CBD 300 (30%) Golden Dab – 1gram

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CBD 300 Golden Dab a 30% concentration with 300mg of CBD per gram!! This is NOT like other CBD products marketed as a dab……This is an ALL NATURAL formulation that has no other added ingredients, except a small amount of grape seed oil for enhanced taste and moist consistency.


Highland Pharms 300 Plus (30%) Hemp Wax Crumble – 1gram

One of our MOST POPULAR Releases: 300 Plus Hemp Wax Crumble, 30% concentration with 300mg of CBD per gram!!

This is NOT like other CBD products marketed as a dab……This is an ALL NATURAL formulation that has no other added ingredients, except a small amount of grape seed oil for enhanced taste and moist consistency. It is hemp oil extract that has been worked with to create a natural waxy consistency and looks like Warm Golden Honey! And, its Packed with a minimum 300mg of the finest CBD grown in the U.S.A. (Color variation from batch to batch is normal. It can range from a pale milky yellow to a rich red or even brown. Again, this is normal)

Color variation from batch to batch is normal. It can range from a pale milky yellow to a rich red or even brown. Again, this is normal. The ingredients and flavor are the same as past batches. Enjoy!

The first batch we made was just pure hemp oil extract which tasted great. But, then we added a touch of grape seed oil to give it a soft glisten and moisture….when we did, the natural flavor REALLY CAME TO LIFE!. Our unique methodology allows us to turn the pure extract oil into nice moist wax consistency. People Love It!

300 Plus Hemp Wax Crumble is intended for bowls or wax chambers on vape pens. But, it can also be used topically on cancers or growths*. And, it can even be taken orally as its All Natural.

The smoke is rich, yet smooth and has been heralded as “My Finest Creation to Date” by the designer.

Like all Highland Pharms CBD Products:
  • Whole Plant Extract
  • All Organicly Grown
  • Non GMO
  • SuperCritical CO2 Extraction for CBD in Pristine Condition
  • Beautiful Taste
Ingredients (1gram):
  • Hemp Extract

You won’t find any other CBD Dab that is as powerful and as smooth as 300 Plus Hemp Wax Crumble.

(*No information herein is intended to treat any health condition)


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Highland Pharms 300 Plus (30%) Hemp Wax Crumble – 1gram

8 reviews for CBD 300 (30%) Golden Dab – 1gram

  1. Great but not for nails

    First thing I noticed was the scent. It was phenominal. You could tell that they kept the full terpene profile completely intact. So, I bought a little rig with both a Ti and quartz nail to use with this and I feel it wastes a lot of the product. What I do get tastes delicious, but I don’t think the grapeseed oil is meant for a nail as it splatters the wax all over my dome or, if it’s not hot enough, it very slowly vaporizes but pools up. I bet this stuff is great with concentrate vape pens, I just assumed since it’s called “Golden Dab” that I could use a nail. I still highly recommend it and their customer support was spectacular.

  2. I agree!

    I agree with the person who said the taste and smell is amazing. This is truly top notch wax. I use it when I need to calm my nerves and it is so quick to take all anxiety away. I don’t think there is any better tasting dab available and I’ve tried quite a few.

  3. works

    I purchased 3 conainers of this and I wish my insurance covered it in some way bc I have quit smoking, am down to just 2 rx and it’s the only product that has calmed my mind enough to fight the horrendous fibro-fog that I battle every moment of the day, I wish I could find a super potent for that I could take as a suppliment bc I have a bad gut that messes with absorption of medicine ect and I know that I need as much CBD in my system as possible to actually relieve my fibro – neuropathy – degenerative disc disease pain. I have a nice variable wattage box mod with an rda on it that I build myself so that I can vape the “dabs” I spread a little bit on the coil and wet the wiks ( organic untreated cotton ) with 100% vegetable glycerin and get a pretty effective vape and I save the wicking once I feel it necessary to change it out so that I can squeeze out the exess in the cotton and add it to my adv to keep at least a small amount in my system bc it actually helps my conditions but without the awful side effects of all rx the Dr’s tried me on.

  4. MRS

    I wanted to say that I was very skeptical when I first heard about the benefits of CBD but after much research I decided there was enough great reviews to give it a try. I have pain in my right hip that’s keeps me bent over sometimes and at 47 and very active this is not acceptable to me. I bought the CBD 300 wax the first time and then I bought the 495 mg CBD Vaporizer oil the second time. I really like both. The wax works faster but both have fantastic results. I can honestly say that I have NOT had any hip pain what soever after I started using the CBD. Thanks so much. One very happy customer!

  5. Cbd 300

    Smells and taste horrible when dabbed and very waxy but the effects are great. Very good for anxiety,stress, pain and relaxing after work. I reccomend this to anybody looking to releive anxiety,stress and pain.

  6. Disabled

    I got a cheap vape pen that didn’t get hot enough. Was only able to vape this for a few days. I am using it with another product and I am very impressed with the results of the CBD. I have arthritis and degenerative disc disease. Tired of all the pills. Needed to try something new. I think I found what I need!!!!

  7. Very smooth taste, great effect!

    This is potent extract. To say that it is not psychoactive is not necessarily true, but it is certainly not intoxicating at all, it feels entirety unlike THC products. A dab of concentrated CBD is more like a noticeable calm than a rush, very helpful for anxiety. The taste and consistency of this 300 product with grapeseed oil is ideal, it is easy to work with. I am enjoying the 750 CBD Crumble right now, and although it is stronger, both have their place.

  8. ms

    I researched many brands before i purchased highland pharms 300 mg CBD golden dab oil. I selected this one based on the fact that the company has a mission, uses whole, organic, non GMO colorado grown plants and uses the cleanest methods of extraction (CO2.) The full terpene makeup is evident in the aroma. The consistency is that of a smooth slightly flaked opaque wax in the perfect medium golden color and beautiful texture. The effect is awesome! I took a tiny dab sublingually and the wax coated my teeth a bit. Very nice earthy smell and taste with lemon undertones bathes the senses in a deluge of whole plant balance entourage. 10 minutes later in traffic i felt the calm kick in and it lasted 30 hours. It seriously lessened my anxiety at work and through the afterschool routine. My cramps and chronic nerve pain were also less noticeable. I started a spreadsheet and compared manufacturing practices quality and price and this butter is amazing at a very competitive price!!! I vaped my second dab with the linx zero (which was also an awesome well researched purchase!) And i felt the effects almost immediately! Within 3 seconds i was relaxed and i can’t say how excited i am to have found this! Already bought more 🙂

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