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does cbd show up on drug testsDoes CBD show up on Drug tests? The CBD found in hemp oil is known for its numerous health benefits. It alleviates a wide range of pains and physical discomforts, it works as an anti-inflammatory, calms down people that suffer from anxiety and stress.

It also reduces nausea and vomiting, and it is an anti-convulsant, being know for the fact that it treats seizures in the case of children that suffer from various illnesses.

CBD products are oil-based products that are either capsules or tinctures that are consumed on a daily manner, for their medicinal effects. This substance is extracted from the flowers, leaves, and, in some cases from the stems of the plant.

Cannabis (Marijuana) and Hemp are the plants that provide this oily substance, which stirs worries for persons that are requested to take drug tests.

CBD Oil Drug Test: Drug tests and Jobs

cannabis-drug-testingAlthough only federal employees are obliged to take a drug test, more and more employers introduced this type of testing for their employees. The main idea of this test is to find any traces of THC in the bodies of employees.

THC is responsible for creating euphoria and psychoactivity, being the substance found both in marijuana and hemp that can alter the perception and senses of a person that consumed products containing it.

So, if a person using CBD products goes through a drug test, will this substance show up? Can the usage of CBD hemp oil, regardless if it is for medicinal purposes, come in between you and a job you may want to get?

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CBD Oil Drug Test: Does CBD show up on Drug tests?

Well, before panicking and getting worried about it, you should know that you will not fail a drug test if you are using CBD hemp oil products. At least this won’t happen if the products do not contain THC in their composition.

With other words, the CBD products you choose to use should be for medical purposes only, not having those euphoric effects marijuana and hemp users are looking to get for recreational purposes. CBD is not visible in drug tests because they don’t look for CBD.

Drug tests are looking to find THC, also known as Tetrahydrocannabinol. The one that can affect the perception and behavior of a person.

So, when choosing your CBD products do read the label carefully and make sure there isn’t any THC in the content of the product.

If there is no THC, you can easily take a urine test and the CBD in the hemp oil you use will not show up, also not being considered dangerous for your everyday activities.

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CBD Oil Drug Test: CBD Oil that contain traces of THC

thc in cbd oilStill, you may be surprised to find out that many CBD products contain extremely small quantities of THC. Why is this happening?

The reason is the so-called “entourage effect”. According to several researches, the compounds found in cannabis are much more efficient if they work together, rather than just being consumed individually.

Thus, cannabis products that contain CBD may have added slight quantities of THC, among other added cannabinoid compounds, for an enhanced efficiency.

FDA, the Food and Drug Administration, discovered that some CBD products were not completely honest when it came to the information provided on their labels and that they made medical claims that were inaccurate.

Although there were no warnings issued by the FDA toward any CBD companies until March, 2017, you should be very careful when choosing your CBD products.

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CBD Oil Drug Test: Know the content of your CBD Oil

CBD oil contentThe reason these things happen is that this particular market niche emerged only in recent times and there are still some issues that need to be addressed.

Perhaps the regulations concerning CBD products have to be adjusted and improved as well, so that CBD product consumers will be certain that they purchase what they need.

If you know you have to take urine tests with the purpose of being tested for drug consumption, you should do sufficient research before purchasing the product you are going to use.

Even the smallest THC quantities can be detected through drug tests, even if products with a THC content of up to 0.3% are legal.

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CBD Oil Drug Test: Trust is good, control is better

Besides checking out the label of the product and any other relevant information you find about it. Also check out the reputation and credibility of the manufacturing company. Learn more about: Best CBD Oil available!

Just like in the case of any other kind of products, there might be manufacturers that will claim on selling a high-quality product, but provide one that is not honest and transparent about its quality and content.

Thus, having the chance to see the results of the analytics tests of the products you are about to purchase is a great way to make sure that you get what you buy.

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CBD Oil Drug Test: Can CBD turn into THC?

You may also hear rumors about the fact that CBD can turn into THC, which may get you worried if you have to go through a drug test and you are a CBD product user.

This is not a completely false statement, as this is something that can occur, but only in certain conditions, which can only provided by scientific labs.

So, in everyday life you should not be concerned by such an occurrence, as it won’t occur inside your body.

According to several laboratory experiments, if CBD is exposed to gastric acid, which was simulated in the laboratory, for a rather long period, it can turn into THC.

Still, concerning any evidence that this can actually happen in a person’s stomach, in conditions of real gastric acid, there’s absolutely no information that such a thing ever occurred.

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CBD Oil Drug Test: Conclusion

What is the conclusion on this matter? If you know you are consuming CBD products and you know you’ll be requested to take a urine drug test.

Or remove the chances to fail in case you will have to go through such a test. It is highly advisable to request lab reports of the CBD product you are using or about to use.

This way you will be able to examine the results. And be 100% positive that the CBD product of your choice contains exactly what you expect it to contain. Without having to face any unpleasant surprises revealed by a urine drug test.

Thus, as a buyer, you will have to be extremely cautious when it comes to CBD products. As the market is far from being regulated at the moment.

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