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About usWhat is thehempoilbenefits.com?

Our website is an information platform about cannabinoids, the hemp plant and cannabis generally. We are not medical professionals neither is the information on our website confirmed by the FDA. However, for decades, we have been working on identifying the effects of cannabinoids and, in general, the cannabis plant.

The information you find on our website is the result of careful research, personal experience and conversations with people and other big names on the cannabis scene.

Who are we?

We are a mix of cannabis researchers, activists, world travelers, freethinkers and bloggers. For years we have had one thing in common; the research and reporting of cannabinoids. Although we have no medical education, we are very experienced in our field. Combined, we have almost 100 years of experience with the cannabis plant and the mode of action of cannabinoids.

And here we have to point out again. We are not medical professionals and therefore do not provide medical advice with the information on our website. This information reflects our research and experience.

What is our website for?

Our intention for creating this website is to educate people about what we consider to be the wonderful effects of cannabinoids and to provide the information we have researched. In most cases we refer to the source of our research, which you can find at the end of an article.

We also want to give people an opportunity to freely share their experiences with cannabinoids.

We also recommend products that we think are very good or the best that are currently available on the market.

What we do not do?

We do not sell products. Our website is purely for informational purposes and documentation of our research and work. Therefore, we do not make any medical claims to sell any CBD oils.

How it all started

It all started many years ago, when we were still young adults, and were making cannabis oil for the first time because of a condition (epilepsy).

That was some time before Rick Simpson, where we had already made our first cannabis oil.

Through years of experience growing a variety of cannabis strains and making cannabis oil (for private use only), we found that CBD is the active ingredient that has brought us all these great results.

While trying to combat Epilepsy, cannabis oil delivered great results for one of us. Furthermore, it also helped a lot with headaches, inflammation and skin diseases. We were immediately fascinated. And so our journey of exploring, experimenting and researching began. Thus our website was created.

Our website then, and now, served primarily to document our research and to provide those who are also looking for that information with easy and quick access to what they need.

Unlike other websites or CBD oil sellers who are only interested in selling CBD products, we do not. But over the years, our wealth of experience has grown and our website has grown and we’ve developed good relationships while severing the bad ones.

The CBD products you find on our website today are, in our opinion, among the best CBD products available legally. But we do not sell them, we only recommend them from our Friends & partners.

Author and Co-Founder Pietraszko Alexander
Author & Co-Founder Alexander Pietraszko

Pietraszko Alexander is the author and co-founder of thehempoilbenefits.com. The native Austrian left his home country and traveled to the United States of America, he also lived in Mexico for some time.

In addition to his work as a cannabis activist and plant scientist, the certified materials tester worked in the laboratories of large companies for several years.

Since his youth, he has dealt extensively with the plant world, especially with the cannabis plant.

Over a period that has spanned 22 years, he autodidactically taught himself “the science of cannabinoids” and is passionate about his work every day.

Now he has been living in Spain for some time, which is beneficial to his research on the cannabis plant and the effect of cannabinoids.

A personal remark.

My name is Alexander, I was born in Austria in 1980 and I am co-founder of thehempoilbenefits.com. Since my youth I have had a passion for cannabis. That’s also because I had epilepsy when I was 14 years old.

Although that was not the only reason, but since then, this plant has simply fascinated me because of its effect, growth, aroma and diversity. And the more I study the plant, the greater the fascination.

I’ve dealt with it almost every day for 20 years now. I am a Cannabis Activist, Author, Scientist (Originally from Materials Science) & Plant Scientist.

For 5 years now I have made it my mission to research and report on the effects of the marvelous substance (cannabinoid) cannabidiol (CBD) through our website.

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