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How to Identify high Quality CBD ProductsThings to look for when you’re going to buy a high-quality CBD hemp oil. We hope this little Article can serve as a guide for you. When you’re doing your shopping or research into buying a CBD hemp oil for yourself, for friends or for family or whoever you’re buying it for.

1.) Always check for third-party lab reports

cbd lab testThere’s just so many reasons why you need to make sure, that the product that you’re buying has recent lab reports that you can look at.

Reasons for this are, that the lab reports are going to show you that the product is free of toxins, free of mold, free of pesticides and how much CBD is truly in there.

And it’s going to show you that it doesn’t have more than 0,3 percent THC. Because if it does, then the product is not legally considered a hemp oil and you could get in trouble for being in possession of it.

Because, if it has more THC than what’s allowed, it could be considered a marijuana oil.

The lab reports should be recent and up-to-date. Meaning, if there’s a batch number on your product, you want to make sure you can get the corresponding lab to that batch number. All that means is, you’re looking at the actual lab to the bottle or product that you have in your possession.

The lab reports are also good to see what cannabinoids and terpenes are in there. To make sure you have a full spectrum hemp oil and you can figure out which terpenes and which secondary cannabinoids work best for you.

It also just simply tells you how much CBD is truly in there. So, you can see how important lab reports are, when you consider to buy a CBD product.

2.) Full Extracted Hemp Oil from Flowers & Leaves

Hemp-Whole-PlantYou want to get product that’s a full plant extract from a high resin hemp plant. The reason for this is a full plant extract is going to be richer in cannabinoids and terpenoids then a product that came simple from the stem and the seeds.

The real medicine and therapeutic value is in the flower and it’s the flower that has the most resin. There’s also resin on the leaves as well but the stem and the seed are not ideal sources of CBD cannabinoids and terpenes.

That’s why the companies that used those parts of the plant need so much of the plant to get a little CBD out of it. Simply because there is not much CBD in those parts of the plant.

This is why you want to seek out for companies that are going to be domestic companies in the united states, who are using and/or growing high resin CBD hemp plants. And you can simply find that out by reaching out to them and asking them.

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3.) A reputable seller does not give medical advise

It is important that you have a reputable seller. What makes a reputable seller? Someone you can call and email easily to contact for any questions about the product or the company that you’re buying from.

A reputable seller is not someone that’s going to give you medical advice, simply because they are not allowed to. They’re not allowed to make claims about what CBD hemp oil can do for you or what CBD can do for your life. They’re not allowed to do that. And we are not allowed to do that.

The only person that’s allowed to do that is a doctor. And that’s why we always advise you to seek out to a medical professional for their guidance in your use of CBD or anything like that.

A doctor you can trust is going to be the best source of information. Especially if you are already taking other supplements or drugs and you now want to add CBD to your routine.

4.) The method of manufacturing – A safe extraction method

co2 ectracted cbdYou want to make sure that the company is using a safe extraction method to get the CBD extract from the hemp plant.

And currently the industry standard is called CO2-Extraction.

This is considered number one the safest method right now and the best for preserving all of the high quality CBD extract.

Meaning that it preserves the cannabinoids and terpenoids without destroying them in the process of extraction.

This is not the only good method. There are other good methods out there but this is right now, at least in 2018, considered the best method of extraction. We are sure this can change in the future and we will of course cover that. But right now CO2 Extraction is the industry standard.

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5.) Organic product from organically grown hemp plants

If you can find a organic producer that’s always better than someone using pesticides. Obviously because it’ll be a cleaner product. Right now there isn’t an official organic designation for hemp or at least for hemp that’s grown for CBD. But hopefully in the future we can have that.

What you can do to find out if it’s organic or not is, find a reputable seller. Someone that you trust. And call and ask them if it’s organic. And you know, obviously they don’t have the certification from the USDA approval.

But if you can trust them and if you develop a relationship with them and become a repeat customer of theirs, you probably will find out. We hope that you can trust the representative that you’re communicating with from that company.

Summary – How to Identify high Quality CBD Products

high quality cbd sourceSo there you have it. It’s not that hard. And the most of these qualities will be found from a dumb, if not all of them. Actually it will be easier from a domestic, a domestic CBD company that’s growing it domestically. A lot of CBD companies, most likely that you’re dealing with are based in america.

But many of them ship their products from overseas or use hemp that is grown overseas and they ship it in. We are not saying that the quality of that product is bad. But that the quality CBD products are much more likely to be found in a domestic supplier.

And these are going to be from state’s growing hemp in states like Colorado, Kentucky, California and probably also vermont. States that are beginning to get their hemp program going and are well on their way to being successful in it.

Just to reiterate those points.
  • Number one was lab reports. For many reasons including making sure it’s a clean and high-quality product.
  • Number two was get a full plant extract from a high resin plant that’s gonna give you the best quality therapeutic product.
  • Number three was a reputable seller that goes without explanation.
  • Number four was the safest extracted product. CO2 being the industry standard currently.
  • Number five was to find a reputable seller to confirm that they’re growing their hemp organically.

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