CBD to THC Ratio – What is the best CBD : THC Ratio?

CBD to THC RatioIn this article we want to talk about “what is the best CBD to THC ratio”. If you’ve been researching CBD and cannabinoids, maybe you’ve been reading on thehempoilbenefits.com or other sites about CBD, you have likely come across the concept of CBD to THC ratio. And this simply just means how much CBD and how much THC is contained in each serving of a product. And you may be wondering what would be the best one for you to take. What ratio is the best?

But first, let us explain the 5 main categories, which would be:

  • Pure CBD – CBD by itself (CBD isolate)
  • CBD dominant – CBD and low THC (and other cannabinoids)
  • 1:1 – equal parts CBD to THC
  • THC dominant – THC and low CBD (and other cannabinoids)
  • Pure THC – THC by itself (THC isolate)

But we’re not really going to go over all of them, because since on thehempoilbenefits.com were more focused on CBD dominant products (cannabinoid profiles) and educating about the benefits mostly of CBD. But of course we are going to talk about THC in this article as well.

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The best effect due to a minimum of THC – Entourage effect

cbd with thc lowAt the bare minimum, we recommend that you take a product that has at least 0,2-0,3 percent THC, so a small amount of THC.

And that’s of course going to be a product that comes from hemp, since hemp is not allowed to have more than 0,3 percent THC.

This kind of product category is the CBD dominant and it is going to fall into products that are made from hemp.

And the reason why we recommend that, is because a product that has a little bit of THC in it along with the CBD is going to give you the entourage effect of the CBD working with THC.

And it’s more likely to be a full plant extract, which we recommend over single plant molecules or isolated molecules like a CBD or THC isolate.

We are not really going to get into that in this article, but we do have other articles about the entourage effect, full plant extracts and why they’re superior to the single plant compound, that you can check out on our website.

1: 1 Ratio CBD and THC

cbd into thcWhy would you want to choose a one-to-one ratio product? This is a product with a equal part THC to CBD. So it’s the same kind of reasoning. CBD and THC works synergistically together. They work better together than they do alone. Especially for things like pain.

So there have been studies done where they compared a combination of CBD plus THC compared to how it would work to just CBD or THC alone. And CBD plus THC performed best together. They performed better than when the two were isolated.

Things to consider, if you want to take a 1:1 THC to CBD product

There’s a lot of factors though you have to consider, if you want to take a 1:1 THC to CBD product. First of all you have to be prepared for the psychoactive effect. Because with this product, you’re likely going to have a psychoactive effect, just because of the amount of THC that’s in there.

In a product on the other hand like the first one we recommend at a bare minimum, if it’s mostly CBD like from CBD hemp oil and it has no more than 0,3 percent of THC, it’s very unlikely to cause any psychoactive effect. Unless you’re taking very high doses of it.

About Drug Tests

And the other thing you have to consider is “do you get drug tested?”. Because if you get drug tested, you obviously can’t have the THC product. And again with the first product we mentioned, the full extracted CBD (dominant) hemp product, you get the benefits of CBD a little bit of THC and as long as you’re not taking in very high doses, you’ll you will not fail your drug test.

That’s of course as long as you’re getting it from a reputable seller and who is insuring you via a lab result that it doesn’t have more than that small amount of allowed THC.

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It depends on where you live

The other thing of course, you have to consider is, where you live. Some of you reading this article may not live in a state where it’s legal to have high THC products. Most states have allow for the CBD hemp products but not the medical marijuana products. Which the 1:1 CBD to THC products would fall into. The ideal situation is, if you can take both and try out both and see what works for you best.

The individual use of cannabis products – no one for all

CBD & THCCannabis being very personalized, certain things work better for certain people. Martin lee of project CBD was talking about one woman who actually takes during the day a high CBD product, a very high CBD ratio with a little bit of THC. Something very similar to an industrial hemp product. So it’s mostly CBD and it only has a little bit of THC. She uses that during the day, and then at night she uses a 1:1 product, which has a lot more THC.

And this is simply because she doesn’t want the psychoactive effect of the THC getting in the way of her life during the day. That’s very understandable because you have stuff to do during the day and you don’t want to have that psychoactive effect.

But at night, when you’re relaxing or you’re at home, you are in a different environment, a different state of mind. You can have that THC, relax and not worry about having to go out and do your work. It really depends on you.

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CBD to THC Ratio – Conclusion

The main takeaway from this article is, you want to have at least that 0,3 percent THC in the CBD product. Because then you get that entourage effect from the full plant extract, as opposed to an isolate.

And you want to consider, based off things like are you okay with the psychoactivity? Are you okay with the fact that it would make you fail a drug test if you had to take one? Are you in a legal place where you can obtain a higher THC product?

These are the three main things you want to consider if you’re considering a 1:1 product which has many benefits. Again, we want you to understand that THC is in many ways just as important as CBD and they work very well together.

So if you can get the best of both worlds, if you live in a state where you have access to both, we would try to take both. Try both out, try different ratios. Try a CBD rich or CBD dominant product during the day and then at night you can take a one-to-one product with more THC in it and thus it will have more cycle activity.


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