasis, Cannabinoids also influence a person’s relationship with nature and the environment.

Cannabinoids alter the way in which human beings experience social interaction, as well as their experience of the environment in which they live.


Administering Cannabis can alter human behavior to the effect that sharing, humor, creativity, etc. are promoted.

Cannabinoids also mediate neurogenesis (generation of new nervous tissue), neuronal plasticity (process that leads to the altering of brain neural synapses and pathways as a result of the effect of environmental, behavioral and neural changes) and learning;

They also influence receptiveness to change and promote the ability to surpass limiting thought patterns and the mental and emotional effects of traumatic incidents in the past.

Being able to reformat these old debilitating experiences is essential to mental. And ultimately also physical, health within an environment that is changing rapidly on a daily basis to the point of confusion.

So how does this Endocannabinoid System work?

endocannabinoid-system CB1 CB2As you most certainly must have noticed already during your internet browsing involving Cannabis, the plant has a significantly profound therapeutic and generally positive effect on the human body and mind. This plant is just one little herb. But basically it seems to be all we need from a health and medical perspective in order to keep our systems functioning at an optimal level.

But why?

A whole lot of research has gone into the effects of Cannabis on our bodies, and more research is still being done globally.

All the interested parties decisively agree on one thing:

Cannabis has the ability to heal or relieve a whole array of diseases and/or conditions, whether they are physical or mental. It influences virtually every aspect of our minds and bodies.

Medical conditions that have already seen improvement through Cannabis are, to name but a few: cancer, Crohn’s disease, epilepsy, chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, insomnia, Tourette’s syndrome, eczema and many more.

How can one herb be affective against so many different diseases and medical conditions?  How can it both cure the body and heal the mind at the same time? Most of all: why does it remain so safe to use while at the same time powerfully attacks disease?

The answer to these questions lies within the body itself

Within the endocannabinoid system mentioned earlier. This Endocannabinoid system forms an integral part of the healing system of all humans, and nearly every animal in existence. Frankly, the therapeutic properties of conventional medicine are relatively pale by comparison. Yes, we still need to do a whole lot of research before we would be able to claim a doubtlessly correct conclusion.

Meanwhile, studies are going on, involving the different receptors involved, and how they are influenced by the Cannabinoids in Cannabis.

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What Are Cannabinoid Receptors?


Posted by CBD Hemp Oil Benefits on Saturday, June 17, 2017


Every single organism on Earth, from tiny nematodes, all vertebrate species and right up to humans share the same endocannabinoid system.

This is an essential part of life and adapting to unavoidable changes. Research has shown that this system has evolved in primitive animals over 600 million years ago, yet what we know about it today is but a drop in a bucket of water compared to what there is to know.

Cannabinoid receptors are found throughout the entire body. When stimulated, these receptors can act in many ways. Thus far, two types of Cannabinoid receptors were identified, the CB1 and CB2 receptors.

CB1 is mostly present in the brain, nervous system, connective tissues, gonads, glands, and organs. And CB2 in the immune system and all associated structures. There may be yet a third receptor, but research goes on.

Endogenous Cannabinoids are substances produced by the body to stimulate the receptors. And the two best understood ones are called anandamide and 2-arachidonoylglycerol (2-AG). These are made by the body and is broken down by fatty acids and enzymes, whereas Phyto-cannabinoids are derived from plants.

Interesting to know, the Cannabis plant uses THC to promote its own health and guard against disease. Other medical herbs, such as Echinacea Purpura, have been found to contain non-psychoactive cannabinoids as well.

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