Can CBD Hemp Oil cause a failed Drug Test?

Can CBD hemp oil lead to a failed drug test

In this article, we’d like to talk about whether it’s possible you’ll fail a drug test when using CBD oil. Especially if you use fully extracted CBD hemp oil. It’s a common concern among many of the people that visit our Website.

We have already mentioned this in our main Article about CBD Oil & Drug Tests, but we thought it was worth to write another article about that, because it’s something that it’s just asked about all the time and we think it’s important to talk about it.

Because it’s obviously a serious concern if it means your job is at stake, or some organization that you’re part of could kick you out or whatever if you fail the drug test. And we’ve read reports and heard from people that they did not pass a drug test after using CBD oil.

Does full-spectrum CBD hemp oil lead to a positive drug test?

Has full spectrum CBD hemp oil led to a positive drug test?

The product that they was using did have THC in it. It was not above the 0,3 % that’s allowed in CBD hemp products but it still had some.

It really drives home the point, that if you’re using a CBD product and it has some THC in it, even if it’s that small amount that’s allowed, you’re taking the risk of failing a drug test.

And this is what most companies, if they’re a good company, will say, that there’s a small risk. But you still are taking a risk that you will fail the drug test because of that small amount of THC.

The story that CBD can turn into THC in the body

The other interesting side to this whole situation in the CBD space is, there is some argument from two different camps on the issue, of whether or not CBD in the body could be converted into THC and then come up on a drug test that way.

We’ve heard arguments from both sides, that this is possible or that it’s not or that there’s not enough evidence. There’s arguments from both sides.

We think we would hear a lot more about it, because many companies in the CBD space market themselves specifically as companies that do not contain THC in their products and are thus good for athletes or people in in organizations where they get drug tested.

Read more about that:

So far, it could only be observed in the laboratory

does cbd convert into thc

We’ve seen good arguments from both sides. And it might be possible but it could be just very rare that the CBD would go through that conversion in the body.

It’s not completely out of this world to consider that, that would be a possibility since they’re both cannabinoids and they’re very similar in their structure.

And it would seem possible that even CBD could maybe even cause a false positive on drug test.

There are people who argue that CBD could be converted to THC by stomach acid and a certain amount of time. However, this has so far only been seen under ideal conditions in the laboratory.

We’ve seen arguments from the other side saying that there’s no evidence for this to happen in the body.

But we haven’t seen any of that. It’s more of stories where someone was taking a full-spectrum product and the product did indeed contain some small amount of THC and that was enough or the amount that they were taking was enough to cause a failed drug test.

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Products made of CBD isolate are preferable in this case

CBD Isolate

This is why athletes and people who get drug tested are focusing on a zero percent THC products without any THC at all.

Products that are either made with CBD isolates or the THC is removed from the product completely. There’s plenty of products like that to choose from on the market.

And those are really the ones that we would recommend people stick to, instead of taking that risk with that little amount of THC that can be in a full spectrum CBD hemp product.

Stories like this highlight the fact that small amount of THC could still cause a positive for THC on a drug screening and all the consequences that come from that.

Our recommendation

Or recommendation is, if you take drug tests or if you’re in an organization or a job where you are at risk of being tested for THC, you need to use a CBD product that has no THC in it. And that is the most foolproof way.

But you have to make sure that the product really does indeed have no THC in it. It should be from a reputable company where you can see the lab report that says that the product that you have was tested and contains zero percent THC.

So, either it’s something that happens very very rarely or it’s something that can happen but for some reason we’re not seeing it.

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You know, we get asked about this one a lot it and it just comes up a lot in the CBD and cannabis space. We wish people didn’t have to worry about this stuff but unfortunately it’s coming around slowly.

We hope in the future people will not have to worry about using CBD or tiny amounts of non-intoxicating THC and it causing them problems at their job or other organization. But until then just have to be cautious and keep this discussion going and create awareness.

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