Cannabis and Its Effects on Mental Health

Cannabis and Its Effects on Mental Health

Health is greatest form of wealth. Even the medicine almss UK knows this and that is why it does its best to ensure that people who needs the health aid, they get them. Most times when people talk about health, they focus mainly on physical health. They do not always talk about mental health. To tell the truth, mental health is as important as physical health. This is because the mind has as equal influence on the body as the body on the mind. The reason why I am talking about mental health is because we will be focusing on mental health during the course of our discussion. Mental health is very fragile, even more fragile than the body. This is the more reason why you should take delicate care of it.

We would be looking at mental health in relation to how it is affected by cannabis intake. In other words, we will be talking about cannabis and its effect on mental health. Cannabis is a plant with a very complex chemistry. It is not a terrible plant but it can have adverse effects when abused.

It causes depression and anxiety

This is one of the major effects of abusing cannabis. This is even more likely when you abuse it for the sake of forgetting a problem or overcoming it. The chemistry of this plant is very complex. While some individuals use it to relax and get that euphoria, research has also shown that using cannabis causes depression and anxiety. It is still making people drop out of school as well as becoming unemployed.

It causes psychosis and schizophrenia

People tend to mistake psychosis and schizophrenia to be the same. They are related but are totally different. Psychosis are the signs and symptoms that you will witness in someone who has a mental disorder. Schizophrenia on the other hand, is the mental disorder that causes the affected person to experience those symptoms and show those signs. Use of cannabis causes people to hallucinate, distorts their reality and perception.

It causes addiction and dependence

Whenever you abuse cannabis, it is taken into your bloodstream and attaches itself to your receptors. In other words, it changes your physiology. The continuous distortion of your reality has another side effect to it. Your body begins to adjust to the use of cannabis. At some point, your body will now need cannabis to function properly. At this point, you are not taking cannabis to get “high” but to function properly.

It can be used to treat certain mental illnesses

Like I said earlier, cannabis is not an “evil” plant. The issue is that the chemistry of this plant is very complex and most people who abuse it do not fully understand this. On the medical front, cannabis is helping cure certain illnesses such as epilepsy, seizures, chronic pains and other severe illnesses. Certain evidences are claiming that cannabis properties such as Cannabidiol have the ability to cure schizophrenia. Funny, isn’t it?

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