CBD Tincture – How to make it & the dosage

CBD TinctureCBD products are starting to gain terrain on today’s market after an increasing number of people found out about their amazing therapeutic benefits. With an extremely low content of THC or no content at all, these products are extremely safe to be used even during the day, as much as you need in order to get the desired effects. In this article we will take a closer look at the CBD tincture.

The scientific world is currently unrolling various studies to determine the potential of this treatment, which is so efficient without the presence of any unwanted side-effects, like in the case of using traditional treatments, and without any psychoactive occurrences.

So, if you have a health problem that is bothering you, whether it is a physical or mental one, CBD can help you keep its symptoms under control in a safe and pleasant manner.

Of all the CBD products out there, the tincture is something you can prepare at home and use in a discreet manner no matter where you go.

What are CBD tinctures?

CBD TincturesA CBD tincture is obtained if cannabis or hemp is disclosed in alcohol, in order to extract its most valuable cannabinoids. You can find these products readily-made in shops that sell CBD products, in small bottles that come along with a dropper for easy administration.

The concentration of CBD in tinctures is quite significant, ranging anywhere between 2,5% and 25%, so they are quite potent.

In order to get the therapeutic benefits of CBD tinctures, all you have to do is put a few drops under your tongue, wait for a minute or two, and then swallow, using water to remove any hemp taste the tincture may have left behind.

So, in the next 30 or 90 minutes, you will feel it working its way through your system, making you feel much better than before but without altering your state of mind.

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How to make CBD Tinctures?

As mentioned before, you can prepare CBD tincture at home, if you want to make sure that the product is of the highest quality.

Necessary components

The most important ingredient that you will need is dried hemp flowers, which, in an ideal case, is organic, meaning that it was grown away from any sources that could contaminate it and that there was no mold present while the plant was drying out.

So, yes, this kind of dried hemp flowers may be rather hard to find, but with a bit of research, you should be able to find it.

You will also need a base with high alcohol content, such as vodka, although there are people that managed to obtain CBD tinctures without any alcohol content, by using Food oil or apple cider vinegar.

While it is not that potent as the one made with alcohol, you will still get some benefits and will stay away from alcohol consumption, if this is what you want.

Other supplies you will need is a jar that can be sealed with a lid, small bottles that have a dark color and, ideally, with a dropper, cheesecloth or muslin, a strainer, a funnel, and a glass jug that has a spout.

First steps

Start by grinding the dried hemp so that you will manage to fill the jar half its way with the ground dried plant. Next pour the alcohol over the plant until it is covered completely, so that the plant content will not remain dry, and tightly close the lid of the jar.

The first method to make CBD tinctures

cbd-infused-oilPlace the jar in a dark and cool place, like a cupboard, and take it out just to shake it daily, doing it for an entire week, helping the alcohol (or Food Oil) get the best out of the hemp.

Then leave the jar to rest for 5 more weeks. Once this time passed, take the jar out and use a strainer to filter the content first, using the cheesecloth for a second and thorough filtering of the resulted liquid.

Put the liquid in your dark-colored bottles and the CBD tincture is ready to be used. You can put it under your tongue or add a few drops in your food or beverages, depending on how you prefer.

However, this alcohol CBD solution is not suitable for all clinical pictures (such as epilepsy, liver diseases, etc.) and also not suitable for children.

The second method to make CBD tinctures is the preferred method and is more potent and without alcohol in the finished product.

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The second method to make CBD tinctures (CBD Concentrates)

In case you want a CBD tincture that is more concentrated, but without any content of alcohol, you can use various solvents (such as Ethanol, Isopropanol) to extract the CBD from the plant.

But, be extremely careful as the solvents are highly flammable and can even be explosive in some cases, so you need to pay a lot of attention when using this method.

Also, it would be best to avoid butane, as it may leave toxic residues in your tincture, ethanol being a much better option.

Dissolve the cannabinoids from the plant

Again, you will need organic cannabis and a high CBD cultivar. Put the plant matter in a bowl or bucket, and cover it with ethanol.

Stir the mixture inside the bowl for about 3 minutes, by using a spoon. Next, use a sieve to get the plant matter out of the mixture.

how to make cbd oilFilter the dissolved cannabinoids from the plant material

Then, with the help of the coffee filter, run the remaining liquid through it to remove the small plant particles that went through the sieve. In order to obtain a clear liquid, you may have to do this operation several times.

Reduce (separate) the cannabis extract from the alcohol

To keep fire risks at bay, it would be best to use a water distiller to separate the ethanol from the plant oil (CBD extraction). So, start distilling until about 80% of the ethanol has been removed from the liquid.

To get rid of the rest the alcohol in the product’s content, use a heat-proof glass container and the heating plate of a coffee machine (or similar).

Take the liquid container and place it on the heating plate, heat the liquid to around 75 ° C (boiling point of the alcohol) and allow the liquid to boil until all the alcohol has evaporated.

As soon as no bubbles appear at this temperature, the alcohol has completely evaporated.

CBD Oil before decarboxylationYou can test the resulted oil to see if the alcohol has been completely removed. You can do so by dipping a paperclip into the oil and applying it in an open flame. If there are no sparks under the flame, then it means that the oil is free of alcohol.

Decarboxylation process to turn CBDa into CBD

Last but not least, the decarboxylation must be made. This process transforms the crude cannabinoid CBDa (acid version of CBD) into CBD.

This also applies to THCa and THC. The CBD (a) oil must be heated to a temperature of 110-120 ° C and kept for about 30-60 minutes.  At this temperature, small bubbles form again, which is due to the decarboxylation process.

Collect the pure Cannabinoid Oil (Extract)

Collect the oil with a syringe but make sure that the container in which the oil is, is not too hot to melt the syringe on contact. This concentrate can be diluted with food oil to reduce potency and increase volume.

cbd oil in syringe

CBD Tincture Dosage

While CBD is very safe and can be consumed by adults and children alike, providing health benefits in each case, this doesn’t mean that you should take as much CBD tincture as you’d like.

Depending on the purity, quality, strain & concentrate of the CBD Oil product,  the CBD can be very potent. After all, it’s a pure cannabinoid oil.

While overdosage is not dangerous, the right individual dose is in the interest of the user to achieve the optimal effect.  Also, you do not want to waste precious CBD unnecessary, when you receive more from less.

Everyone has to find their own individual dose

Don’t worry if you don’t get the right dose from the start because you can adjust it until you manage to obtain the desired effect.

But, you will need to observe your progression several days when using a certain dose, to be able to tell whether the dose is working for you or not.

Also, the purpose for which you are using a CBD tincture will also count in choosing the right dose, the needed dose may be higher in case of treating chronic or severe symptoms.

A rough dosage orientation

It is important to understand that there is no general dosage for everyone. Each one is individual and also has individual health problems and an endocannabinoid profile. Therefore dosage instructions are only for rough orientation.

Thus, having all these in mind, in case you are using CBD tincture for maintaining a good state of general health, the dose should be between 5 and 100 mg of CBD daily.

In case of chronic pain, the dose should be between 20 and 50 mg of CBD per dose and, for managing sleep disorders, 40 and up to 160 mg of CBD can be used in this case.

All of these examples are for orally administered CBD and it is highly recommended to start with the lowest dose, adjusting it up gradually, by adding just a few milligrams at once, and according to your needs, until you reached the desired results.

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CBD Tinctures from high CBD Strains

CBD cannabis BUDSJust like there are high THC cannabis strains that are preferred by those who are looking to use the plant for recreational purposes, there are high CBD strains that are more potent when it comes to therapeutic benefits.

These strains are extremely helpful for developing strong tinctures meant to manage severe symptoms, such as the ones triggered by illnesses like PTSD, multiple sclerosis, Dravet’s Syndrome, Crohn’s disease, and others.

In the case of Dravet’s Syndrome, the lives of patients revolved around suffering a great number of seizures, in severe cases even hundreds of seizures in one single day, so high CBD tinctures are really offering these patients and their families hope, by diminishing the occurrence of these seizures in a significant manner.

Cannabis Strains with high CBD Content

While it is true that the content of CBD can vary from strain to strain and from plant to plant, depending very much on how they are cultivated, there are several strains that were specially bred to have higher levels of CBD.

We are talking about Harlequin, Charlotte’s Web, Cannatonic, and Sour Tsunami. If you’re looking for a high CBD strain that will help you obtain high CBD tinctures, you need to direct your attention toward any of the mentioned strains.

Hemp (Cannabis Sativa) Strains with Low THC – High CBD content
Sentica Hemp flowers
Finola Hemp Flowers
Kompolti Hemp Flowers
Finola Hemp Flowers 2
  • KC Dora 
  • Tiborszallasi 
  • Monoica 
  • Fibrol 
  • Antal 
  • KC Virtus
  • Kompolti 
  • Finola
  • Fedora
  • KC Zuzana 
  • MV Kompolti Premium
  • Futura
  • Ferimon

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But, don’t go for potent products unless you need to and have a health condition that needs something efficient in order to make you capable of handling the symptoms.

Also, don’t go for the highest dose right from the start and experiment in a gradual manner, until you manage to obtain the desired relief. Now you know the methods to make your own CBD tincture at home.

However, the CBD tinctures you will find on our site are not produced using these methods but are obtained using the purest method of CO2 Extractions. This not only ensures the highest quality but also preserves terpenes and other plant substances.

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