FDA update on CBD: Public Hearing and FAQ

FDA Update on CBD - Public Hearing

We got to bring you all the latest Cannabis, CBD and Hemp space news and in this article, we do another FDA update. Everybody’s got their eyes on the FDA and what are they gonna do about CBD and cannabis and what are they going to do about CBD specifically in food.

The FDA has made an announcement that they’re going to be having a public hearing at the end of May. We’ll be linking you to the information about that at the end of this article. They are calling to the public for comments all the way up until July, so through the summer, you can comment. We’ll be linking you to there and all the stipulations they have. Read carefully what they’re looking for.

As far as we can tell from reading it, it looks like anybody can offer comments and we think anybody can go to the public hearing from our understanding. We are going to be looking into that a little bit more but it seems like it’s open to the public.

Warning letters from the FDA

The FDA every year releases warning letters to CBD companies that they find are making medical claims or they’re claiming something that’s not accurate, like mislabeled claims on the bottle with not accurate amounts of CBD in the actual bottle, that doesn’t match what’s listed on the label. Usually that’s their problem with those companies.

The overall thing that you have to focus on is this hearing from the FDA. The fact they’re talking about these cannabis rules and how they’re going to handle CBD and CBD and food. It seems to be a good thing and it means that they’re moving forward in the right direction.

They’re not trying to put the industry down, they’re trying to make the right kind of industry. A safe place with standardized rules, so that products can flourish and customers can get products and companies can grow their business.

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CBD FAQ from the FDA

Last but not least, they have an FAQ for any questions you may have regarding the FDA and CBD. This is really going to be helpful for the entrepreneurs that follow our content and are worried about the FDA.

What’s the FDA going to say about this or that? Well, you don’t have to worry as much now, just check out this FAQ that they’re going to be updating as they add more information.

Overall, we think that this update is a good thing, don’t panic. This is going to be great and it’s just going to make things better. We are very optimistic about this. We don’t think the FDA is trying to hold down CBD, they just want to make it safe,

What are your thoughts?

Whatever your feelings and thoughts are about the FDA, leave them in the comments below. If you think they’re a complete conspiracy, leave that in the comments below. Tell us all about what you think. We understand why people are frustrated with the FDA, there’s a lot of justified reasons for that. What do you think is going to happen with the FDA and CBD?


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