CBD Dosage for Epilepsy – How much CBD for Epilepsy?

CBD Dosage for EpilepsyCBD Dosage for Epilepsy. If you want to use CBD to treat epilepsy and seizures, you also need a certain dosage. Actually, it was Epilepsy that made CBD so well known. In children and adults, amazing results has been achieved in the case of epilepsy. But it was not so easy to find a suitable dosage. It took many trials and adjustments to find an effective dose for epilepsy. Based on the experiences that others have made, but also on isolated studies and research, at least a good orientation to the dosage can now be given. So, how much CBD for epilepsy?

CBD has been used successfully in Epilepsy, but this is not as easy as taking just a few drops. The right individual dose must be discussed first. You are encouraged to take this initiative yourself to match your individual Epilepsy dose. We will assist you with this guide and help you find your dose through dose initiation and the dose target. Before that, however, a few other important points need to be clarified. Read on to find out more.

The CBD Product Quality is Crucial

As we have often mentioned, the quality of the CBD product is crucial for the dosage and the success of the treatment. The quality of CBD products on the market varies greatly. From presumptuous CBD products that in fact do not contain CBD, to CBD products with less CBD content than stated, to very good CBD products.

Some time ago even tests were done by the FDA confirming this. So do not buy CBD products where you can not find or receive an official analysis certificate for the products. Or you make your own CBD to play it safe.

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Important Information for Determining the CBD Quantity

cbd oil content
cbd oil content concentrates

Another important factor to be able to perform the correct dosage is to properly understand the actual CBD content and to distinguish it from the CBD product content. What that means exactly, we like to explain.

No matter which CBD product you buy, it should also be stated how much CBD this particular product contains. However, this CBD quantity is not the same as the content of the product.

If you eg. buy a CBD oil with 1250MG CBD on a total of 30 ML, then this amount of CBD is distributed to the total amount of oil. A calculation can be used to determine the concentration (%) of CBD in the product.

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This is important that you actually dosed in MG CBD and not in ML CBD oil. Depending on the product and CBD concentration of the product, the same amount of CBD oil (content ML) has a different CBD content.

The Individual Dosage of CBD should be considered

CBD Hemp Oil SyringeFor very sensitive patients, such as children under 2 years of age, and those who are already taking various medications for epilepsy, should start with a smaller dose.

Furthermore, there is no dosage recommendation that applies to everyone.

This is because everyone needs a slightly different dose.

This individual dose does not only depend on the body weight and the disease being treated.

It also depends on age, gender, metabolism, disease history, use of medication and the body’s cannabinoid profile.

Therefore, it is important to find your own CBD dosage base at the beginning. Since epilepsy generally requires a higher dose than eg. in anxiety, we recommend a slightly higher dose to start when discussing the CBD base dose.

Initiation of CBD Dosage for Epilepsy

Start with: 0.5 MG CBD per KG body weight. (For example 70 KG = 35 MG CBD) per day. Divided into 2-3 doses distributed throughout the day. Keep this dose for 1-2 Weeks.

Increase the dose every 1-2 weeks, each time by 0.5 MG CBD per KG body weight. Continue this cycle until the following dosage (targets) are achieved (Stop increasing the dose if it is not well tolerated or the seizures have already noticeably declined.)

  • CBD dose target in epilepsy (Children): Target: A daily dose of 2-10 mg CBD per body weight. The dose should be divided into 2-3 divided doses throughout the day.
  • CBD dose target in epilepsy (Adults): Target: A daily dose of 100-300 MG CBD per day. This dose should be taken in 2-3 doses throughout the day.

Clinical Information & Response to CBD in Epilepsy (Seizures)

CBD for Epilepsy Studies

Drug Interaction in the Use of CBD in Epilepsy

There are also medications that can interfere with CBD or weaken or intensify the effect. Especially drugs that affect serotonin, dopamin, endorphins. But also drugs that are already targeted directly to the endocannabinoid system and interact with CB1 and CB2 receptors.

In the case of epilepsy, the seizure drugs clobazam (Onfi) have a strong interaction with CBD. Therefore, when taking clobazam (Onfi), start with a lower dose of CBD.

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General Dosage Instructions for CBD

The general dosage instructions from CBD are a rough guide. However, this is not specific for CBD in epilepsy. Therefore, do not consider this dosage table as a guide for dosing for epilepsy. This results in the dosage based on body weight and the disease to be treated (mild – Severe).

CBD Dosing_By_Weight

Different CBD Products differ in their absorption

In general, it is recommended to administer CBD sublingual in Epilepsy. Nevertheless, there are other ways to take or use CBD. Because there is a different mode of action depending on the type of intake, we also want to briefly explain this.

The following CBD products differ in their duration of onset, duration of action and bioavailability for the body:

  • Sublingual administration of CBD (Via Drops, Tinctures & Concentrates): Fast absorption of CBD, medium duration of action (2-5 hours) and medium bioavailability
  • Oral administration of CBD (Via Capsules, Pills & Edibles): Slow absorption of CBD (30-90 min), longest duration of action and lowest bioavailability
  • Pulmonary administration of CBD (Via Vaporization): Fastest absorption of CBD (30-90 Sec), shortest duration of action and highest bioavailability

It is up to you which CBD product you use. Note, however, the peculiarities of the various CBD products. However, when using CBD in epilepsy, we recommend taking CBD Oral by drops / tinctures / concentrates.

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