CBD Oil for Asthma – Can CBD help with Asthma?

cbd oil for asthma

CBD oil for Asthma. For several years, we have been working intensively on the mode of action of CBD. Through the regular use of CBD, in the production of CBD oil from various hemp varieties, through self-experimentation, conversations with others and research studies, we are very convinced of the holistic and specific uses of CBD and the great potential that it brings.

However, it is not our intention to speak of a miracle cure, which leads to a completely wrong idea of how CBD works. Nevertheless, we have been following the topic of using CBD Oil for asthma treatment for some time now. And here, too, some interesting things have turned out. So, does CBD have a positive effect for asthma patients?

The scientific world is widely discussing the potential of CBD oil when it comes to treating a wide range of diseases. Recently, more and more studies are being carried out to see how this compound, extracted from plants only, can help people keep unwanted symptoms under control. Asthma is on the list as well. And CBD looks promising when it comes to finding a safer alternative to the existent asthma treatments. But let us take a closer look at the matter and see how CBD can really help control the unpleasant symptoms of asthma.

Use of Cannabis in Asthma

Cannabis - Asthma

Asthma can be a very bothering problem as the condition affects the airways. Among the symptoms triggered by asthma, it is worth mentioning wheezing, excess mucus production in the airways and their inflammation, and the difficulty to breathe, known as bronchospasms.

Because these bronchospasms cause breathing problems, increased levels of anxiety are connected with asthma patients. Unfortunately, more stress and anxiety will only make things worsebecause the bronchospasms increase in intensity and seriously affect the life quality of the patient.

But when it comes to cannabis or marijuana, there are also reports of those suffering from asthma who tried smoking marijuana enjoyed a significant improvement of their condition.

Marijuana can be a good bronchodilator, which means that the airways can relax and expand, allowing the patient to breathe easier. But that’s not the case with everyone. Too many factors play a role, particularly the amount of THC and the cannabis strain used.

The negative Side when smoking Marijuana in Asthma

Asthma - not smoking Marijuana

However, using marijuana in asthma is not recommended.

Although there are studies that shows that cannabinoids can relax the respiratory system, the risk of deterioration is very high.

Adding cannabinoids in the form of smoke in asthma is not advisable because smoking may irritate the respiratory tract and cause inflammation (albeit slight). Which may in turn worsen asthma symptoms.

In addition, a high dose of THC, which is abundant in the new highly potent cultivated varieties and does not contain a naturally cannabinoid profile of compensating cannabinoids such as CBD, may also lead to risk in asthma patients.

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CBD as a better alternative in Asthma treatment?

Furthermore, smoking marijuana in some states and parts of the world can be problematic due to the legal status of the plant. In which case CBD oil would be the safer alternative.

CBD does not cause any unwanted side effects, like an altered perception, which has made many states accept the use of medicinal cannabis. Why could CBD oil be better than present asthma treatments?

Well, for instance, the regular inhalers that most asthma patients are using to alleviate the symptoms they experience contain stimulants that are similar to adrenaline.

This makes the patients’ anxiety worse instead of helping them relax so that the bronchospasms can end quickly.

CBD, on the other hand, is more recommended from this point of view as it has the ability to induce a calmer state of mind while keeping a person alert and focused at the same time.

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CBD`s Anti-Inflammatory & Immunomodulatory Properties

CBD Oil for Inflammation

The truth is that the cannabinoids contained in the cannabis plant are known to be powerful and effective anti-inflammatory agents, which is exactly the kind of substance an asthma patient needs.

Thus, CBD oil can keep inflammation levels low, so that asthma doesn’t end up manifesting so aggressively.

Also, it was discovered that CBD has immunomodulatory properties as well. Which means that it can adjust the immune system, and can provide analgesic effects. These reduce pain and discomfort, without impairing the ability to make correct decisions and judgments.

And CBD does this is a natural and safe manner by simply activating the cannabinoid receptors that already exist in our brain. These are the cannabinoid-1 and cannabinoid-2 receptors, which are present not just in our brain, but also in the cells responsible for our immune system.

Thus, it is easy to explain why we react so well to a CBD oil treatment and why our state of health immediately improves.

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What do the Studies say when using CBD in asthma?

CBD Studies CBD Asthma

Studies carried out on guinea pigs, which were previously sensitized so they can present asthma-like symptoms, have verified the potential of CBD oil as a treatment for asthma.

The study concluded that CBD can prevent the contraction of bronchial smooth muscles, which means less bronchospasm for asthma patients.

Even if the guinea pigs’ bronchial smooth muscles were stimulated with the help of electrical fields, the presence of cannabinoid receptor agonists inhibited the contractions of these muscles.

Also, there are asthma patients that decided on their own to try tinctures rich in CBD as a treatment for the symptoms they were experiencing with the purpose of eliminating inhalers.

One of these patients, for example, wanted to have his condition checked after using such a tincture and stopping the use of his inhaler for a week at the same time. The spirometry tests for this patient was performed prior to taking the CBD-rich tincture and after taking the tincture.

The results showed that after just 3 drops of CBD-rich tincture, taken sublingually, the forced expiratory volume or the power of the patient to breathe out as well as the peak expiratory flow almost doubled.

According to specialists, such a response is much better than the results provided by the regular bronchodilators used by asthma patients. In other words, the patient managed to breathe much better with the help of CBD, in spite of the fact that he stopped using his inhaler.

Thus, CBD could be a very powerful bronchodilator that could be successfully used as a more effective treatment for asthma.

Very good tolerance and no dangerous side effects

CBD hemp Oil

Another advantage of a CBD oil treatment is that most people tolerate CBD extremely well.

Due to the fact that it is a natural plant extract, there are no dangerous side-effects and no risks for those that use it.

Of course, each patient should be careful when it comes to finding the right dose. But even if a person takes more CBD than needed, the risks for side-effects to appear are slight.

A dry mouth or cotton-mouth, as it is also called, or drowsiness are usually some of the most common side-effects in the case of a CBD dose that is too large.

Palpitations and other similar side-effects are extremely rare. Also, in case any of these symptoms appear, simply diminishing the CBD dose will make them go away.

This is why it is recommended for a patient to start with the smallest recommended dose. And work his or her way up based on personal experiences.

Because of the fact that current asthma treatment can be rather difficult as it involves a set of drugs, each of them having its own set of side-effects, it is good news to see that a better treatment could soon be available.

Also, the fact that CBD oil treatment presents no toxic risks is definitely a great advantage considering the fact that most of the current drugs sometimes have more risks than benefits.

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