6 Benefits Of Switching From Smoking To Vaping

6 Benefits Of Switching From Smoking To Vaping

Worldwide there is an extremely mixed opinion on the use of vape. One day you might come across papers suggesting vaping over smoking. The very next day you might see researchers saying, vaping is still dangerous.

Over the last decade, various changes have been incorporated in the vaping industry. Be it flavours, formula, or the design – there are indeed many remarkable changes. Though a confused debate sustains, everyday people are switching over to vaping from smoking. Some benefits do drive them to opt for vaping.

Given below are six benefits of switching from vaping to smoking.

1.    Health impact

When compared to smoking, the ailments caused by vaping is much lower. That’s not to say it’s safe. They do, however, have a low chance of lung cancer. Unlike smoking, vape requires no fire. It burns the chemical inside and creates a smoke around you. Although we don’t know exactly what chemicals are being used inside, there’s no doubt they will expose you to fewer toxins. Since there is no tar or ash combustion is involved with vaping, the user may reap the health benefits of a smoke-free zone. That means better oral hygiene, sense of smell, and taste. While vaping is not the best choice for quitting smoke, it is certainly a good alternative and a useful harm reduction tool.

2.    Economic burden

Economic burden

Vaping is a lot cheaper than smoking. Recent tax hype has also proved its impact on tobacco products. This has led the cigarette manufacturers to increase the cost of cigarettes. Thus, a huge burden in terms of money. In contrast, in the case of vape pens, taxes do not apply. They’re also way more affordable. The cost of the vape depends on which product you pick. Whatever your budget might be, you can always opt to buy. There’s a variety of designs and products out there on the market. You can pick the one that’s comfortable for you.

3.    More choices for you

When it comes to flavours, the choices are endless for your vape pens. Also, new flavours are being created every day, so you’re never going to run out of new ones to try. The end smoke you get after carcinogenic and hazardous filters is your favourite flavour. The chemicals are filtered to get the intensity of the flavour before producing aerosol.

You can pick your favourite flavours, like coffee, peppermint, chocolate, and even florals. Try mixing two or more flavours together and enjoy your leisure time.

Apart from the conventional ejuice vaping, you can also try dry herb vaporizer. For this, you need to buy safe, reliable CBD vape pens in order to produce vapour.

4.    Environment friendly

Environment friendly

If you’re a person who is looking for an eco – friendly alternative to your smoking habit, it’s vaping.

Cigarettes produce cigarette butts, that is more hazardous. They emit pollutants into the atmosphere which flows into waterways and pollutes the soil.

On the other hand, vaping doesn’t worsen the environment. Eventually, batteries used in vape pens can be safely disposed of. Another way to adopt an environmentally friendly approach to vaping is to pass on any e-liquids you do not like. Re-gifting them rather than throwing away is a great way to reduce the impact on the environment.

5.    Vaping Help quit cigarettes

Smoking cigarettes can be unhealthy and more addictive.

Vaping can be a safe option compared to smoking. They contain less hazardous substances than cigarettes. If you’re in the plan to quit smoking, then vaping is a great way to cope. A Cochrane review compared nicotine patches to e-cigarettes. The study showed that e-cigarettes were more effective than the other ways of quitting smoke.

Even the dosage you vape each day can be controlled. You can start by taking small doses of nicotine to phase out gradually.

6.    Relaxation and Satisfaction

 If you’re a person struggling with nicotine-induced anxiety and stress, vaping is for you. It instantly relaxes you, with one puff. Nearly one cartridge will suffice for one day. Whenever needed, you can take a little puff and get satisfied.

Studies show that, in comparison with smoking, there is a positive reinforcement effect and reduced stress among vaping users. In addition to this, there was better handling of work-related pressure and stress. You can also use CBD 101 to get a better results.


You’ll get a better understanding of the benefits of vaping by now. Researchers have categorized the top reasons for vape, based on vaper tweets. They ended up with a total of seven main reasons: lower cost, better flavour choices, safe compared to smoke, indoor use, good smell, helping to quit cigarettes and a good social image.

There are pros and cons equally in both smoking and vaping. However, vaping is far better than smoking. It is definitely not a magic solution, but one of the choices for quitting smoke.

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