Does CBD show up on Drug Tests – CBD Oil & Drug Tests

Does CBD show up on Drug Tests

Do you fail a drug test if you use CBD oil? This is a legitimate question, especially for people in the United States, where more and more such tests are being carried out on employees. Although only federal employees are obliged to take a drug test, more and more employers introduced this type of testing for their employees. The main idea of this test is to find any traces of THC in the bodies of employees. However, there may be other reasons why one is required to face drug testing.

It is the cannabinoid THC that is being searched for during drug testing. THC is responsible for creating euphoria and psychoactivity, being the substance found both in marijuana and hemp that can alter the perception and senses of a person that consumed products containing it. So, if a person using CBD products goes through a drug test, will this substance show up? Can the usage of CBD oil, regardless of its being used for medicinal purposes, come in between you and a job?

Well, before panicking and getting worried about it, you should know that you will not fail a drug test if you are using CBD oil products as long as the products do not contain THC in their composition. In other words, CBD is not visible in drug tests because they don’t look for CBD. Drug tests are looking to find THC, also known as Tetrahydrocannabinol, the substance that can affect the perception and behavior of a person. However, there are a few traps you can fall into when using CBD oil that contains THC such that it would show up recognized on a drug test. But a few other criteria also matter, such as the method of production, wrong content specification, the plant strain being used, contaminated CBD oil etc. In this article we will explain all the points you need to consider when buying and using CBD oil to avoid failing a drug test.

Points to consider when dealing with CBD products and drug testing

Cbd oil drug test

For many, CBD products have the advantage of delivering the benefits of cannabis/hemp oils without getting high, as it contains no or very little THC. However, if you use any CBD product that you are not sure about, you may fail a drug test.

If you want to use CBD but are subject to regular drug testing, then you should consider some things when buying your CBD product so as not to fail a drug test.

The CBD market is full of different CBD products that can be significantly different in content, from the quality of the product to the actual THC content it contains.

In the following lines, we’ll go through the points that you should understand so that you can greatly minimize the risk of falling through a drug test. Let’s dive into it.

1. CBD Oil & Drug Tests: CBD products from isolated (pure) CBD

Crystals999 - 999mg of CBDSome of you probably already know it but many of you do not. CBD oil is not equal to CBD oil. What does that mean? You will ask.

This means that there are different types of CBD oil and these types are similar but not the same.

Basically, you can divide it into 2 categories: CBD from fully extracted plant extract of hemp/cannabis plants and isolated CBD, the so-called pure CBD.

Isolated (pure) CBD is the chemically isolated CBD molecule in the form of a 99.99% pure CBD powder.

This CBD powder contains nothing but CBD without any other plant substances from the hemp/cannabis plant.

CBD products from isolated CBD are offered either as powder or crystals, they could also be dissolved in vegetable oil as a tincture. But can actually be processed in any form.

Advantages of isolated CBD

Since isolated CBD Products do not contain THC, it can be ruled out that THC can be taken up and thus cause failure during a drug test. A marijuana drug test looks for traces of THC. The isolated CBD has a very mild taste as it contains no other plant substances such as chlorophyll and terpene. This may be easier for some to take as they do not have to bother with the taste.

Most official studies using CBD for certain conditions are performed with isolated CBD. Many of our Articles deal with these studies because there are not that many with fully extracted CBD oil.

Disadvantage of isolated CBD

The disadvantages of isolated CBD oil is that it contains no other cannabinoids and plant compounds. It has been proven and there are studies that suggest that cannabinoids and terpenes complement each other and enhance their effects. This effect is called entourage effect.

We therefore recommend using CBD oil from fully extracted CBD Extract, which also contains other cannabinoids such as CBC, CBN, CBG and possibly also traces of THC and terpenes.

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2. CBD Oil & Drug Tests: CBD products from fully extracted CBD Extract

cbd oil extractFully Extracted CBD Oil is the direct end product of a hemp/cannabis plant extraction that extracts the resin (trichomes) of the plant along with the terpene. The extract contains all ingredients (cannabinoid, terpene, etc.) of the hemp/cannabis strain used.

Depending on the variety used, this extract contains a different cannabioid profile and different terpenes. It may contain different amounts of CBD, CBC, CBN, CBG and THC which occur in different proportions.

In order to remain legal in the manufacture and sale of CBD oil, it is preferred to use cannabis strains in which the cannabinoid profile of the plant contains a low proportion of THC. This THC proportion must be below 0.3% to be in the legal range.

The benefits of fully extracted CBD oil

The advantages of fully extracted CBD oil exceed those of isolated CBD oil. Because it is a fully extracted CBD oil unlike isolated CBD oil, such a product contains the full range of cannabinoids and terpenes of the extracted plant. As a result, the effect of a certain amount of CBD is stronger than compared to the same amount of isolated CBD.

The above-mentioned entourage effect occurs in which the various cannabinoids and terpenes complement and reinforce each other in their effect Therefore, we would always recommend fully extracted CBD oil over isolated CBD oil.

Disadvantage of fully extracted CBD oil

Even though fully extracted CBD oils from cannabis/hemp varieties with a maximum THC content of 0.3% are legally available and used, even such a small amount of THC can lead to a positive (failed) drug test. Depending on how much you use of this CBD oil, there is a greater or lesser likelihood that a THC drug test will be positive. The probability is rather low, but with many high doses it is already possible that a drug test recognizes the THC.

So if you need to do drug testing on a regular basis, then you should be aware that legal fully extracted CBD oil could fail you in a drug test.

Either use products with Isolated CBD instead or, if possible, provide clarification in advance that you are using CBD oil with traces of THC and therefore a drug test may be positive.

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3. CBD Oil & Drug Tests: CBD Products with wrong Content specification

Free of THCWrongly labeling CBD products with misnomers by manufacturers has become more rampant in recent times. As has already been reported, the CBD oil market is crisscrossed with many bad products.

Products with little or no CBD content are labeled as CBD product. And even in some cases, wrong information is presented concerning the THC content of products.

CBD products which are indicated free of THC contain THC and products which should have less than 0.3% THC contain more THC than that.

All that matters is that you insist on an analysis certificate or buy from a retailer who has an up-to-date certificate of analysis on all their products, indicating the true THC content.

4. CBD Oil & Drug Tests: CBD oil contaminated with THC

There are very rare cases of secret contamination by THC in the production of CBD oil. This occurs, if at all, with manufacturers who manufacture CBD oils as well as cannabis oils with THC. That in turn is only the case with medical cannabis dispensaries that are involved in the unofficial or illegal production of these cannabis oils.

It is potentially possible that a manufacturer of both oils (THC rich cannabis oil and CBD oil) may find THC residues in their extraction equipment or on the hands of the manufacturers.

If, in the next step, CBD oil is produced without thorough cleaning of the equipment, the existing THC residues may get transferred to the CBD product.

But these are very rare cases and can only occur with manufacturers of both oils.

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5. CBD Oil & Drug Tests: CBD oil coming from medical cannabis dispensaries

medical cannabis dispensariesMost medical cannabis dispensaries are well advised and their products are legitimate in terms of content and quality.

However, it is quite possible that someone buys a CBD oil from such dispensaries that contains enough THC to be found in a drug test.

Therefore, you should be well informed before buying CBD oils from dispensaries if you need to do drug testing on a regular basis.

Make sure the product contains no or very little THC by talking to the staff and, if necessary, requesting a lab report on the product.

6. CBD Oil & Drug Tests: THC consumption through second hand smoking

This isn’t a case of CBD oil making drug test positive, rather, second-hand smoke from THC-rich cannabis strains is the culprit here. Basically, when you are in a room with people who consume a lot of marijuana, you can get enough THC by inhaling enough smoke to fail a drug test.

So you should also consider such situations when you know that you need to do drug testing on a regular basis. Because even if you take THC free CBD oil, second hand smoking could also be the reason why you may fail a drug test.

7. CBD Oil & Drug Tests: CBD transformed by gastric acid into THC

does cbd convert into thcYou may also hear rumors about the fact that CBD can turn into THC, which may get you worried if you have to go through a drug test and you are a CBD product user.

This is not a completely false statement, as this is something that can occur, but only in certain conditions, which can only be created in scientific labs.

A very unlikely variant, however, could be accomplished in a laboratory under ideal circumstances, in which CBD gets converted to THC with the help of acid.

When CBD is exposed to strong acid, it decomposes (develops) to traces of THC. So far, however, this has only been possible in the laboratory and can be observed if the ideal circumstances are provided.

So, in everyday life you should not be concerned by such an occurrence, as it won’t occur inside your body.

At the time when the knowledge of these laboratory tests was discovered by the pharmaceutical industry, they made efforts to warn against the use of CBD. They claimed that consumption of CBD would make you “high” as the CBD turns into THC when it comes in contact with the acid in the stomach.

It turned out that the pharmaceutical industry that published this paper deliberately skewed the data to present their upcoming CBD product (CBD patch) as a safer and better alternative to oral CBD products.

8. CBD Oil & Drug Tests:  A certificate of analysis of the CBD product can provide the best info

It is generally important when you buy a CBD product that the seller provides you with a certificate of analysis of the particular CBD product. When it comes to drug testing, demanding to see an analysis certificate is also a very good precaution to ensure that you buy a product that contains no or very little THC, so as not to fail in a drug test. So always look for a certificate of analysis (Lab test) when you buy CBD products.

The points about CBD oil and drug tests summarized

  • CBD products from isolated (pure) CBD contain no other cannabinoids, including THC. Considering its effectiveness, however, it is not as effective as fully extracted CBD oil, which also contains other cannabinoids and terpenes. However, if you want to play it safe and want to use the CBD, it can be a very good alternative.
  • CBD from fully extracted CBD extract is more effective as it also contains the other cannabinoids and terpenes. However, the CBD product should come from a cannabis strain that does not exceed the THC value of 0.3%. With non-excessive consumption of such a product, the drug test will usually not return a “positive”.
  • Do not believe the “free from THC” labeling on CBD products, but use a lab report to see for yourself how much THC the product actually contains. If the merchant/manufacturer cannot provide you with one, do not buy it if you have to do drug tests.
  • In very rare cases, the CBD product may have been contaminated with THC during manufacture. However, this can only happen if the manufacturer also produces cannabis oils from THC rich varieties. Again, it helps to demand an analysis certificate of the CBD product.
  • With cannabis second-hand smoke, depending on the intensity, you may fail a drug test, even if you have not been actively smoking. The CBD product is not always the potential culprit when it comes to drug testing.
  • CBD oils from medical cannabis dispensaries can include a lot of THC. So make sure you know what you are buying and ask your pharmacist
  • From a purely scientific point of view, it is true that CBD can break down in THC if it is exposed to strong acidity long enough. However, from the practical side, it is almost impossible that when you consume CBD it turns into THC in your body (stomach acid). So do not worry about it
  • The keyword is the certificate of analysis. Always ask for it when buying CBD products otherwise you will buy the cat in a sack. The Certificate of Analysis should indicate the product batch of the CBD product and give you a precise insight into the content of all the cannabinoids that are present, including the THC content.

CBD Oil & Drug Test: Conclusion

What is the conclusion on this matter? If you know you are consuming CBD products and you know you’ll be requested to take a urine drug test, it is highly advisable to request lab reports of the CBD product you are using or about to use in order to reduce the chances of failure.  This way you will be able to examine the results, and you’ll be 100% positive that the CBD product of your choice contains exactly what you expect it to contain. You will therefore avoid having to face any unpleasant surprises being revealed by a urine drug test. Thus, as a buyer, you will have to be extremely cautious when it comes to CBD products, this is because the market is far from being regulated at the moment.

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