How to Extend the Life of a Vaporizer Battery

How to Extend the Life of a Vaporizer Battery

From your cell phones & laptops to personal vaporizer, users can never seem to get enough battery time. A vape gadget’s battery must store the charge for longer durations to avoid exasperation when taking a puff. An exhausted battery may cause coil heating, and you will need to turn it off & on regularly to make it work.

Likewise, if it fails to store charge, you may need extra bucks to swap it with a new one or purchase the entire vaping kit. Thus to avoid this additional cost, it is crucial to take care of your vaporizer. Below are eight tips to extend the life of a vaporizer battery.

Turn Off Your Device:

Modern vaporizers have a handy sleep & lock button, which enables you to wake your device instantly. Unfortunately, even when your device is in sleep mode, it continues to drain battery passively. Turning the device off when not in use would help retain more power in the cell, and you may experience enhanced vaping times.

Regular utilization Of Vaporizer:

Regular utilization Of Vaporizer

Similar to a smartphone battery, the modern vaporizer battery thrives on proper use. For optimum performance, these batteries need to be charged and discharged repeatedly. Infrequent usage of the vaporizer will hamper its ability to hold a charge for longer. Therefore, you should practice the usage of your vape device daily to keep the battery ticking over & extend its life even further.

Vaporizer Storage:

One of the most crucial tips that vaporizer manufactures stress on is proper storage. Leaving your batteries unused in extremely low or high temperatures over time will deteriorate the lithium-ion cell’s life. Therefore, choosing a dry & cool place would be the best solution to enhance the lifespan of your vaporizer. Moreover, if you pause the usage of vaporizer for a short time, make sure you store it at least 50% charge to prevent swelling & retain cell efficiency.

Regular Battery Cleaning:

Regular Battery Cleaning

An old vaporizer battery attracts minute dust particles & clog the terminal between the tank & battery. These clogged particles dry up & form a sticky combination that hampers the supply of power to the hole that connects the vaporizer to the cartomizer. It can hinder your vape experience as you might experience a vape lag. To enable optimal power supply & charge times, you should clean the terminal connections regularly. Moreover, stay cautious while pouring e-liquid as it may leak & stick on battery terminals, which may cause charging issues.

Battery Rotation:

It is prominent for a vape lover to have more than one set of batteries for their vaporizer. To keep your vape game moving, you should rotate through batteries often. Leaving a spare battery unused for a longer time could result in reduced cell capacity. Alternating between batteries helps maintain their longevity & charge cycle time.

Charge Correctly:

Almost all devices you use have similar looking chargers. But the difference lies in their voltage ratings. Using the correct charger assures that your vape device gets the exact amount of power specified by the manufacturer and protects it from overheating. Therefore, to enhance battery life, you should charge your vaporizer with the correct charger & cable from an authorized manufacturer only.

Avoid Complete Battery Draining:

One of the most common mistakes vape lovers commit is using their vaporizer until it runs out of charge. It is because, at zero percent, the battery needs more energy to replenish its charge. To avoid putting the battery under strain, you should recharge the vaporizer battery at around 40%. It would not only enhance vaporizer life but will also make charge time quicker. Getting yourself a vape that is easy to use on a daily basis, is something that we highly suggest. We recommend you check out the available G Pen connect for sale, which will give you an amazing vaping experience.

Unplug Battery After Complete Charge:

The vast majority have made it a typical practice to leave their gadget connected even after a complete charge. Indulging into such practices not only hurts the lifetime of the battery but also induces overheating issues in the cell. Therefore you should not leave your vaporizer to charge while you are asleep. Instead, for battery longevity, you should make it a habit to charge your vaporizer for 40 minutes each twice a day.


Apart from these, there are other ways as well that would help extend the battery life of a vaporizer. However, the most critical aspect of extending a vaporizer life is proper handling. Good handling combined with these tips would surely make your investment worth every penny. Moreover, to make your experience memorable, make sure you buy a quality vaping device that comes with an extended manufacturer’s warranty.

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