Is a CBD Product with more CBD better?

Is a CBD Product with more CBD better

In this article, we want to answer a common question. Is more mg of CBD in a product better than those that have less? For example, a visitor from our website wrote us that he suffers from severe back shoulder pain. Since THC is not legal in his state he’s using a oil that contains just CBD. A pretty common situation.

He’s been using a product with 500 milligrams and his local shop also sells one that is with 1200 milligrams. So, about a little over twice more. The question is, if he would really feel a lot more relief from the higher milligram count? Because he was told “yes”, from the Staff of the store. But it felt like the associate at the store was just trying to make a sale. Since it’s double the price.

Is a CBD product with more CBD more effective?

So if he is going to feel more relief he would pay more. But if it’s not going to be that much different, than he would save his money. So a really good question. What he is asking is: Does a higher milligram count on the CBD product tell you that this product is going to be more effective? Or is it just that there’s more CBD in the product?

The product contains more CBD in total

All the products with a higher milligram content labeled on it is telling you, that there’s more milligrams of CBD in this product that you’re holding, regardless of the size that it is. Because it could be a really concentrated product. Or it might not be. But there’s just more CBD in the bottle.

CBD will be cheaper if the product contains more

And the way the pricing usually works with this is, that the more you buy at once the cheaper you get per milligram. If you do the math and take the time to figure it out. If you buy a big bottle of CBD, most brands are giving you some of a discounted rate per milligram on the CBD. Since CBD is generally priced in the industry per milligram.

Why you should choose a product with more CBD

The reasons why you’d want to buy a higher milligram content product, comparing for instance a 500 milligram CBD Oil to a 1200 milligram CBD Oil is:

  • Number 1. The money saving aspect is there. You can save money when you buy more at once. Kind of like the bulk shopping type of experience.
  • Number 2. At the same time, you might find that it’s easier or more effective for you, if you use a higher dose.

It all depends on the individual dose. Not everyone needs a higher dose of CBD. Many people tell us that they achieve very good results with 5-20 mg CBD. Others need a higher dose. Especially if CBD is used for pain.

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Our reader has also decided to buy the product with 1200 mg CBD and it provided more relief for him. The thing is, if you know that you need a bigger dose, or you’ve tried smaller doses and you see that you get much more success and better results with a big dose of CBD. That’s another reason why you’re better off buying the bigger amount with the higher milligram content.

Usually in some area like in thousands of milligrams like in this case. Because then you’re getting more milligram for your buck. And you’re also just getting more milligram in the package to put on. It just makes it more convenient.

Also in terms of concentration too. Sometimes these higher milligram products they’re often more concentrated. So per dosage you could be getting more milligram in each dosage which just makes dosing easier if you’re using higher amounts.

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The main thing to understand is, that the higher milligram does not necessarily mean that the product is more effective or it’s some kind of different kind of CBD.

The main difference is, that it’s just more CBD in the bottle itself. Or it’s more CBD within the concentration for each dose of the product. Some people do well on low doses and some people do well on or need higher doses. It really just depends.

It’s all across the board what people experience with CBD. Some people don’t need much at all, maybe just like a couple drops, like a micro dose. Other people need hundreds of milligrams before they see some relief. And for those people for sure, they would want to get the bigger sizes, because of saving money when buying in bulk.

So, I hope that helps. Let us know in our Review and Testimonials Section what doses are effective for you. Thank you for reading.

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