The FDA considers CBD as being beneficial

FDA admits cbd as beneficial

Many studies and researchers discovered, in the past years, that CBD can be extremely useful if consumed as a supplement or alternative treatment for a variety of illnesses. These scientific finds, backed up by testimonials of people that decided to try CBD as treatment and obtained positive results, led to the increase of CBD’s popularity. But, the federal government didn’t see cannabidiol with such good eyes, doing its best to include CBD in the Schedule I Controlled Substance’s group since last year.

Apparently, the feds cannot ignore the results provided by CBD in the medical world and the increasingly higher number of people that enjoy improved life quality due to this component, finally admitting that CBD can be “beneficial”.

Non-psychoactive and beneficial

It is well-known the fact that CBD has no psychoactive effects, producing positive effects on patients suffering from neurological disorders without the “high” effect known among cannabis users. So, many people wonder, if CBD is not a psychoactive component and brings health benefits, why this reticence of using it widely exists on the side of the authorities?

The answer lies in the fact that there are still very many superstitions and wrong assumptions when it comes to CBD because it is extracted from cannabis, known for so many decades as a psychoactive plant. But, every laboratory test done on CBD proved, without a doubt, that CBD does not provide such effects on whoever decides to consume it or use it as treatment.

FDA admits CBD as beneficial


But, recently, FDA admitted that CBD provided beneficial effects when used as a treatment for a variety of neurological disorders in experimental models, such as epilepsy and seizure-triggering conditions, as stated by Anna K. Abram, an FDA Deputy Commissioner.

This particular statement then comes in contradiction with the DEA, Drug Enforcement Administration, which is the federal institution that wanted to include CBD in the Schedule I group of controlled substances last year. The Schedule I drug group includes substances that are not accepted as a medical treatment on the territory of the United States.

FDA Deputy Commissioner Anna K. Abram acknowledged,

CBD has been shown to be beneficial in experimental models of several neurological disorders, including those of seizure and epilepsy.

Besides CBD, other substances will go through the UN review, which includes six types of fentanyl, a rather potent synthetic opioid; five synthetic cannabinoid agonists, and ketamine, a muscle relaxant known for its psychoactive properties. The FDA will re-evaluate all these drugs, although the federal officials will avoid making any recommendations whether any of these substances should become the object of international control.


Participate in the process unrolled by the FDA

It is also worth mentioning that anyone can participate in this process unrolled by the FDA if the person can share pertinent information about CBD or has used this compound and has an experience worth to share. However you put it, we should take this as a positive sign toward making CBD a legal treatment throughout the United States in the near future.

Maybe the authorities will be convinced that their old conceptions about cannabinoids are rootless and that they should embrace the results provided by studies and experiences of so many people. CBD can become a reliable treatment, free of unwanted side-effects, for a wide range of illnesses, including severe ones.

If you’d like to participate by sending comments to the FDA, CLICK HERE. That will take you to the web site for this issue. Then click on the blue “Comment Now!” button on the upper right of the page.

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