How to read Labels of CBD Products – CBD Capsules & Pills

How to read Labels of CBD Products – CBD Capsules & PillsHow to read labels of CBD Capsules? In this short Guide we are going to be talking about how to read the label on a bottle of CBD capsules. So this will be specifically about encapsulated CBD products.

For this purpose we are using DB. 25 Plus – 30 CBD Hemp Capsules by Highland Pharms. The reason why we are using it is, that we think that this brand offers a high quality product. But these are CBD Capsules and its the same with tablets or any kind of pill form of CBD. It’s going to have the same things that you need to look for when you are reading the label.

What to look for when reading the Label

How many Capsules are in the Product?

CBD Capsules 25mgSo the first thing you want to do is, look at the front of the label.

And it’s going to tell you how many capsules or tablets are in the bottle, how much CBD is total in the bottle and how much CBD is actually in each capsule.

And that’s what you don’t want to confuse.

How much CBD does the product contain?

Sometimes it’ll be for instance a 600 milligram CBD in total per bottle but there’s 20 milligrams in each capsule and then there’s 30 capsules in the bottle.

It’s the total amount of CBD you want to look for and that divided up into each capsule.

This one happens to be 25 milligrams CBD each and 30 capsules in total. Therefore, it has 750 mg of CBD as a whole. Here you can find our recommended CBD oil capsules.

What kind of product is it – how is it used?

The next thing to look for is, is it a chewable or are you supposed to let it dissolve or are you supposed to just swallow it. That’s going to be on the back. And that’s the next place we’re going to look. Usually, there’s going to be a suggested usage and there’s also going to be a supplement facts.

Is a suggested Serving Size on the label?

With the supplement facts, what you’re looking for again is, to confirm how much CBD or other ingredients (sometimes they use blends) are in each serving, in each capsule. Or if two or more capsules is a serving.

Usually they’ll still tell you, if it’s two capsules per serving, what’s in one individual. And so this tells you against 25mg CBD per capsule. But please do not confuse this with a proper dosage for the purpose of your use.

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Batch number and lab reports

The other thing to look for is usually a batch number. Or what’s most convenient than using a batch number to check out the lab report. The batch number allows you to match a lab report for that exact batch, which is that exact production of CBD.

Because you don’t want to look at the lab report of an older batch that came out, like a couple years ago. You want the lab report for this exact product, where this originated. And that batch could be thousands of bottles but you want to know which one, so you can look at the lab report for that exact group of CBD products.

Example of a laboratory report:

QR Codes on CBD Products

QRCodeThe easier way though is to look for a QR code. Everybody should be looking for this. Everybody’s going to start having that now.

So look for that QR code and scan it with your phone and it should take you to the lab results and any other information some of the brand’s provide like:

  • How-to videos
  • Education link to their website
  • Other products in their store

That QR code is gold. You want to use that and that’s what’s going to get you the lab results that you’re looking for, without having to look up the batch number and all that stuff. That’s the easiest way.

Then you want to look on the label. You’ll see some company information and you might see their phone number if you need to reach out to them to ask any questions. And obviously the website.

Look at the ingredients besides CBD

vegan cbd capsulesAlso it’s really important to look at what are the other ingredients that are not active. For instance lactose monohydrate. That’s what some companies uses to put together the capsule and that’s actually a milk product. It’s a powder and it’s used as a binder or the filler.

Different brands have different stuff in it. Highland Pharms has as carrier and filler Hemp Seed Oil in it and that’s quite awesome. Because hemp seed oil is one of the healthiest oils that you can find.

The main thing you’re looking for is any ingredient that you could possibly have an allergy to or do not want to ingest. For example, this is not a vegan product because the capsules are made of gelatin. So it wouldn’t be suitable for someone that’s vegan.

Other things you want to look for is, if you’re trying avoid GMOs, is there soy gluten or that kind of stuff in it. You can find that all obviously on the front or on the back of the bottle.

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Suggested use of the CBD Product

cbd hemp capsulesBut really the main things you’re looking for when you’re reading the label of one of these products is, how much CBD total is in the bottle.

How is that CBD dispersed for each capsule, because that’s how you’re going to be dosing. And then what is the suggested use. And usually it’s going to tell you for instance one or two capsules per day oral with enough water.

So each unique product will have its own suggested use, based off how the products made and how they designed it to be used.

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Does the product also contain THC?

If you’re trying to completely avoid THC, that’s going to be very clearly written either on the front or the back of the bottle, that there’s no THC in the product. Or there might be some THC up to 0.3% and that obviously if it’s a full-spectrum product. That should be clearly listed.

Because it’s such a small trace amount of THC, it’s not really typically at all on CBD hemp products. It’s not listed usually on the supplement fact because it’s such a small amount. But you want to know. In that case that’s when you need to check the lab report. Or just reached out directly to the company if you’re not sure if there’s any THC in there.

Of course if you’re worrying about a drug test or having a trace amount of THC in your system. That is something really important for you to know. So you might need to reach out to the company to confirm that.

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