The Health Benefits of Hemp Seed and Hemp Seed Oil

In this Article i want to give you some major knowledge about the beautiful Hemp Seeds Benefits.

hemp-seedsOf course, the biggest benefit of the Hemp Seed is, that out of it grows a plant which gives us so much of the hemp benefits in all kind of things. Hemp Fibre is one of the strongest and fastest growing fibres of which we are able to produce so much different things as clothes, textile, paper, building materials and much much more. The Flowers – Buds used as medicine and relaxation because of the cannabinoids they are containing. And the circle closes with the Seeds for Oil and foodstuff.

But before we go deeper in this matter, a quick overview of how hemp seed arise.

So, where do the Hemp Seeds coming from? Hemp has male and female plants. That means it has separate sexes (dioecious). But the Seeds are not coming from the male plant as some people might think.
The male hemp plant has flowers too, but male flowers. This flowers are not suitable for medical purpose or Marijuana. They contain a much smaller amount of cannabinoids, look different then the female flowers and are smaller in size and shape.

But the Flowers of the male hemp plants containing pollen, when they are ripe. With this pollen, which is by the way the equivalent of the human male sperm, the male hemp plant fertilize the flowers of the female plant. Out of this fertilization the growing of the hemp seeds in the female buds begins.

So lets take a closer look to the properties of Hemp Seeds and the hemp oil benefits

hempoilNot just the psycotropic substances of the hemp plant as the cannabinod THC and the other non psycotropic cannabinoids as CBD and CBN have healing properties.
The non psycotropic Hemp Seeds are very valuable and have a lot of health benefits.

The hemp seeds contain a high balanced content of essential fatty acids as the Gamma-linolenic acid, which is indispensable for the human body. It regulates the hormonal balance. This makes the Seeds of the Hemp Plant to an extraordinary foodstuff.

This Gamma-linolenic acid occurs except in mother milk only in the hemp seeds and can thereby achieve a therapeutic effect on hormone-based diseases as for example menstrual cramps and skin diseases.

The Hemp Plant is one of the few plants whose seeds are contain the 3-polyunsaturated fatty acids. Through a lack of linoleic acid it may occur a metabolic disorders in the human body.

But thats by far not all. Furthermore, hemp seed exactly contain  8 of the 21 amino acids which the human body can not manufacture by it self and must be added from the outside.

Health benefits of using Hemp seeds or Hemp Oil

Daily consumption of 15-20 grams of hemp seed or hemp seed oil can prevent cardiovascular diseases and chronic inflammation but also can counteract positive against diseases due to deficiencies resulting sickness. Those 8 amino acids in the organic hemp protein needs the body to produce the necessary body protein and therefore they are called essential amino acids.

This all an more makes the Hemp Seed Oil to one of the healthiest if not the healthiest Oil for us humans.

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