Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil – What it is about

Charlotte's Web CBD OilIf you are looking forward to the medicinal applications of CBD without having to experience the psychoactive effect of the THC which is an ingredient. Then choosing the high CBD Charlotte’s web strain is going to be a commendable option. The strain has already been tested and contains less than 1% THC that fails to produce any kind of a psychoactive effect.

This is exactly why Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil and strain is becoming the choice when it comes to treating a myriad of medical conditions. From PTSD to episodes of epileptic seizures. The aforementioned strain is destined to take the world of medicine by storm.

Benefits Of Charlotte’s Web Strain

charlotte's web strainThere is no argument over the fact that as far as the most medicinal applications are concerned, it is more the CBD that matters then the THC (except cancer).

The high CBD Charlotte’s strain doesn’t only serve the purpose when it is vaped. But it can also be extremely beneficial for the purpose of making the cannabis oil with high CBD content.

CBD oil has already managed to gain the government approval as a cure or treatment option against a multitude of diseases.

It is indispensable to mention here that the role of CBD in a patient with chronic pain or even cancer is to be accentuated. And it is highly efficient when it comes to preventing the seizures. More often than not, the high CBD Charlotte’s web strain is not used for the smoking purposes.

It is much more effective for the purpose of creating tinctures with either low or no THC content at all. Due to the lack of THC, this particular strain is known to prevent the consumer from experiencing the stoned or high effect associated with the other strains. This is why it an impeccable choice for medical purposes since it lets the patient continue his day normally.

The Focus on CBD not THC

cbd not thcAs far as the quality of offering high CBD content is concerned, Charlotte’s web strain is certainly not the only one in the league. A few of its competition includes harlequin, ACDC, sour Tsunami, and cannatonic.

However, what sets this particular strain apart from the rest of the competition is the very low THC content in its ingredients. On the other hand, the rest of the high CBD strains may offer relatively lower concentrations of THC, but it is present in all of such strains, nonetheless.


CBD Hemp Oil list of health benefitsTaking the above-mentioned information into consideration, it won’t be wrong to conclude that the high CBD and low THC Charlotte’s web strain is destined to make its marks in the industry of medical sciences and pharmaceutics.

It is already beginning to become a favorite strain for medicinal applications due to its low THC content that prevents the patient from experiencing the stoned or high effect.

While it has already gained the government approval in some States of the USA for medicinal use as well. Its applications are destined to get much wider in the years to come. As mentioned earlier, it certainly could take the pharmaceutical industry by storm.

The Story of Charlotte Figi

You may have already heard of Charlotte’s story when the mass media spread the news. It is the remarkable story of a little girl who, thanks to a special CBD-rich cannabis plant, successfully overcome her paralyzing epileptic seizures.

When the news became widespread, Charlotte Figi was 6 years old and suffered from more than 300 really bad seizures a week. At birth, she seemed to be a healthy child, but after only 3 months this changed fundamentally. She had her first epileptic seizure lasting 30 minutes.

Years of Fighting

charlotte figi nurses labsHer Parents rushed her to the hospital but the Doctors were stunned. They had done all tests but couldn’t find anything strange or wrong with the Charlotte. Because they couldn’t find any Disease that could be the reason for the seizures, neither a cure, they had to send Charlotte back home. Only a week later Charlotte had another seizure. This seizure lasted way longer.

From that day on these happened ever more frequently and Charlotte regularily had longer and uncontrollable seizures.

The Doctors stayed without a clue. Whatever they did, they couldn’t find anything wrong with Charlotte. All test came out normal – until one of the Doctors had an idea what the reason of Charlottes sickness could be. Dravet Syndrome, also called “myoklonische Epilepsie“ .

Dravet syndrome is a really rare form of an almost impossible to heal epilepsy. Which means that it can’t be controlled with medicine. It’s something that develops naturally before a child turns 1 Years old and gets worse in the second year. When muscle cramps and seizures start to occur that can last for 30 Minutes.

When this diagnosis was made, Charlotte seemed to be healthy. She went through the same cognitive and physical development as her twin. But when the seizures began to get worse and the medicine cocktails prescribed by the doctors lost their effectiveness, Charlotte’s cognitive functions went into the cellar.

At the age of two and a half, Matt and Paige decided to take their child to the Children’s Hospital in Colorado. There, Charlotte was tested for the gene mutation SCN1A, a mutation that is a common denominator in 80% of cases of Dravet Syndrome. The result was positive.

When the results were confirmed, they caused a roller coaster of emotions. On the one hand it was devastating for Charlotte’s parents to know that their worst fears had come true. But at the same time the confirmation of the diagnosis offered the relief to know what they were dealing with.

The Search for a Cure

charlotte webCharlotte’s father, Matt, a member of the United States military, gave up his position to stay at home with his daughter. With only a few available treatment options, Matt and Paige began to look up what could be done. The search was desperate and at one point they even considered an experimental drug to treat seizures in dogs from France to try to treat this.

Paige took Charlotte to a specialist for Dravet Syndrome who suggested a special diet known as a ketogenic diet that can help with the treatment of epilepsy. This diet is rich in fat and contains little carbohydrates. This forces the body to produce additional ketones, a chemical that suppresses seizures.

The diet seemed to work at first, it stopped the seizures. Unfortunately, many undesirable side effects occurred. Charlotte began to suffer from bone loss, behavioral problems, and a weakened immune system. After two years of diet, the seizures started again.

Soon after the family had already lost all hope of a treatment. Matt found a video of a boy in California whose Dravet syndrome was successfully treated with cannabis. The strain used in the boy had a low THC content and was rich in CBD. Two of the active components in the cannabis.

THC is the most important psychoactive component of cannabis and although it itself has a number of medical properties. The cannabinoid is mainly associated with the intoxicating effect of cannabis. CBD on the other hand is not only a very effective drug, but also has no psychoactive properties at all.

In their research, Matt and Paige discovered that scientists had found that CBD reduces the chemical and electrical activities of the brain causing seizures. All without obvious side effects. In a sense, it was a revelation for Charlotte’s parents. Who were strongly opposed to the legalization of cannabis before this discovery.

No Treatment was left- Only CBD

charlotte figiAt the time of this discovery Charlotte had degenerated so far that she was no longer able to function. She lost her ability to eat, walk, and speak. She had 300 horrible seizures a week – seizures affecting the entire brain, leading to unconsciousness and muscle cramps.

These constant attacks began to demand a greater tribute from Charlotte, and had led her heart to stop a few times. The doctors then suggested that they take her into a medication-induced coma to give her a break. Matt and Paige, however, had given up all hope and had even signed a form, not to take any resurrection, should her heart stop again. The doctors said they had run out of options and that they could do nothing more.

Since they had no other choice, Paige decided to try marijuana or CBD. This is, however, easier said than done. Paige needed the support of two doctors before Charlotte could be enrolled in a medical marijuana program. And the impact of marijuana on children has not yet been well researched. In addition, there was no prior test where a child had used medical marijuana – Charlotte would be the youngest subject of all time.

Previous studies suggest that the smoking of marijuana at an early age may interfere with the development of the brain. And lead to a lower IQ, slow down tasks, having a higher risk of stroke, and increase the frequency of psychotic disorders.

  • Most doctors were reluctant to support the initiative because it was new territory – even in Charlotte’s case where there were no other options.
  • Most studies that claim the above are based on those who started smoking cannabis in their youth.
  • There is not much known about how marijuana works in children before youth – but Charlotte would never smoke it.

charlottes web strainThe first doctor who came on board was Dr. Margaret Gedde. When Gedde found out how often Charlotte had been close to death, and as likely to have been caused by the intense amount of seizures that had been caused by brain damage.

She saw no choice but to support the use of cannabis for Charlotte.

The second doctor, who gave the green light, was Dr. Alan Shackelford, a Harvard-trained physician who had already worked with medical marijuana patients.

In the face of Charlotte’s age and his lack of experience with her illness, he was at first very hesitant. But, like Dr Gedde, he supported her when he learned that all other possibilities were exhausted, and cannabis was the last hope that remained Charlotte.

The Power of CBD

Now that the approval was secured, Paige made a pharmacy selling a cannabis variety that has a low THC and high CBD content. After a long time of searching, she finally found one and bought up her stock of two ounces. She had this cannabis made by a friend an oil concentrate.

They only gave Charlotte a very small dose of the CBD-rich medicine. Since this was new territory, no one really knew what to expect. The previous video, which Matt had found, was a personal review with no obvious scientific backing.

The results, surpassing their wildest dreams – was absolutely breathtaking. Charlotte was anesthetic for an hour, then two hours and then seven days. Her parents were amazed. It was a revelation. But they were quickly discharged from the CBD oil.

Charlottes’s Web Cbd Oil

charlottes web cbd oilPaige contacted the Stanley brothers, the largest breeder of medical marijuana in Colorado. At that time, the brethren had created a species with a high CBD salary and low THC content, but had problems finding a use for it.

  • Similar to the doctors, the brothers were very reluctant to treat a child. But after a meeting with Charlotte, they jumped aboard.
  • The brothers agreed to provide Paige and Matt with the variety now aptly named Charlotte’s Web.
  • They have also established a non-profit foundation that supports those suffering from serious diseases such as cancer, epilepsy and Parkinson’s. They make sure to supply the medical cannabis at very low prices, so it remains affordable for all those in need.

All they ask is that the patients make a donation that they can really afford. The beneficent establishment also receives large donations from large sponsors who believe in their work to help the brothers maintain the supply of cannabis at low cost. Due to their efforts to help anyone who needs them. Whether they can afford it or not, the Stanley brothers are known as the Robin Hoods of marijuana.

How CBD changed the Life of the Figis Forever

Charlotte Figi & MotherA number of studies have now shown that CBD can regulate epileptic seizures without any side effects and Charlotte’s case is the prime example.

Charlotte gets a dose of CBD-rich oil twice a day with her food.

Dr. Gedde has calculated that she needs three to four milligrams of CBD per pound of body weight to keep the seizures in check.

CBD makes it possible for Charlotte’s life to be back on track.

Today, Charlotte lives a largely healthy and uncontaminated life; She suffers only two to three attacks a month, usually as she sleeps. Now she can feed herself, has started talking again, can go and even ride a bike.

Her parents and the doctors are amazed at the rate at which she is recovering and her parents say they can see a significant improvement from day to day. While her brain is reestablishing connections that were lost during the intense period of seizures . She can even paint, ride, ski and dance. She is able to make friends for the first time, she is happy and healthy. CBD has changed their lives.

One of the biggest controversies over history is a misunderstanding. Many believe Charlotte is “high” or “stoned”, but she is not. CBD is not psychoactive, so varieties with lots of CBD and little THC don’t give the user the feeling of being high or stoned. It is also worth noting that neither THC nor CBD makes people addicted.

This is not the End, Charlotte’s Web CBD oil changes lives every Day

charlottes cannabisCharlotte’s story and recovery under the watchful hand of CBD won the attention of the media and quickly became a national story. She became a shining example for all sufferers and threw a light on the extraordinary achievements of medical marijuana.

It allowed Dr. Gupta, a famous physician and medical correspondent, who was against marijuana to see the benefits that Charlotte recieved; This encouraged him to do his own research into cannabis and changed his attitude completely.

He is now a great advocate of medicine and has produced a documentary that has informed millions about the real benefits of marijuana and how the previous propaganda deceived people.

A flood gate has opened; Parents who are in similar situations, with hopes to help their child, now drove to California. The growing pressure from parents, doctors and activists forces the federal government and politicians to rethink their position on cannabis.

Recently, the US Food and Drug Administration has now given the go-ahead to test a purified CBD extract produced by GW Pharmaceuticals and called Epidiolex. It is hoped that this drug will be a widely available option for the treatment of epilepsy.

high cbd low thc

The demand for Charlotte’s Web and similar CBD-rich varieties has risen so drastically that the Stanley brothers can’t keep up the supply themselves. With more than a third of their entire commercial crop already CBD-rich varieties.
“We are not a bunch of mages and do not associate us with the stereotypes that people like to associate with us,” Joel, one of the brothers, told the news agencies.

The variety used by Charlotte has 0.5% THC and 17% CBD, so it is not psychoactive. The strength that CBD has shown and the lack of negative impacts allow doctors to opt for CBD-based treatments for children. Including the top pediatric neurologist at the University of Utah.

The Stanley brothers have recently created another CBD-rich variety. Which is called humorously “The Hippie’s Disappointment” because of its lack of psychoactive effect. “This is just the tip of the iceberg,” comments Dr. Gedde. “People will continue to come because it works.” Patients experience 50 to 90 percent less seizures without side effects, which is amazing. ”

It’s stories like this that bring up the discussion about the curative effect of CBD and stimulate research. Education of the people and finally a reform of the drug laws. Charlotte’s story has become an inspiration for the cannabis community. It is thanks to the love and determination of Charlotte’s aparents that the lives of many were changed.

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