CBD from Hemp or Marijuana – Is there a difference?

CBD from Hemp or Marijuana – Is there a difference

In this Article we are going to be talking about if CBD from Marijuana Plants is more potent than from hemp plants. And it’s actually a question that we get asked very often about CBD. So let’s review quickly before we get into the question and the answer.

CBD is the second most abundant cannabinoid found in cannabis plants. It is typically found in hemp varieties of cannabis. And hemp varieties are cannabis plants which are low in THC. And THC is the most well-known cannabinoid because of its effects on people’s mind and it is what caused the psychoactive high that marijuana is known for.

THC is mostly found in greatest abundance in marijuana plants. Because these plants are grown for the purpose of producing THC whereas CBD has always been far more associated with hemp plants. Because the hemp varieties of cannabis are naturally producing more CBD than THC.

CBD and THC are just kind of like cousins and they are the two most abundant cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. Some plants have equal parts CBD to THC or more or less equal. Other plants are very unequal in their amounts of THC and CBD. Having much more THC or having much more CBD in the plant depending on which plant and variety it is.

Is CBD from marijuana stronger, more potent than from hemp?

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This is something that people may wonder. Like what are the main difference between CBD from marijuana and CBD from hemp. And it’s really one main difference. CBD oil and CBD products when they’re made from marijuana plants tend to be higher in THC than the CBD products that are made from hemp. Which either have no THC or very little. Usually no more than 0.3%, so less than a percentage of THC.

Remember, hemp plants are those cannabis plants that by nature do not produce a lot of THC rather they produce a more of CBD (between 1-5 % depending on the hemp strain).

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Is the CBD Oil made from Marijuana Plants stronger?

Yes, if you are paying attention to the fact that they would have THC in there and then you would probably have a stronger psychoactive effect.

Is the CBD in Marijuana any different though than the CBD from hemp?

No, because CBD is CBD! It doesn’t really matter if it comes from hemp or marijuana or which strain of hemp or marijuana. The compound itself is consistent throughout all those plants. If there’s some CBD, if there’s only a little, if there’s a lot, it’s still the same CBD.

More THC but same CBD

The CBD oils that are made from marijuana, they usually have a higher ratio, a higher concentration of THC to CBD. And from that higher amount of THC you may feel a stronger effect, you may feel a psychoactive effect. And if it contains enough CBD in it you may not, because when CBD works synergistically with THC, you get a balancing of some of the side effects of THC. So you may not really feel as strong of an effect as if you were just using THC on its own.

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CBD is CBD whether from hemp or marijuana

When people are often comparing CBD hemp oil to CBD marijuana oil and saying one is better than the other. It’s not really that one it is better than the other. One is just different than the other because THC products of course are only available where THC is either allowed to be used medicinally or recreationally.

CBD products on the other hand are much more widely distributed across the world, because they are much less legally regulated than THC products. So much more people have access to CBD than they do to THC.

CBD oils without THC

The other thing is, some people don’t really want any THC in their system, for different reasons. Either for drug tests or they simply do not like the effects of THC. This is another reason.

CBD Oils with THC

Then you have the other side where people do want the effect of the THC and you also have advocates that say that you get the most optimal effect when you’re mixing THC and CBD. And there is evidence for that based on the studies that have been done with THC and CBD in equal parts in a product. Just kind of like Sativex, which is a made by GW Pharmaceuticals, it’s the whole plant extract pharmaceutical version of a cannabis oil.

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Final summary

But the point is, when it comes to CBD, comparing CBD hemp oil to CBD marijuana oil the main difference is going to be most of the time in the THC content. The products that come from the marijuana would be higher generally in THC and because that would probably deliver a psychoactive effect.

But in terms of the CBD in there, it’s no different. It would just come down to the dose. It wouldn’t be any different as far as the CBD itself, because again CBD is CBD. It is found in cannabis of all kinds. And the compound itself is consistent, so there’s no different form of CBD in each of these different kinds of cannabis strains.

It’s all the same CBD. The only thing that could be stronger about it is, if there’s a higher amount of THC. And that’s really a personal decision of people want that or not or if you can have it available to you.

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