Certificate of Analysis of CBD Oil

Colorado Grown Hemp CBD Products
Our products use extract from plants grown in Colorado.  They are some of the most amazingly beautiful plants you will ever see.  The lead farmer in the operation moved to Colorado after decades of growing a “similar type” of plant in Northern California.  His plants are truly amazing to see!  And, the plants are all Organically-Grown and are all Non-GMO.
Ultra High Grade Hemp
Do you see any problem with using high grade ingredients?  We certainly don’t and hope you appreciate our viewpoints and our products.  We also hope you and your loved ones are able to turn the clocks back just a little to a simpler time when we lived in step with nature and didn’t try to control it.  We lived with it.  As we progress through time, we can go back to these ways.
Here is the most recent Certificate of Analysis:

CBD Oil Test Results

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