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CBD Oil Review and testimonial

Share your own experience with CBD oil. Whether you want to write about products you have found through us or about products you have purchased elsewhere. Experiences are a good way to help others help themselves. And it also helps us to learn more about CBD and to bring even better content.

Testimonial Review.

I tried cbdMD after trying a number of other brands to help with my migraines and anxiety. It was the only one that didn\'t give a headache or a \"floaty\" feeling after using it. I would highly suggest the vape oil and tinctures for anyone looking for pain, migraine, or anxiety relief. They have th...
August 05, 2018
I had fibromyalgia, and it was painful on some days. I took methocarbamol to relieve the pain. Sometimes it helps and other days it doesn\'t. I had it for almost 16 years, there was no cure. So I had to live with it the best that I could. The symptoms I had were Muscle Pains, mood swings, and diffic...
July 21, 2018
Ordered an oral oil from CBD Pure to help with slight anxiety and sleep issues and it works like a charm! Cannabidiol twice a day seems so much better than over the counter or prescription sleep meds, without the side effects.
July 17, 2018
I wanted to let everyone know that I purchased some hemp oil from Hemp Doctors USA and I cannot believe how I feel! Within a few hours, I could feel a major difference. I felt so relaxed and no pain at all. When I woke up for work this morning, I did not feel anxious and I actually had a good night...
July 16, 2018
I\'ve suffered with severe neck pain for over 30 years. Got addicted to pain meds and took exedrin daily for 30 plus years. This led to a severe ulcer that has just about killed me several different times.I finaly bought some cbd oil while in Florida, it was 1200 MG strength a...
July 06, 2018
My husband had been on it for two days and hecswrars by it that it had helped him I started mine this evening & it had really eased slit of my muscle. Pain in my legs along with my back.
July 04, 2018
My first bottle just arrived today, and I am thrilled with the ease of dispensing the drops, and the flavor was very nice! I have tried four other brands, and taste wise this is by far the best! I expect that my body will like the CBD in this formula. I have been using 12mg CBD in the morning, then ...
June 28, 2018
Hi just wanted to let you know I came on Saturday and purchased some oil and I cant belive how I feel!! Within a couple hours I could feel a difference I felt so relaxed and in no pain!! Even getting up f...
Michelle B.
June 25, 2018
I recently purchased Lazarus Naturals 750 mg. I started out slow, then added drops morning, noon, and night on a regular basis. It\'s been over 2 weeks since I started and I still have joint pain and inflammation.
June 18, 2018
After 25 years of migraines and clusters those are suicide headaches big Pharma medications did not work and when they did that had bad side effects it\'s a miracle when you find something as simple as is that the government has known bad that actually works no side effects and you cannot take too m...
June 07, 2018
I am 65 and have suffered from pain associated with a cranky hip that my ortho says should be replaced within the next 12 months. I was taking Aleve daily to manage the chronic ache with little relief. My doctor suggested trying CBD. I have used for 2 months- I started taking 4 drops of 1500mg oil t...
May 24, 2018
People can say what they want but I have been using hemp oil products on my head and body for only 4 days now. I have had psoriasis all of my life. I am 53 years old. Hemp seed oil is the ONLY thing I have ever used with positive results. My psoriasis has improved 150 percent just in 3 days. I recom...
May 20, 2018
I was T-boned in a car accident and suffered 2 herniated disks and then got an unrelated case of Diverticulitis with a bowel perforation. I was hospitalized for 5 days on IV antibiotics and morphine. After being released I was still miserable and in pain and healing very slow, even getting a 2nd min...
May 14, 2018
Accidental believer.. Hanging out with a long time friend recently. I mentioned that I thought that I was suffering from depression and it was impacting all areas of my life. He broke out a vape pen and said \"hey, this is not something that will get you high, it\'s CBD oil and it helps with anxiety...
May 13, 2018
I write this not for myself but from my x-father in law whom I hadn\'t seen or spoke to in 13yrs. Unbeknownst to me he had been diagnosed with cancer and was undergoing chemo and had surgery, all of what was literally just too much to bare putting him in a suicidal state. When we all reconnected, I ...
May 11, 2018
After suffering from chronic pain in back and legs for many years,following a major car accident when I was a teenager. Then later I was diagnosed with progressive MS. So the symptoms of the MS and the back pain are difficult to separate, all I know is it\'s I\'ve been in pain all my adult life. Ove...
April 27, 2018
CBD oil is amazing. All my life I was a marijuana user and LOVED it until I started to experience the more negative side effects like paranoia and anxiety. My first time trying CBD oil, the first thing I noticed was the absence of those things. Yet I still got the relaxation and great ...
April 22, 2018
I came across CBD oil after reading a National Institutes of Health study that found rats addicted to opioids and alcohol immediately stopped using the substances once CBD oil was administered. Since I\'ve been trying to cut back/stop drinking for a while, I thought: why not? I ordered some and took...
April 11, 2018
From my personal experience CBD oil was a godsend. I began taking it about a year ago and noticed a difference in my anxiety almost immediately. I took it once in the morning and once at night for a few months. Not sure why but now I don’t need it all the time. Now I use it as needed. Good luck an...
Thomas S.
April 11, 2018
I started using CBD oil prescript to me by Dr Grammoore  email [email protected] from www.cannaboidsgram.com  tincture a little under 2 weeks ago. I started slow. Slow and steady is important from what I've read and what I've been told. Within a week of slowly titrating up I started to noti...
March 30, 2018
I used it before and found it brilliant. I did notice a decrease in my spots as well. Need too stock up again. Helped with my digestion as well.
Jackie F.
March 25, 2018
i am diabetes and also i have pain left knee
March 24, 2018
I think I\'ve had fibromyalgia for many years but was diagnosed approximately 5 years ago. I was working at Walmart and was just exhausted. Not the tiredness that sleep helps. I mean totally exhausted, with muscle pain. My primary doctor diagnosed fibromyalgia. He prescribed Cymbalta around 4 years ...
February 27, 2018
I started using a CBD oil tincture a little under 2 weeks ago. I started slow. Slow and steady is important from what I\'ve read and what I\'ve been told. Within a week of slowly titrating up I started to notice a difference in my anxiety level. I suffer from generalized anxiety disorder and PTSD. M...
February 19, 2018
I know I\'ve read nothing but good reviews about CBD oil, but here\'s a negative one. I find it is powerful stuff. 3 drops at 11 pm makes me incapacitatedly drowsy until 7pm the next day!!! I\'m aware that I am very sensitive to substances, but this is crazy. It surely puts me to sleep, but m...
Not Mentioned
February 18, 2018
My name is Dr. David Fischer and I began using PhytoLogica Full Spectrum Hemp 1000mg Tincture and 25mg softgels based on recommendation. I was experiencing general body aches and pains in my back, neck and arms from being a chiropractor and adjusting all day and also playing ice hockey twice a week....
February 12, 2018
In 2014 I was diagnosed with Schizoaffective Disorder. Delusions, depression, paranoia, anxiety, and the list goes on. Horrible symptoms that I would never wish upon my worst enemy. I started on psychiatric medication, and over a couple years had to keep changing meds because they stopped working. I...
December 18, 2017
This is not a testimonial but rather a question. Most all I have read is extremely positive. My concern is that are the testimonials true or could they be a placebo effect because of the much touted benefits of marijuana use? I use a marijuana product [wax] for my severe back pain and it DOES work. ...
December 15, 2017
Sublingual drops didn't work for my anxiety so I ordered a vape pen with cartridge. Should be here on 12/11. Any success stories there? I have been sneaking 2 drops into my cat's Temptations treat daily and it has helped his hind end arthritis tremendously. He went from being carried and lifted to r...
Jean K.
December 10, 2017
Helped me when I broke my leg on 2013. The doctor was very pleased with my quick bone healing
Tori S.
December 10, 2017
Can vouch for that!!! I used CBD Oil in August when I dislocated my elbow, broke my humerus and radius. Even after surgery until now for pain and recovery I continue to use CBD rather than prescribed narcotics. I was only expected to have 70% mobility back in my arm and so far have surpassed those n...
Rebecca R.
December 10, 2017
It is helping my dog I really believe this is a multi-cure herb.
Faith P.
December 09, 2017
This was the only thing that got me out of severe sciatica pain, green cross in riverside very professional beautiful place to.
Joy L. F.
December 03, 2017
I have diabetes and I am using cbd and they're seeing amazing results!
C.C. Smith
December 03, 2017
I had had amazing success using cbd oil for my anxiety. My friend was still having anxiety issues when she was using CBD oil too. Turns out she was using too much and it was making it worse.. she adjusted her dosage and her anxiety has been so much better
December 03, 2017
Very useful
November 19, 2017
I use a lot of CBD isolate with a small amount of indica concentrate to calm down. High CBD low THC concentrates work too if you want little or no intoxication.
November 12, 2017
Its actually very helpful to use when needing to sleep or function, I believe in micro-dosing, its a reliable way to feel the levels alter in ones body.
November 12, 2017
My step mom sent me some....what a god send. Helpful for so much. I have arthritis & potentially fibro (debate is still out). - depression, sleep issues, migraines. Helps so much, I just hope one day it's more affordable or offered by insurance as a co-pay. If you have not tried CBD, do it! No, it w...
S.M. Clark
November 12, 2017
It's a fantastic compound with the ability to safely eradicate cancer cells. Here's one of many studies showing just that in vitro AND in vivo.
S.T. Tsanfield
November 12, 2017
I have used CBD to treat my diabetes and high blood pressure for the last 9 months and my numbers are fantastic. I no longer take pills to control my diabetes or blood pressure.
Marie D.
October 30, 2017
It helps very well, people sometimes expect things to make a huge impact, this is a gentle product, its fascinating the uses it does have. I love cbd products.
Lianne B.
October 30, 2017
Plenty to know about CBD. My husband takes his twice a day for his seizures. He no longer has them as long as he takes his CBD.
October 09, 2017
I have horrible joins pain do to RA and also I developed FM 15 years ago. I tried cbd oil and the pain in 90% is gone as long as I take my drops every day at night time. I use 350 ml, 3-4 drops and works like magic. Give it a shot, you should know after a month if is working for you.
Katrina H.
October 09, 2017
I love my hemp oil. It helps so many different things. The company I use is organic, has developed the best nano-enhanced delivery system and is based in the U.S.
Christi O.
October 09, 2017
Ilove CBD oil it relax me and life is so sweet
Annie R.
October 09, 2017
I told my mom to get this. She has RA and osteoarthritis. She has been on OxyContin for years now and low dose steroids. She has been taking 15 drops in her juice at night time and she sees a difference. I can't wait for a month to see how she is doing. My 83year old father ordered it. I...
Patricia W.
October 09, 2017
Love CBD. It's been so helpful for me. Wonderful for stress, sleep, anxiety, and pms.
Chanel C.
October 09, 2017
Really helps me! No pain or anxiety. I take oil under the tongue and it takes about 15 minutes. But a friend of mine Vape's and it goes into her system within one minute
Kim M.
October 09, 2017
I use Queen City Hemp for 6 months now. I am off of all my diabetes and high blood pressure meds. I now have normal A1C and blood pressure numbers!
September 20, 2017

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