Is THC better than CBD? Medical Treasure Trove Cannabis

Is THC better than CBD?

In this Article we are talking about THC versus CBD and which one is better. One of the most common comments or maybe negative comments we get is that THC is better than CBD, or cannabis is better than hemp and that the real therapeutic value is in THC.

We think it’s a lot of basically, that’s what works for me so it must be better. What we are saying is, it really depends on who you are and what you’re using it for and what’s going to work better for you.

CBD, THC and other Cannabinoids

The first thing we want to clear up though of course is, that CBD is CBD, no matter if it comes from marijuana or hemp. They’re the same plant genius, it’s the same molecule, the same cannabinoid and it’s not different. The same applies to THC and the other cannabinoids in hemp or marijuana.

The difference comes in the ratios and the amounts of THC to CBD and other terpenes and components in different strains of cannabis and hemp.

There is an argument to be made there, if you’re saying that, well this marijuana product has this much THC and has this much CBD and it has all these other terpenes that I like and it just works for me then that product is probably better for you.

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Why would THC be better?


There are also certain applications where we clearly see a better use of THC than CBD. One being anti-nausea. THC has a much stronger effect to help people when they’re using it for nausea or upset stomachs.

We also think THC can have a stronger effect on certain pain issues, if that’s what people are using it for. Because it’s psychoactive it has a stronger effect on certain issues. You actually feel it very quickly.

Other people of course report that CBD does have a psychoactive effect on them as well. That it makes them more relaxed, that it helps them sleep and helps them worry less or not overthink things.

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Why would CBD be better?


Well, a lot of people just aren’t comfortable with the psychoactive effects of THC, it’s just not their thing and even if they use a microdose or a small amount, it’s just not for them.

THC is not good for younger people who still have a developing brain. We still don’t know if CBD is okay for them but we have evidence that THC is not good for a developing brain and would preferably be avoided unless there is a significant benefit to using it.

There’s of course the legal issue as well. CBD is available everywhere pretty much with some exceptions but much more available than THC which is legally controlled restricted and has many barriers to get it.

But CBD also has significantly better uses for certain health problems than THC. For example, the anxiolytic effect of CBD is better than that of THC. THC can cause anxiety in some people, while CBD helps to reduce this negative effect of THC.

Among other things, CBD also broadens the potential uses of cannabis oils by the property to greatly reduce negative effects such as anxiety states or psychoses.

So it depends who you are and maybe THC is better for you than CBD or CBD is better for you than THC. It really comes down to what works best for the person that’s using it and for the application that they’re using it for.

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Applications for all cannabinoids

We definitely see the argument from both sides. We don’t think that there is a either/or. There are obvious applications to both. We don’t see even any purpose to argue that one is better than the other.

There will be a point in the future, where both these cannabinoids as well as many of the other cannabinoids in what’s called “the treasure trove of the cannabis plant” with all the different cannabinoids and terpenoids in the plant that we still don’t know the full potential of, opens up its full therapeutic potential and does not put one cannabinoid over the other.

The Cannabis Plant is a medicinal treasure trove which waits to be discovered.

Raphael Mechoulam

We expect when all this is available this will be just a moot point why do you want to argue which one’s better they’re all available to most people and there’s no reason to argue which one is better.

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Rick Simpson

We are not sure why people get so caught up in this, maybe it’s just fun for them to argue about it. Rick Simpson has said that that THC is the cannabinoid with the most anti-cancer properties.

We have evidence on for the anti-cancer properties of THC & CBD but we don’t have obviously a lot on any of them. It’s just something that it’s a treasure trove of research because of how little research has been done and has been allowed to have been done on these cannabinoids.

CBD to THC Ratio

CBD & THC Ratio

Furthermore, we have evidence that one of the ideal preparations for some applications or persons is a one to one CBD to THC Ratio and that is a product that unfortunately you can only buy in states with recreational or medical access for cannabis because of the THC component.

Entourage Effect

But that there is one to one products out there that people do like and they use those because they get the benefits of both THC and CBD and the entourage effect also promotes the CBD to tone down the effects of the THC so they’re not too strong.

That’s what people have used and we have clinical evidence for that. Not a lot but we do have it done from the studies that were done on Sativex which is the prescription formula of one to one THC to CBD from GW Pharma the company that also makes Epidiolex.

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At this point is, what is the cannabinoid that works best for you and for the reason that you’re using it for. That you have legal access to, that you can afford and that you trust the product that you’re using.

So it’s really more case-by-case and specific to each person’s situation. This is a controversial thing nonetheless, so we want to see what people say in the comments below. What works better for you? We read every single comment.

We don’t think it’s worth arguing which one is better. It’s more of let’s talk about it and get the conversation going and figure out why someone might think that and what we can do with that and how we can learn from each other regarding this.

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