CBD for Neuropathic Pain & the Role of the Cannabinoid System in Pain Control

CBD for Neuropathic Pain

CBD for Neuropathic Pain. While researching on CBD, we also noticed reports and studies regarding CBD for neuropathic pain. The cannabinoid CBD seems to have stirred some interest here as well. This is not surprising since we have already reported, severally, the analgesic properties of cannabidiol.

The endocannabinoid system that each of us has in our body is the basis for many of the effects of CBD. But even in the case of neuropathic pain, it plays a decisive role. Scientists have also found that it cannot only alleviate the pain but also preventively counteract the cause. CBD is capable of diminishing nerve pain and inflammation by attacking the α3 glycine receptors, as researchers have found out. In this article, we summarize the information that we have been able to collect so far.


There are a high number of people out there that suffer from pain due to a variety of physical conditions. Starting with chronic illnesses to severe diseases that, besides causing pain and discomfort themselves, also have painful treatments.

Let us think about those that suffer from cancer and have to go through chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is a very aggressive drug-induced treatment that is meant to kill cancerous cells.

But, unfortunately, it is very hard to target such a treatment at cancer cells exclusively. Therefore, the drugs also attack the healthy cells of the body.

This creates a series of problems like the weakening of the immune system, fatigue, nausea, significant hair loss, stomach discomfort and pain, and many more.

But, according to recent studies, there is hope for all those suffering from cancer and chemotherapy and others that have to manage diseases that cause neuropathic pain.

How CBD came into the scene

Cannabidiol - The Hemp Oil Benefits

We are discussing CBD and its action when it comes to managing a painful condition, whether they are chronic or acute. CBD extracted from THC rich Cannabis Strains is still considered illegal in many US states and countries around the globe. However, it is a plant that is classified as a drug, and the number of studies that show its potential as a viable treatment option is continuing to grow.

Over time, many people have decided to try CBD on their own, hoping to find a better alternative to their regular treatments that came along with so many side-effects.

All of these people have come forward to share their experiences and how CBD helped them enjoy a pain-free life or a life with less pain, without having to worry about dangerous side-effects and risks.

CBD has offered promising results in managing and even curing a wide range of illnesses like alleviating pain in cancer patients, reducing seizures for treatment-resistant epilepsy patients, diminishing panic attacks and other uncomfortable symptoms.

It has also recieved more and more attention from the scientific and medical world. Thus, numerous tests are being carried out on animal models to determine just how much CBD can be used and how.

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What makes CBD so promising?

Endocannabinoid System

The secret lies in our own cannabinoid system, which makes CBD so compatible with our body and brain.

The cannabinoid system, or better said, the endocannabinoid system, is the brain’s and body’s own biological system formed out of neurotransmitters that bind to cannabinoid receptors.

Thus, the cannabinoid receptors present in the human brain have the ability to mediate the analgesic effects provided by the cannabinoids.

In other words, the cannabinoid system is capable of helping our brain manage pain more effectively in the presence of natural cannabinoids.

This way, we are saved from feeling physical pain or at least from experiencing it at a more easy-to-manage intensity, regardless of what is causing the pain.

This explains why CBD is getting so much attention lately, as scientists wish to find more conclusive proofs of what so many people have already experienced. And that is the fact that CBD has improved their lives and made them free of pain.

But since cannabis is still considered a drug, more evidence is required to convincingly prove that it is safe to be used and that it won’t cause any other effects that can impair a person’s alertness or ability to focus.

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What is neuropathy and what causes nerve pain?

Just like any other part of the body, the nerves can also suffer damage. It can be because of a certain illness or due to an accident or injury. When nerves are damaged, they will begin sending all the wrong messages to the brain, creating an increasing level of discomfort throughout the entire body.

These kinds of nerve damages are unique for each person, regardless of whether or not they were caused by the same factor. So it is quite difficult to define them. Plus, every person reacts differently to nerve damage.

If we are to think about it, diabetes, which is a very common health condition among people of all ages, will lead to nerve damage. In the case of diabetes, the nerves will start degenerating far away from the brain at first, starting in the toes or fingers, and working their way up as time passes.

However, besides injuries and illnesses, nerve damage can also occur due to  high levels of recurrent stress, viruses, disorders of the endocrine and metabolism systems, vasculitis, neuromas, cancer and autoimmune diseases.

How can CBD help with nerve pain?

CBD Therapeutic Receptor Interaction

Studies have been published on the fact that CBD can actually provide positive results in the case of patients suffering from nerve pain.

How does CBD work?

This entirely natural substance is capable of diminishing nerve pain and inflammation by attacking the α3 glycine receptors, as researchers found out.

Although there are just a few studies on this aspect at the moment, the obtained results are encouraging and are making scientists want to continue their work in this sector.

Despite the fact that some results have been achieved, how CBD actually works and what it does to stop the sensation of pain is not well known yet.

When it comes to THC, it is known that this substance alters one’s mood and perception, thereby interfering with the way the body feels the pain.

But when it comes to CBD, its mechanism of pain reduction is not fully understood at the moment.

This is because CBD acts on a holistic level, thus addressing many areas, including the cause of the symptom (pain)  and not just the symptom itself. It doesn’t just target a specific pain factor as it reaches several pain-related factors at the same time in a very complex process.

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What are the benefits of using CBD for neuropathic pain?

cannabis oil

CBD does much more than just ease the pain. It works greatly in limiting inflammation around the body and preventing the discomfort caused by the onset of some conditions such as in the case of Fibromyalgia.

It can also improve the quality of sleep, not just in cases of regular insomnia, but also in the situations in which pain leads to insomnia.

It will also limit the body’s autoimmune responses and it is believed that when used with regularity and in the appropriate doses, CBD will not just manage neuropathic pain but has chances to even prevent it.

There is a wide range of CBD products that can suit your lifestyle choices so that everybody can deal with pain in an easy and comfortable manner.

However, you must be careful when choosing the CBD oil. Make sure you buy a high quality product or make it yourself. In addition, you must discover your individual CBD oil dosage yourself. We will provide you with some instructions to guide you along the path of discovering your individual dosage.

At first, you may have to experiment until finding the dose that will produce the desired results, but once you do, you will notice that CBD can be a very effective and powerful treatment.

The reason so many people started to direct their attention toward CBD is that it does its job right without causing any unwanted side-effects like psychoactive symptoms. Thus, you can use CBD at any time of the day, without the fear that you won’t be able to do your regular, everyday tasks.

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How can CBD be taken for pain?

CBD Oil in Syringes 1
CBD Oil for Inflammation: Macrophages & the communication within the cell
Co2 Extract CBD

As mentioned earlier, CBD comes in a variety of forms, oil, tincture, sprays, vapes, and capsules, so all you have to do is find the one that suits your needs best.

The dose depends very much on your body weight and the severity of your condition. But, on average, doses ranging from 10 to 25 mg of CBD used at different intervals of the day with regularity, will help you keep pain under control.

It is advisable to start with the smallest dose of CBD recommended and work your way up until you reach the desired results. But, do have in mind that you will have to continue with a certain dose for a few days in a row, a week, or even for as long as it takes for you draw the conclusion that it works or doesn’t.

So, it would be recommended to keep a log where you write down your dose of CBD, when you took it, and how you felt during the day. Close and consistent observation will help you notice any changes that may occur after the treatment has been adopted.

The future of CBD when it comes to treating neuropathic pain

While it is true that more states have legalized medicinal marijuana, thus making CBD available for people in a much easier way, CBD is not yet an official treatment for neuropathic pain.

Those that want to get rid of the long list of side-effects brought in by their medical treatment can find pain relief in CBD in a healthier and safer manner.

Of course, scientists and many doctors will say that more evidence is needed, in an attempt to understand the action of CBD on the body and, implicitly, on the brain.

But, if you ask those that hae already tried CBD, you will see that it is just a matter of time until science will discover what many people already know. And that is the fact that CBD is very effective when it comes to keeping pain under control, thereby offering people a more comfortable life.


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