Is Full spectrum CBD Oil the same as a Full Plant Extract?

Is Full spectrum CBD Oil the same as a Full Plant ExtractIn this short Article we want to answer a common question. Is Full spectrum CBD Oil the same as a Full- Plant Extract? When a company tells you their CBD oil is a full plant spectrum is that the same thing as full plant extract? We often talk about you want to make sure you get a full plant extract. Because that’s going to have the most cannabinoids and terpenoids in it and it is going to have the highest benefits to you. As opposed to some just taking the CBD isolated and putting that into an oil base like an MCT oil or an olive oil.

Basically it has become the trend now to go for full plant extracts. That’s becoming kind of a buzzword in the CBD space. Because it’s a way to sell a product. It’s understandable, it’s a way for companies to market their product as being superior as a full plant extract.

Is Full Spectrum the same as Full Plant extract?

The question though is, when a company says they have a full spectrum CBD hemp oil, is that the same thing as when they say a full plant extract CBD hemp oil. Yes, it means the same thing. That are synonymous terms. That are just two different marketing terms for the same thing.

But, here’s the caveat. You want to make sure that they’re not just saying that because it’s a buzz word. It’s become this way of selling a product and claiming that people have a better product. Which is understandable because they want to sell the product, that’s fine. But you want to check them to make sure that is actually true.

How do you check whether the product is really full-spectrum?

cannabinoidsYou do what we always say. Check the lab report. Either it should be on their website, ideally on the product page or you ask them in an email, can I please see the latest lab report for your CBD oil? In that lab report you want to make sure that you see multiple concentration of different cannabinoids.

For example: In addition to the CBD you should see some CBG, some THC, some THCv, some CBDv, and some CBDa. They will all vary based off the product. Basically, you want to see other cannabinoids in there other than CBD. That’s evidence that you have a full spectrum CBD hemp oil. That it’s full spectrum just means that it’s not just CBD (isolate) Oil.

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Also check if the CBD product has a terpene profile

And in addition to that, you want to look for the report to have a terpene profile. You wanted to show you what terpenes are in there, since the terpenes have been shown to also have benefit for you in the product. You want to see that there’s a certain concentration of terpenes. And that also is evidence that you actually have a full plant extract or full-spectrum hemp oil.

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Also make sure that it does not contain any harmful substances

The other thing you want to make sure of course is, that there’s no toxins or pesticides present at levels that would be harmful to you. You want to make sure it’s a clean product.

Preferred is a CBD product of flowers

Cannabis hemp flowersAnd then the last thing is, when we talk about full plant extract that usually includes the flower. Because not everybody that’s making CBD is using the flower. Some people use both the flower and the stalk. Some people like from overseas using just the stalk for their CBD hemp oil. Both can still be full spectrum, in the sense that there’s other cannabinoids and terpenes in there. But you more likely to have a higher concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes and flavonoids from a full plant extract that uses the flower.

But the only way you’re going to know that is, if you ask the company how they are making their CBD Oil. And that’s usually going to be your American companies, domestic CBD hemp oil. Which we have a preference for. We think it is better than overseas hemp oil because it’s more traceable than overseas. You can see pictures of it at least or there’s videos of the farm. It’s just more traceable than overseas in some ways. But that’s really just a preference.

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The main thing to understand is, when a company says that they have a full spectrum hemp oil or a full plant extract or a whole plant extract, they’re talking about the same thing. But you don’t want to just take their word for it. You want to ask them for a lab report to ensure that there’s documentation of that.

We hope we could clarify this question with this small contribution. If not, we love your questions. So please ask us more by contacting us via email or leave a review in our CBD Hemp Oil Review Section of your CBD experience and tell us more about your favorite CBD Oil.

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