CBD Hemp Oil for Dogs – CBD Oil for Pets

CBD Hemp Oil for dogsIn this Article we are going to talk about using CBD hemp oil for dogs or your pet. believe it or not you can use CBD for pets. But before you do you should read this Article to use CBD the right way for your pet. because it’s not exactly the same as using it for yourself or for a member of your family.

CBD Oil Dosage for Pets

CBD Oil Dosage PetsWith pets you normally want to use less of a dose because most dogs and cats are going to be smaller than the typical average human.

So therefore, because of the smaller body weight you want to use a smaller amount of CBD.

You can still use it a couple times a day as you would for a person. You can dose a couple times a day.

One of our Visitors at Thehempoilbenefits.com used CBD for her tiny dachshund, so she used a smaller amount obviously than she would take for herself.

There’s no special formulas. For pets you just want to keep in mind that the dosage is gonna be smaller. For a big dog of about 70 pounds we would definitely give him half the dose an average adult would use

If we was to take maybe ten milligrams a couple times a day, we’d give five milligrams a couple times a day. We’d start him on that, so we would just use common sense.

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No special CBD product needed for pets

And on the subject of that, most CBD products that you see that are marketed as like “CBD products for pets”, they’re really  just marketing the product for pets.

They might have smaller dosage guidelines on there, but the product itself is the same. It’s all just CBD hemp oil. The thing in the bottle is the same. So you could take the one for your pets or could take the one that’s for humans, it’s no different.

Be careful with the THC content of CBD products for your pets

Cannabis THC PetsThe other thing to keep in mind is you do not want to be using anything with THC or a high amount of THC on your pet. Because animals do not process THC very well. Some humans obviously don’t process THC very well. But animals in particular, they do not process THC well at all.

You might be wondering but what about the small amount of THC that would be present in a high-quality full plant extract CBD hemp oil?

That is a very good question and the answer is that that small amount isn’t a problem. You actually want it in there so you have a little bit of THC to provide some of an entourage effect.

With CBD Oil that has small amount of THC, is not an issue for your pet, as long as they’re not taking a huge amount of the CBD. Which they will not as long as you won’t give it to them.

Some people will go for just a pure CBD product for their pet because they’re worried about that small amount. But it’s not a problem.

You just you want to avoid anything with a significant amount of THC in it.

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What can CBD oil help your pet with?

CBD for dogs InfoA lot of pets like older ones has some aches and pains. It can really help with that arthritis type issues and just make their quality of life better.

If they’re having pain, if they’re having troubles like walking around, just being able to be agile & enjoy their walks.

If they gets even older, it really can help with just calming them down, as well if they get anxiety. It can help with that just to chill them out.

It’s the same as using it for a human but you do want to give them a smaller dose because they are smaller.

It’s almost like when you’re using CBD for a child, you give a smaller dose because they have a smaller body weight. But overall it is safe.

CBD and Veterinarians

If you talk to your vet about it, they might not really recommend it because they just don’t know about it. So it’s very fair of them to not recommend it because they really just don’t know. They can’t recommend something that they don’t know about but if you can find a vet that does use cannabis medicines that would be perfect.

Especially, if you have a serious condition with your pet like cancer, that you want to use it for. If it’s just aches and pains though, you can safely use it on your own, you know as long as your pets not taking any other medication that you’re concerned with, you can definitely use the CBD with your pet.

CBD for pets: Conclusion

You can experiment with CBD for your pets on your own. There’s nothing really to worry about as long as you don’t give them too much and just watch their reaction. See if it makes them too drowsy & you might want to give them less.

But overall you’re not going to run into any kind of dangerous side effects by giving a small dose of CBD to your pet. CBD for pets is a great option for you. Use the same product that you’re using on your pet.

It’s pretty easy with the tincture, you can either put it like on something they like to chew and just give it to them. It’s not like they’re not really going to notice it. They might even like the taste.

If you put it in their food it’s pretty easy because it’s so small and concentrated. It’s not like if you’ve ever tried to give like a pill to a dog,.

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