How long does CBD last – stay in your system

How long does CBD lastHow long does CBD last respectively does CBD Oil stay in your system? This really important to know, when you’re planning your dosing schedule. Because you want to have an approximation of how long CBD will last, so you’ll know how many doses to take throughout the day. And it’s something you’ll also figure out as you go just with experimenting and seeing how it works for you.

The times we are going to give you our very general guidelines and your mileage with CBD may vary, because CBD does affect different people differently. So it might last less or longer for you than the times we give you and you will just have to adjust for yourself as you go so.

How long CBD lasts depends on the method of usage

The length of time that CBD will last in your system is, going to be generally, dependent on the method of use. As we’ve covered before, there are four main methods of use with CBD.

Let’s quick go over those again.

  • The first one is called inhalation and that covers vaping and smoking.
  • The next is topical use, which is using CBD externally on your skin.
  • After that we have sublingual use, and this is using CBD products that get absorbed through the mucous membrane of your mouth.
  • And last but not least usage is ingestion. This is when you do eat it in either a food product or swallowing a capsule.

How long does CBD last

Each one of these is going to have slightly different duration of effects.


Inhalation is going to last anywhere from one to four hours for most people. So when you smoke or vaporize a CBD product, it will last from about one to four hours, before you may need to redoes, if you’re need to use it again.

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For sublingual method, you are going to have a very similar duration. It might last a little bit longer, so you might get about one to four or one to six hours, before you need to redoes.

They’re never meant to be absorbed through your stomach and digestive system. They’re really meant to be absorbed through your mouth mostly.

Of course some might not be all fully absorbed and some might get swallowed. But the the point of them is to be absorb through your mouth for a faster onset.

Inhalation and sublingual are generally your fastest onset, so the fastest you’re gonna feel the effect. And then they also last the least amount of time.

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For topical, it’s not as clear yet how long it lasts. But the good thing about topical is, you can apply it pretty liberally.

There isn’t a lot of risk as much for a side effect or taking too much so you can apply very liberally to the area of where you have either irritation or pain.

Still start with a small amount because you don’t want to waste it. But you will figure out what works for you and how long it lasts. And then you can always just reapply as needed.

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Last but not least of course is ingestion. The effects from this method, it takes the longest to feel it but it also lasts the longest. This is why a lot of people like it so. Of course the classic example is cannabis brownies or pot brownies.

People like those, generally because they last longer. And this goes free when you eat a capsule as well or eat or you take CBD extract and you put it on a piece of food and you eat it.

Basically anything we are swallowing and it’s going through your stomach is going to be called ingestion. It is oral ingestion you’re taking in through your stomach. That’s gonna last longest. It’s about six to eight hours on that one.

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How long CBD lasts as well as the dosage varies from person to person

Some people really never have to redose, they just take it once in the morning and that’s enough for them. But this is really going to depend on the application you’re using it for.

The great thing about CBD is, it’s generally very safe, so you can experiment with it and find the right dosage protocol that’s going to work for you.

How long does CBD last: Summarized

So you have four main ways to use CBD. And that is inhalation, ingestion, topical use and sublingual use. Each one of those is gonna have a different time of how fast you feel it and how long it lasts.

With inhalation and sublingual use, it’s pretty similar. They’re gonna last anywhere from about one hour to four hours.

With topical use it’s really gonna vary a lot depending on how well it’s absorbed and how much you use. So that one you will just figure out for yourself.

And again, you can always apply more if needed. For some people it might give them a relief for two hours maybe for three hours and then if it wears off you just apply more again.

Last but not least again is ingestion. A lot of people like this method because it lasts the longest. This is going to be, when you’re eating CBD or taking a CBD capsule and swallowing it.

It’s going to last from 6 to 8 hours. And that is a really good for some people because it lasts long. It’s more spread out and they have to take less throughout the day.

These are general guidelines

We’d like to hear your thoughts on this and from your experience. We learn of course just as much from you as you learn from us. So please let us know how long is CBD lasting for you.

Whatever method that you’re using it and how often are you having to redose to get the effects to work.

We hope these will help you with planning out how many doses you’re going to need throughout the day. Remember though, as we said in the beginning of the Article, it may vary for you or it’s gonna vary from one person to another. It might last longer for you it might last less time and you have to redoes more.

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