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We have created this formula with 250mg of CBD in a once ounce bottle.  The serving size posted on the bottle shows 10 drops equals 5mg of CBD (each drop has approx .5mg of CBD).  So, you will want to adjust the actual amount you take for your particular situation.


Highland Pharms 250PLUS Hemp Oil Drops


NOTE: We purposely do not fill our bottles completely full. When you receive them, you’ll notice the bottles are not filled. Here’s why: the bottles we use are 30ml size. But, we only put 25ml of liquid into them.

This is because if we put in 30ml of liquid with 250mg of CBD, the ratio would cause each drop to have approx 4/10 of a milligram of CBD. It is much harder for people to measure out how many milligrams they want when a drop has 4/10 of a milligram.

When we put in 25ml of liquid with 250mg of CBD, each drop has approx 1/2 of a milligram of CBD. It is much easier to work with 1/2 milligram per drop than it is with 4/10 milligram per drop. Rest Assured each bottle has a minimum of 250mg of CBD.

Our CBD is a full spectrum cannabinoid extract (includes CBC, CBCA, CBG, CBGA, CBD, CBDA) with only trace amounts of THC so there is no ‘high’ or grogginess.

The full spectrum of cannabinoids work together to provide a more well rounded effect. We cannot make any health claims but we can say that most of our customers become customers for life. We believe this speaks volumes.

We are also VERY PROUD to point out that our CBD Oil Drops use only extract from hemp grown by a Boutique Hemp Farm in Colorado and they only grow Pharmaceutical Grade Hemp. Most other brands use CBD extract from Industrial Hemp that is grown somewhere overseas. The Highland Pharms Drops are the Best of the Best!

  • Colorado Grown Hemp…..Not Overseas
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Hemp…..Not Industrial Grade
  • MCT Oil Base
  • All Natural
  • 250mg CBD….plus CBDA, CBG, CBGA, CBN, Terpenes, Phytonutrients and More
  • Grown and Made in the U.S.A.

We have created this formula with 250mg of CBD in a once ounce bottle. The serving size posted on the bottle shows 10 drops equals 5mg of CBD (each drop has approx .5mg of CBD).

So, you will want to adjust the actual amount you take for your particular situation. Note: this 1 ounce bottle will have 25 ml of liquid, making the bottle look slightly less than full. This is intentional and all bottles still have a minimum of 250mg of CBD.

Some people take as little as 1-2mg of CBD per dosing and some take 20+ depending on their situation. For those seeking higher amounts per serving, our CBD MAX should be considered as it provides a high number of milligrams of CBD at a lower price per milligram.

Our CBD Hemp Oil Drops do have some of the natural taste. Other brands deliver a lower quality CBD that may taste good, but is not as effective. Because of the exceptionally rich CBD Extract we use, including the full spectrum of cannabinoids, our formula does have a slightly “hempy” taste.

Usually, after 3-4 servings, the person becomes somewhat accustomed to the taste, as it only takes a moment to swish it in the mouth, then swallow. Most people report the results they get are worth it and come back time and time again.

(Please interpret this information as us being a company that prides itself in providing real information up front so our customers know what to expect. Real hemp has a strong flavor and Ultra Rich CBD products will have a natural plant taste.)

Ingredients (25ml):
  • MCT Oil from Coconut
  • Hemp Extract (containing CBD and cannabinoids)
  • Natural Flavoring (not in Natural….only in Strawberry and Mint Flavors)

Highland Pharms CBD Hemp Oil Drops are available in either “Natural” or “Strawberry” or “Mint” flavor. And, we are so committed to all our products being fresh, pure and clean that even our Strawberry Flavoring and our Mint Flavoring is all natural!

All of our cannabidiol (CBD) extract is extracted from GMO-FREE Hemp which has been organically grown. We do not heat our extract during processing beyond the safe point so as not to cause any damage to it. It takes a little more work, but we believe in delivering only the Highest Quality, Best CBD Hemp Oil products for our customers.

Highland Pharms 250Plus Hemp Oil Drops

14 reviews for CBD Hemp Oil Drops 250mg CBD

  1. helps my daughter

    I was desperate when I ordered this as my daughter has started having seizures. The doctors wanted to put her on harsh medicines. Before I let them, I tried this and now her seizures are rare. When she does have them, they are not anywhere as bad as they used to be. I am so happy to have found this.


    This has been the only real help I’ve gotten for my fibromyalgia. It is all natural and easy on my body. It just makes me feel good to take it. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR PROVIDING THIS!

  3. Fibro

    I bought some of this last week for my fibro and it really helped. I need to see it work for longer but am hopeful that I can get off one or more of prescriptions with how well it helped with the pain. I have to say if you have fibro, you should consider trying this.

  4. Self

    I have noticed a big difference in my pain level since i started the Hemp Oil. I am now able to sew again and not suffer for days. Thank for bringing this product out for people in pain, it really does help!

  5. First experience…I think I need Max

    This is my first experience with CBD Oil products. I suffer from chronic migraines, chronic neck pain, and have a chronic, very painful scapular injury. I’m on a lot of prescription medications. I didn’t notice any difference in pain, despite starting with very high doses of this oil twice daily. I think it may benefit others, but due to years of prescription opiates and many other medications, perhaps I’ve built a tolerance and need the CBD MAX? I’m unsure. It just did nothing for me, unfortunately. I will purchase the MAX and give that a try. I encourage those who have long history of a lot of prescription drug-use to possibly start with the MAX, or call and ask which to start with first.

  6. Glad to Report….

    I suffer from a great deal of neurological pain from a number of source diseases, namely post polio syndrome, fibromyalgia, degenerative disk disease IBS, migraines, not to mention just plain ordinary pain from osteoarthritis. I also have both the assets and liabilities of living in North Carolina. Assets -an excellent cutting edge medical environment and a fierce opponent of medical marijuana. My preference would be to manage pain with medical marijuana, a less invasive track then my current one -opioids. I have maintained a quality life and a strict regimen of opioids now for 16 years. I know I am dependent on them, but have proven time and time again that I am not an addict. I decided to try your hemp supplement as a result of research I have made on it and on THC oil -the illegal derivative of hemp’s cousin. I decided to increase the dosage to 15 drops as 10 drops was insufficient for my needs. I am glad to report that your product has a calming effect and also lowers the sensation of some of my neurological symptoms, Taken in the morning, it helps indirectly with my energy levels by freeing me from compensating as much for allodynia and sciatica. I did not expect it to replace my opioid regimen (as I hope THC will when it becomes legal), but to augment the pain-killing effects. I am happy to say it has met my expectations. Bravo! Another happy customer! I

  7. Secretary

    I’m a fibromyalgia sufferer & since taking Hemp Cannabis oil I have been able to stop opiate pain medicine prescribed by my dr for the first time in four years & feel so much better pain-wise & not foggy like pain meds caused. I love it!!

  8. Teacher

    Has been about one week and I feel like it is helping me with my fibro so far!

  9. Mrs.

    I have Fibromyalgia, IBS, gastritis, diverticulitis, with other issues too, that cause pain & severe nausea. It got to the point that I can’t eat a lot of foods I used to be able to and just the thought or smell of food makes me want to throw up. I mainly wanted to try this for the nausea & pain. I have to say that I was AMAZED! Within the first few days of using 10 drops twice a day I noticed I wasn’t as nauseous & I had more of an appetite. I started using 10 drops 3 times a day around meals to further help with that. I am able to eat more & enjoy food again! I don’t see much help with the pain yet but I am going to play around with doses when I have more pain to see if it will help.

  10. impressed

    I have had chronic pain, inflammation and osteoarthritis. The drops work well, but I thought the taste was unpleasant (strawberry) I may try the mint. I definitely noticed a difference .

  11. CFIDS

    My husband kindly ordered this for me after I read about it in Cort Johnson’s blog, Health Rising. I’ve tried LDN and the usual round of RX meds — all of which had too many side effects. A few hours after taking my first dose of CBD, my level 6-7 pain subsided to a 4. As long as I maintained the dose, the pain remained resolved. I love that the THC levels are so low in your product. I am not interested in any “recreational” aspects of the marijuana plant, as is so popular here in Oregon. I simply want pain relief with mental clarity. Thank you for creating this product. I look forward to trying the capsules for more sustained relief. And drops for the days when pain is not bad.

  12. Happy

    I am impressed! I have a number of autoimmune diseases and deal with a lot of pain, stiffness and fatigue. The CBD oil has reduced my need for opiates for pain control significantly!! It has also reduced much of the stiffness and my joint mobility has improved. Am reordering.


    I actually work monitoring Drug Safety in the Pharma field so I did thorough research prior to ordering the drops for my husband. I wanted to wait a couple weeks to give my review. I got the hemp oil drops on recommendation of a friend for my husband who suffers from debilitating osteoarthritis and has already had over 25 related surgeries in his lifetime. He is now disabled on social security. He has continuous pain and discomfort, especially during atmospheric pressure changes. He noted that he felt a difference (some relief) by the second day (he is taking 15 drops 2X day in cranberry juice). He still has pain in certain areas like his knee that does need another replacement but he feels so much better with his overall joint pain, down to a 4-5 from 9-10. He said that he has not felt this better in YEARS! …I can see a positive change in his demeanor also. He also has not experienced any adverse affects. Thank you!

  14. Satisfied customer

    I purchased this for a daughter with fibromyalgia. It has made a remarkable change in her symptoms. She used to call me in tears because of her pain. Prescription meds did not work. Within 2 days she was nearly pain free. No more tearful calls and she is sleeping better. This stuff has been a real blessing. Thank you!

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