6 Benefits of Vaping Over Smoking

6 Benefits of Vaping Over Smoking

If you’re a smoker who wants to kick the nasty habit, you may be thinking about trying vaping. But there’s so much mixed information about vaping that it can be confusing to know its benefits.

Vaping does have many benefits over smoking, and here are some of the most important.

Steering Clear of Harmful Toxins

When you vape, your vaping device doesn’t produce dangerous toxins. It doesn’t need you to “light” the vape juice before use, which means there are no combustion chemicals.

Vaping devices have coils that heat the e-liquid using power from the battery. When the e-liquid reaches a specific temperature, it vaporizes, turning into the vapor that you inhale.

Now, e-liquids’ main ingredients include propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, but flavoring makes vape juices more enjoyable. You can try best vape pen & indica flower if you want to enhance the flavor.

These are all safe ingredients that can’t do you any harm. So, it’s vital to check the labels and ensure the e-liquid you choose has only those ingredients, and that a third-party lab tests them.

Keep in mind that a higher concentration of PG produces a harsher throat hit, while more VG produces bigger clouds – perfect if you’re in for some fun cloud-chasing.

Avoiding Nicotine Completely

Avoiding Nicotine Completely

This is an excellent benefit of vaping, especially for non-smokers. Vaping doesn’t automatically mean inhaling nicotine. Quite the contrary, you can vape without it if you want to.

You just need to be careful when picking your vape juice, because many contain this addictive chemical. It’s always stated on the label, so, once again, don’t forget to check.

If you do want to include nicotine in your vaping, you can easily control its intake. There are nicotine shots that you can add to your e-liquid, thus controlling how much of it you use.

Keeping Away from Unpleasant Odors

When you vape, you can say goodbye to any unpleasant odor that you may be used to while smoking. E-liquids release nothing but pleasant aromas when they’re vaporized.

That’s because of the flavoring that e-liquids contain. You can smell strawberries, candy, coffee, peppermint, or any other pleasant aroma, depending on the flavor of your chosen vape juice.

Since there are no noxious odors, people around you might even find your vaping enjoyable. Why wouldn’t they when the air is filled with delightful aromas?

Being More Eco-Friendly

Being More Eco-Friendly

Vaping is not harmful to the environment. Since vaping devices don’t release dangerous toxins, they don’t pollute the air like smoke does.

So, by taking on vaping, you might actually play a role in protecting the environment.

Also, you don’t endanger yourself and others by leaving your vaping device turned on. Contrary to cigarette butts, it can’t start a fire by dropping on a carpet or pillow.

However, make sure you don’t leave it on such surfaces where it could overheat and potentially start a fire. Be a smart vaper and turn it off when not using it.

Enjoying a Variety of Flavors

If you ask a lot of vapers about the benefits of vaping, most will tell you that the best part about it is a huge variety of flavors.

There are more than 16,000 different e-liquid flavors available today. That’s quite a lot!

But don’t let the number of choices cloud your judgment and make you choose wrong. You must focus on quality when picking your vape juices.

Premium quality vape juices feel so good that you may never revert to low-quality e-liquids once you’ve tried them. The latter may be cheaper, but you can taste the difference in quality.

However, expensive doesn’t always mean premium quality and vice versa. There’s a wealth of vape juices with cheaper price tags that are made with high-quality ingredients. So, don’t always focus on the price.

Keeping More Money in Your Wallet

Vaping is much cheaper than smoking. Instead of spending money every day on one or more packs, you only need an e-liquid that can last for weeks.

Depending on how much you vape, a 10 ml bottle of vape juice may last about a week. A 30 ml bottle may last you between 2-3 weeks.

Of course, you also need a vaping device, which may seem like an expensive investment, but it doesn’t have to be. Either way, it’s only an initial investment (unless it’s a disposable device) that can last you for years, given that you take good care of it.

You may need to change the battery or replace the coils after a while, but that’s still very cost-effective.

As you can see, vaping has some great benefits that smoking could never provide. But before giving vaping a try, make sure you do more research to learn even more about it. That way, you can make an educated decision that’s right for you.

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