Do People use CBD for Sleep? Cannabinoids & Sleep Disorders

Do people use CBD for sleep?

In this Article, we are going to be discussing a little bit on why we think CBD for sleep is so popular these days and why sleep is one of the number one reasons people say they’re using CBD. CBD for sleep is interesting right away because some studies show that for CBD it can be sedating in a higher dose and other studies have shown that CBD can actually be alerting like and give people energy.

People take CBD in the morning and throughout the day, it’s not strictly a nighttime supplement like something like melatonin, which you would never take in the morning because it’ll make you really sleepy. We think CBD doesn’t really make people super drowsy, it probably more so just relaxes them so that they can fall asleep naturally so to speak.

How CBD works as a sleeping aid

how cbd works for sleep

CBD doesn’t put them to sleep, it relaxes them and then they naturally fall asleep from being relaxed. We don’t think it’s quite as strong as something like melatonin although it’s obviously mixed with melatonin for often and for some people it might be as strong especially depending on the dose. This varies from person to person.

The thing with CBD for sleep is, that it could also be contributing to let’s say someone is having a pain and the CBD is helping with the pain and then as a secondary effect, it helps people fall asleep.

So it could just be this indirect way that it’s helping people with sleep. We don’t think it matters that much as long as it is helping people and helping them sleep.

Why is CBD so popular for sleep?

The reason why we think it’s so popular for sleep is because we live in a society right now where there’s this sleep epidemic going on and people are not sleeping enough and it’s some of it is just because our lives are busy and filled with lots of fun activities and opportunities that never existed before.

From the studies, CBD for sleep is up there with anxiety and pain as one of the number one reasons that people use CBD.

We think it might even just be that they’re using it for another health condition like anxiety or pain and it reduces or takes away the anxiety or the pain and then an after effect is that they can sleep.

CBD versus THC for sleep

We think one of the most interesting aspects with CBD and sleep is going to be the comparison of how CBD affects the quality of our sleep compared to THC. Because the data shows that THC can have a negative effect on REM sleep.

What you notice is, if you always smoke THC Cannabis before you go to sleep you don’t remember your dreams, it’s like you don’t dream, so it eliminates a necessary part of REM sleep.

People notice when they quit cannabis for a month or take a break or take a tolerance break, that they are dreaming again and they remember their dreams. So there’s something the THC is taken away that could be crucial.

But for some people who have nightmares like PTSD type of thing you want to get rid of those dreams. So it really just depends on your life situation, what you’re doing, what you’re dealing with.

But when we’re going to be comparing in the future in scientific studies CBD vs.THC for sleep, not in its effectiveness which is also interesting but specifically in which cannabinoid is causing less harm when it’s used for sleep.

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Our thoughts

We think lastly also CBD for sleep is popular because people realize that although CBD isn’t 100% studied yet, it just seems safer and has definitely far less side effects than something like Ambien. People want something like that, even though they know they’re taking somewhat of a risk because CBD hasn’t been around as long as Ambien and hasn’t been studied as much as that.

You can see that with the lack of side effects if you just compare them. People want something more natural and that is a fallacy though, it doesn’t mean that something that’s natural is better for you but on the surface the way it appears currently it seems to be the case.

Let us know how a CBD is working for you for sleep. Are you using it for sleep? If so, enlighten us on how much are you using! Do you find that you need to take a lot more than a daytime dose when you use it for sleep?


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