Know how CBD oil is changing healthcare for good

The impact that cannabis is having on healthcare is becoming more visible with the upcoming list of cannabis-based products. Users across the world are today willing to explore the potential of Marijuana and benefits from its medicinal properties. Offline and online dispensary systems are becoming more common across the world and more states and countries are taking the step of legalization. This opens the possibility for more research and studies that will help understand the utilization of Marijuana to greater lengths. 

What is CBD`s role in this change?

The constituents of Marijuana such as THC, cannabidiol, terpenes etc, are chemically responsible for the various benefits derived from the plant. CBD particularly has been under research as analternate method of treating various symptoms. CBD is an active ingredient that has non-psychoactive properties, meaning you cannot get high using this. Various medical benefits of Marijuana come from CBD and the importance of this component is starting to reach the masses. The progress has been exponential in the past few months and CBD is changing healthcare in various ways.


How isCBD changing healthcare?

1. Safer pain relief methods: Millions of people across the world suffer from pain due to various reasons. A study says that there are about 1.5 billion people suffering from some form of chronic pain and almost 33-4.5% of the world’s population is suffering from neuropathic pain. While resolving the cause of the pain would be the logical way to approach, many of these are chronic disorders that can only have temporary solutions rather than a permanent cure. Pain caused due to problems such as arthritis, nerve weakness, cancer, multiple sclerosis etc, usually, go with pain relief medicines which are prescribed to control the situation. But most medicines simply plaster the problem and give only temporary relief. The market of CBD oil is in the process of revolutionizing pain relief and management by offering an effective solution with least side effects. Basic studies conducted to understand the effect of the use of CBD on rats gave positive results on its effectiveness. Further studies to back up the effectiveness of CBD oil for acting as an anti-inflammatory drug as well as helping in reduction of pain on humans are also under progress. Today CBD oil is prescribed in various states as an alternative method for pain management and relief.

2. Its effectiveness in treating seizures: The use of CBD for treating epileptic seizures has reached the highest level of acceptability with FDA accepting its efficacy. The approved dosage is in the form of an oral solution Epidiolex and patients aged 2 and above can use the same. The step was a leap in the field of healthcare that was severely suffering from the lack of a proper treatment and medication for people suffering from rare forms of epilepsy, Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, and Dravetsyndrome. A  study aimed to understand the efficiency of CBD oil for treating seizures. A total of 516 patients suffering from the above syndromes were under test during the clinical trials. The observation was that the frequency of seizures reduced significantly after regular dosages. Another study aimed to explore the effect of CBD on autistic behaviours associated with children suffering from Dravet`s syndrome. The model tested on mice showed positive improvements in behaviour when treated with low doses whereas high dosages that were effective for seizure control did not show social improvements. Also, the dosages of CBD for seizure treatment was tested safe for children thus making it an effective method of treating the problem.

3. It is changing the sphere of mental health medication: Mental health awareness slowly dawned on millions of people across the world in the past few years. About 1 in 5 adults in America suffer from some form of mental illness. Today people have the knowledge to understand and approach for help when they realize they might be suffering from mental health conditions. But the stigma associated with mental health is not the only reason for the bias it faces. Current medications are among the most common reason why people shy away from taking treatments. Many medications prescribed for problems such as depression come with possible side effects of overdosing as well as addiction. These are mostly opioid-based medicines and the number of deaths associated with overdosing of opioids is increasing year after year.CBD, on the other hand, serves as a natural and safe method for treating mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorders, PTSD etc. CBD is a non-psychoactive substance that helps elevate the mood by increasing production of serotonin. This creates a sense of euphoria and helps treat conditions such as depression. A study proves that CBD oils are beneficial for increasing appetite as well as enhancing the quality of sleep. Another study proved the effectiveness of CBD oil for enhancing the quality of life of people suffering from anxiety.

4. CBD treatments for neurological disorders: About 6.3 million people in the U.S were diagnosed with dementia and over 5 million diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. The numbers may double by the year 2050 and the medications and treatment towards the same are yet to bring a path-breaking change. Alzheimer’s is a neurodegenerative disease meaning the condition of the patient deteriorates over time. People begin with simple symptoms such as forgetting information, events, appointments etc. and the condition gets worse.There could be impairments in judgments, decision making etc. Most medication available today aims at reducing the rate at which the brain cells are perishing which is only a band-aid. The disease is caused due to the death of brain cells and there is no cure for it currently. But CBD has shown an encouraging response as a treatment for Alzheimer’s.  A study conducted to understand the effects of CBD on Social recognition Memory Deficits in mice involved the subjects being exposed to a dosage of 20 mg/kg for 8 months. The mice were about 2.5 months in age. The conclusions showed positive developments in the same factor. Also, various research is under progress to prove the fact that CBD can help regenerate and reduce the speed of brain cell deaths and thus eliminate thepossibility of the early onset of Alzheimer’s.

Furthermore, It not only enhances and improves health issues but helps in balancing the creativity. Thus, love for cannabis and weed cannot be ignored and though it is a legal thing in most of the countries, people still have restricted access to it. Enjoy the legal cannabis and  order weed online to enjoy it thoroughly.


5. It is introducing new and natural forms of treatments: The use of CBD  made easy and simple means of treatments through various forms such as tinctures, oils, lotions, creams, edibles, pills etc. Their ability to offer such vast variety of forms of consumptions opens up the opportunity of higher acceptance among users. CBD offers a treatment method with low side effects in comparison to existing methods which is a huge advantage. It promises to offer health benefits and treat ailments without leaving behind possibilities of any adverse side effects which creates a promising front. CBD has set the base for various market products to reach the shelves in the months to come. More companies are starting to shower interest in CBD based medications and products that show a promise of creating futuristic medications and treatments in the field of healthcare. And by finding diesel seeds and various strains that offer a balance of optimized yield as well as benefits, the promise of Cannabis-based medications and treatments for tomorrow is bright.

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