CBD Oil for Blood Pressure – Can CBD Lower Blood Pressure?

cbd oil for blood pressure

CBD Oil for Blood Pressure. For many years we have been dealing with CBD and its effects on various health issues, and more people are adopting the use of CBD for various health reasons. This raises the question of how CBD affects blood pressure. First, for those who take CBD for a reason other than blood pressure. And on the other hand, of course, whether CBD has a positive influence on blood pressure, for those who want to use CBD specifically for it. Can you use CBD Oil for Blood Pressure?

In contrast to pharmaceutical drugs meant to regulate blood pressure, CBD has almost no side effects and certainly no dangerous ones. But according to some studies, CBD has other beneficial effects on blood pressure. For Example, CBD can relax blood vessels and induce vasodilatation, what means that it will reduce pressure inside the blood vessels and allow the blood to flow normally. Besides this, CBD also shows hemodynamic properties which ensure that blood flows properly toward all the organs and tissues of the body. You’ll find more information about these in the following lines.

What causes high Blood Pressure?

what causes high blood pressureThe focus on ease and comfort in our modern era has significantly changed our lifestyles and diet.

We have fast food, already made and waiting for us, on the store shelves, vehicles that carry us from home to work and everywhere we need to go, and so on.

But, consuming processed foods too often means a higher than necessary salt intake and coupled with a lack of physical exercising leads to poor blood circulation and body weight issues.

Diet plays an important role in the development of hypertension. The consumption of coffee, cigarettes, alcohol, white bread, sugar, animal fats and saturated fats can have a strong influence on the arteries and veins. A so-called slagging of the arteries and veins leads to a restriction and causes an increased pressure.

A diet rich in salt and no physical activity are both causes that can trigger high blood pressure or hypertension, which will become a cause for other, more severe health conditions.

If we add high levels of stress in our daily life, due to our job and other causes, high blood pressure becomes so certain that it seems written on our foreheads.

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Why should we do something to avoid high blood pressure?

If left untreated, besides making us feel uncomfortable and lethargic, high blood pressure can be the culprit behind the onset of a series of severe health conditions.

When a person suffers from high blood pressure, the heart is pushed to work harder and pump blood faster than usual. This will not just cause a premature wearing out of the heart, but it will also make the arteries harden with the passage of time.

Thus, there are higher risks of developing atherosclerosis, stroke, heart failure and kidney problems. No matter how we put it, high blood pressure is bad and must be treated as soon as it becomes visible.

CBD & Traditional Medication for Blood Pressure

CBD & traditional medication for blood pressure

While there is traditional medication meant to keep blood pressure under control, CBD oil is gaining more and more ground in this sector. For quite a while already, both the scientific and medical worlds are beginning to exploit the amazing potential of natural cannabinoids for human health.

Recent studies on animal models show that CBD oil has a great chance of becoming, in the future, a better alternative to treating health conditions like high blood pressure.

The numerous unwanted side-effects of drugs for blood pressure make people want to avoid the traditional treatment and look for more natural and safer ways to keep their health problem under control.

What side-effects are associated with high blood pressure treatments?

According to the list of risks mentioned on the label of these drugs, patients can experience, after long-term use of the drugs cold feet and hands, insomnia, dizziness and depression, which are all symptoms that are similar to the ones produced by asthma, irregular heartbeats and even erectile dysfunction.

So, no wonder they are more interested in alternative treatment options like diet changes and natural supplements.

CBD Oil for Blood Pressure: Can CBD regulate Blood Pressure?

cbd blood pressureThis is why CBD oil fits in so well because it is a natural treatment that has no dangerous side-effects.

And the best part is that people suffering from high blood pressure can use CBD oil for the rest of their lives without having to fear the occurrence of other health issues in the long run.

Just how effective can CBD be in this case?

Well, according to recent trials, even one single dose has the power to regulate blood pressure while restoring balance to the body.

Then how come CBD hasn’t become an official treatment for blood pressure? Doctors and scientists say that more tests are needed as the mechanism behind this treatment is not fully understood.

But, on numerous occasions such as tests, trials and personal experiences of people from all over the world, CBD has proven to be an alternative that can exceed one’s expectations.

It managed to provide unexpected results even in the case of some of the most serious cases. Like treatment-resistant epilepsy forms, giving patients a real chance for a better life.

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How does CBD affect blood pressure?

cbd-oil-hypertensionStill, there is a way to explain, in simple terms, how CBD oil works when it comes to regulating blood pressure.

To start with, it is worth mentioning that CBD can relax blood vessels and induce what is called, in medical terms, vasodilatation.

This will reduce pressure inside the blood vessels and allow the blood to flow normally.

As laboratory tests showed, if CBD works together with THC, another compound extracted from the cannabis plant, the results are even more prominent. Besides this, CBD also shows hemodynamic properties.

A hemodynamic agent makes sure that blood flows properly toward all the organs and tissues of the body. This means that they will receive appropriate amounts of oxygen and nutrients.

Unfortunately, there are only a very few studies on this matter. So the potential of CBD has not been properly explored in this direction yet. However, it was proven that CBD can help reduce blood pressure triggered by stressful events such as delivering public speeches.

Of course, more studies are needed to properly define the stressful situations that may lead to an elevated blood pressure which can be successfully managed by CBD oil.

Anti-inflammatory properties of CBD in lowering blood pressure

CBD Oil for InflammationAlso, CBD is known to be a potent anti-inflammatory agent, with the ability to diminish physical discomfort and pain as well.

Is there any connection between inflammatory processes and high blood pressure?

Specialists believe that there might be a link between these two symptoms in certain conditions.

One of the reasons CBD ended up being so popular, as an alternative treatment, is precisely the fact that it works so well in preventing inflammation from occurring in the body.

Considering the fact that many health problems trigger inflammation or some sort of inflammation, a lot of people found relief in taking CBD oil instead of their regular drugs.

Taking into account that some of the most frequently used anti-inflammation and pain management drugs, like NSAIDs, have a wide range of dangerous risks, finding out that CBD oil can provide the same results but with no risks involved was indeed good news for a high number of people.

Thus, CBD can indeed reduce blood pressure by keeping inflammation at bay. Certain studies show that this particular property can protect the heart as CBD reduced inflammation around the myocardial tissue in rats, which is a muscular tissue that surrounds the heart.

Yet again, this is only a small part of what CBD oil could do for our health. This compound definitely deserves more attention from scientists, researchers, and doctors.

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