CBD Survey: Nearly half of CBD users has stopped using conventional medicine

CBD SurveyThe biggest survey was conducted on the use of Cannabidiol, what is also known as CBD and it has turned out that more women than men tend to use CBD as an alternative to conventional medicine.

It was also found in this survey that as they started taking CBD, it was very likely that they stopped using traditional medicine. And almost all the people who took part in the survey, found CBD to be an effective medicine.

Although this was not the only survey on CBD that was conducted, it was the largest survey to date and has shown impressive results.

Subsequent research has also helped cement the fact that many people actually prefer cannabidiol (CBD) products over traditional drugs.

Apparently, it is more effective for these people than the normal painkillers and is all natural.

This survey was conducted by the Brightfield Group and HelloMD. This survey includes 2400 people from the HelloMD community. HelloMD is a community bringing together medical marujana patients and doctors.

To understand why so many people believe in CBD and its associated outcomes, there are some questions about CBD that we need to answer.

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Who uses CBD?

CBD Users
Grafic Source: brightfieldgroup.com

It should be clear that cannabis is not simply cannabis because of the many different varieties that exist and their effects on the human body.

While the other common cannabinoid (THC) is mainly associated with giving people a ‘high’, CBD has been identified as a potential treatment for so many diseases.

  • 68% of hemp-derived CBD users also use THC-dominant products
  • 70% of marijuana-derived CBD only product users also use THC dominant products

In the cases where it does not cure completely, it has been known to alleviate pain, inflammation, anxiety, seizures, and spasms among others without giving the user confusing feelings of dysphoria.

Despite the fact that there is a stigma associated with women who take drugs, it is still a fact that 55% of the users are women, according to this survey.

  • 43% of CBD-dominant and hemp-derived CBD users now use cannabis instead of other medications to treat their conditions
  • 40% of marijuana-derived CBD-only users now use cannabis instead of other medications to treat their conditions

More men than women prefer to use THC products. The people in this survey who used CBD used it for a treatment of:

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Why CBD instead of Traditional Medicine?

CBD Product Efficacy vs traditional medications
Grafic Source: brightfieldgroup.com

CBD is widely used in the US and this has been so for a number of years. Most people advocate for the use of CBD instead of traditional medicine, because it can be used in the place of several pharmaceutical drugs.

It serves many purposes yet it is a single natural substance (product). For the most CBD user, it works better in handling mood and anxiety disorders that the pharmaceutical alternatives.

  • Joint pain and inflammation: Only 48% of THC dominant product users treat their joint pain/ inflammation with cannabis, versus about 54% of CBD only (marijuana and hemp-derived) product users
  • Migraines: 38% of CBD-dominant users treat migraines with cannabis, versus 35% of hemp-derived CBD users and 34% of THC-dominant users
  • Severe/chronic pain: 28% of THC-dominant users turn to cannabis to treat their chronic pain, versus 32% of CBD dominant users
  • Arthritis: 24% of THC-dominant product users treat their arthritis with cannabis, versus 28% of CBD-dominant users and 31% of hemp-derived CBD users
  • Nausea: 26% of marijuana-derived CBD-only users treat nausea with cannabis, versus 31% of hemp-derived CBD users

If we were to compare the amount of CBD needed to relive pain, depression and inflammation in cancer patients as compared to the bucket loads of different pain killers manufactured by pharmaceutical firms, it would be glaringly obvious that CBD is the future of treating ailments with very few risks involved.

There is no known negative effect of CBD on the body organs whereas manufactured drugs have been known to stress the kidneys or the liver after prolonged use.

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Medical Effectiveness of CBD

Conditions CBD Users Relieve with Cannabis
Grafic Source: brightfieldgroup.com

CBD has shown that it has positive and protective effects on our brains. It also has anti-cancer properties and is highly recommended for cancer patients.

Due to the many benefits of CBD many people now use it just to feel better. It is now not only used by those who are seriously ill, but also by many more people who now use it in open places.

About 66% of CBD users indicated that CBD products are either “more effective” or “much more effective” in relieving their medical conditions than are over-thecounter (OTC) products. More specifically, these figures were:

  • 67% among marijuana-derived CBD-only & CBD dominant users
  • 69% among hemp-derived users
Medical Effectivness of Cannabis
Grafic Source: brightfieldgroup.com

Because it is an adaptive and regulatory substance, it is a comprehensive medicine that relieves many ailments while taking only one single medication.

  • 14 % of hemp-derived CBD users claimed that they receive extremely effective nausea relief with cannabis use,versus 11% of marijuana-derived CBD-only product users.
  • 11 % of CBD-dominant and marijuana derived CBD-only users find cannabis to be extremely effective against arthritis, while this figure is only 9% among THC-dominant users.

It is known to create a balance or homeostasis and reduces blood pressure when it is high. It is a form of therapy that works on the principle of multi-targeting. It is more effective than the normal painkillers, which are only for pain relief.

No study has shown negative effects of CBD (besides some harmless side effects), since it uses the body’s own cannabinoid system, known as endocannabinoid system to interact with our bodies. Endocannabinoid system (ECS) is our body’s regulatory system and it communicates with all the other systems within our bodies.

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