How to Test CBD Strength

How to Test CBD Strength

Consumer look at several factors to help them distinguish and choose between one CBD oil and another. However, the most important of these is the strength of the product. The potency of CBD is the ultimate determinant of the cost and therapeutic effectiveness.

The question most consumer wonder is how to test the strength of CBD oils?

The information below aims towards helping you gain the knowledge to differentiate between a high-quality CBD Oil with accurate CBD percentage from fake inferior versions on the market. With this guide, you can avoid wasting your money and time by purchasing the CBD products that give you the claimed CBD strength.

What is CBD strength?

CBD oil is a liquid extract that consists of carrier oil and cannabidiol. The carrier oils include olive oils and coconut oils, which are very easy to digest and have several health benefits. CBD oil is dependent on the formulation of a particular concentration.

The strength of CBD oil determines the effects that the product is going to produce. The higher the potency, the more pronounced the results will be. Studies show that the best dosage is 35 milligrams in one serving for high strength.

Why is there a need to test the strength of CBD Oil?

Why is there a need to test the strength of CBD Oil?

In the recent past, we have witnessed an influx in the cannabis market. This is because the legalization of medicinal and therapeutic cannabis continues to accelerate its popularity. With the increased use and acceptance of medical marijuana, it’s now easy to cultivate, manufacture and purchase it.

However, the increased surge in CBD oils has also increased the level of confusion in the market. The problem is that identifying the real product from the fake ones has become a daunting task for customers.

Most times, they find themselves stuck with inferior CBD products that do not comply with the regulations and strength of CBD. The fact that the laws guarding the production of cannabis are not clear means that most countries cannot execute policies that pertain to CBD strength.

This regulatory oversight encourages some manufacturers to take advantage. You will find that the CBD strength advertised on the labels of such producers do not add up to what is inside the bottles. As such, customers have no choice but to come up with ways to ensure that guide them on choosing products with high potency.

How to Test CBD Strength

So, how do you test the CBD strength to figure out if it’s the actual amount in your CBD product? Luckily for you, there are several trusted ways to help you conclude:

1. Perform the Cannabinoid tests

After buying CBD oil bottle, you can pass by a reliable laboratory to get it examined by a professional. Ensure that you get a detailed result of the test and that is easily understandable.

If passing by a laboratory does not seem like a good idea, you can carry out a home test using a testing kit. The alpha analysis test is a kit that helps you confirm the level of strength of CBD regardless of the producing company.

  • Alpha Cat Analysis Test

This easy to use package is a basic kit that helps you test CBD products without undergoing the hassle of making lab appointments. Since the test works on all CBD products, you will be able to save on time and cost on laboratory tests.

Besides, it helps you in making an informed decision on a brand and enables to gain confidence in a company that passes the CBD oil tests.

2. Choose a Trusted CBD manufacturer

Choose a Trusted CBD manufacturer

A source with a good reputation is one of the best ways to ensure that there is no compromise on the quality and strength of the CBD product. A brand that has earned itself an excellent reputation over a long period not only assures quality but the satisfaction of its customers. To ensure you buy quality CBD products in Canada, place the order on CBD Oil Canada and have them delivered to your preferred location.

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3. Certificate of CBD Analysis

An established company that has experience in selling cannabis runs several tests on their batches before dispersing them. Since they have confidence in the quality of their CBD oil, they also send their products to independent labs for further tests on the cannabinoids levels present in the oil.

When choosing the company to supply your CBD oil, it’s advisable to go for one that has no qualms about displaying third-party lab reports openly.

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4. CBD oil costs

Some retailers take advantage of their customers by selling CBD products with little or no CBD oil. Once you come across CBD products at low prices, you better turn around as fast as possible. High-quality CBD is quite costly and hard to come by because of the increased demand for CBD oils.

Companies that can afford to sell their CBD oils at throwaway prices are probably not selling the genuine CBD oil.

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5. Understand the difference between Mg and Ml

After conducting tests, you will need to ensure that you take the accurate dosage. The sizes of bottles containing CBD vary in size, with most starting from 10Ml going upwards. The number of milligrams shows the volume of the liquid.

On the other hand, they measure the amount of cannabidiol in Mg. The dosage indicates the amount of CBD oil in a drop of the solvent, which is the strength of that particular product.

Before using a product, it’s essential to read the instructions thoroughly as no one product is similar to the other. The labels will show you the strength levels contained in different brands from online dispensary canada.

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Reading the label is not the conclusive answer to determining the strength of CBD. Though the new CBD industry offers no official recommendation on the dosage, you should start slow as you discover the optimum potency that is right for you in a CBD dose. The steps above will answer your question on how to test CBD strength.

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