CBD Hemp Oil Drops 500mg CBD

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In this formulation, each drop will have approximately 1mg of CBD (Note:  The 250mg formula has approx 1/2mg of CBD per drop;  The 1250mg CBD Max formula has approx 2.5mg CBD per drop).


Highland Pharms 500Plus Hemp Oil Drops

You’ve asked for it, We are delivering it!!


We purposely do not fill our bottles completely full. When you receive them, you’ll notice the bottles are not filled. Here’s why: the bottles we use are 30ml size. But, we only put 25ml of liquid into them. This is because if we put in 30ml of liquid with 500mg of CBD, the ratio would cause each drop to have approx 8/10 of a milligram of CBD.

It is much harder for people to measure out how many milligrams they want when a drop has 8/10 of a milligram. When we put in 25ml of liquid with 500mg of CBD, each drop has approx 1 of a milligram of CBD. It is much easier to work with 1 milligram per drop than it is with 8/10 milligram per drop.

Rest Assured each bottle has a minimum of 500mg of CBD.

We have changed the name of all our products to recognize the fact that our products ARE NOT JUST CBD products. Rather, they are CBD-plus all the other cannabinoids, phytonutrients, terpenes, amino acids and so much more that is present in the plants.

Previously available only in a 250mg CBD and a 1250mg CBD Formulation…..NOW AVAILABLE IN 500mg CBD Formulation!

This is the same product as our 250mg CBD Hemp Oil Drops and the CBD MAX 1250mg CBD Hemp Oil Drops….But it is simply a different concentration giving you a better choice of getting the best one for you!

In this formulation, each drop will have approximately 1mg of CBD (Note: The 250mg formula has approx 1/2mg of CBD per drop; The 1250mg CBD Max formula has approx 2.5mg CBD per drop).


As with all our products, we are using hemp oil extract from hemp plants grown indoors in Colorado in pristine growing conditions and can be considered “organically grown”. Also, the extraction process used is the finest available (CO2 Extraction) thus delivering the finest quality CBD in the finest condition!

Also, we use ONLY FULL SPECTRUM CBD so you’re getting all the cannabinoids and plant compounds found naturally in the plant: CBD, CBC, CBG, CBN, terpenes, phytonutrients, amino acids and so much more.

All Natural Ingredients (25ml):
  • MCT Oil from Coconut
  • Hemp Oil Extract (CBD)
  • Natural Flavorings (Mint or Strawberry)
  • Highland Pharms 500Plus Hemp Oil Drops

10 reviews for CBD Hemp Oil Drops 500mg CBD

  1. Mrs

    Since using your hemp oil I’ve cut my medicines in half. I’m sleeping a more restful sleep. All of my symptoms from fibro, depression & anxiety have lessened. Having had spine surgery I am still recovering from that I continue to take my pain meds but of a lesser amount

  2. Best Ever!

    I had been using the 250mg bottle of this product for several months on my fibromyalgia and am so happy I have been. But, now that they offer the 500mg, I’m even happier. Its a little bit better pricing and it lasts me twice as long. I can’t imagine my life without Highland Pharms. I have completely eliminated 4 of my prescriptions and I usually feel like getting out and experiencing life again. This has been a true blessing!

  3. Best Ever

    I’ve bought several brands of CBD hemp oil, but nothing compares to what this one does to my daughter’s seizures. She’s been seizure free for over 3 weeks now. Her life hasn’t been this good in years! Will not ever use any other brand.

  4. PainRelief

    Found that with little use I could find relief with my neuropathy that is constant. In a short amount of time I get relief! I recommend for those needing relief for that and for alcohol dependency. It helps with that as well.

  5. Amazing

    Amazing for pain relief and reducing inflammation, just amazing. 15mg and my pain just melts away or at least becomes a faint whisper of itself. I tried another vendor and theirs doesn’t work nearly as well. This has also been very helpful to my cat who had FHO surgery a few months ago. I give him one to two drops on a cat treat 2 to 3 times a day and he’s been more active and less fussy without the stomach issues the vet-prescribed pain meds caused. This warms my heart. Thank you for the great product!

  6. Pain Management

    It took me about a year of research and reflection on my quality of life before I ordered my first bottle of CBD Oil. Research was very clear that I would see decreased pain levels related to Fibromyalgia. How it would treat my other Autoimmune disorders and Migraines presenting as Stroke/Seizure was still somewhat unclear. I followed the recommended dosing guidelines and for the first few days in which you are taking the CBD Oil twice a day and noticed decreased Fibromyalgia pain, muscle fatigue, and less pain in my lessor Occipital nerves which have permanent damage. When I went down to the single daily recommended dose it was not sufficient. I finally settled on about 1-1/2 dosage to get the same level of pain relief from the first 3 days. Still having migraines but so far none presenting as Stroke/Seizure. The only drawback I found with the Hemp CBD oil is it caused terrible acid reflux and tummy distress. I was doing sublingual drops, but bought empty capsules at Sprouts and began taking the capsules with a meal. I bought the smaller capsules and can easily get 20mg in a capsule. I have been able to stop taking my muscle relaxers and my doctor wants to wait a few more months before we try to lower or stop the rest of my medications. Overall very pleased with the product.

  7. Daughter of LBD patient

    This CDB oil has been a blessing for my family. Lewy Body dementia is a very difficult disease to manage with hallucinations, aggitation, and anxiety. The drugs prescribed for dementia-related behavors only made it worse or left him a over-sedated stupor. We stopped all neuroleptic drugs after two months of drastic decline and starting Dad on CBD oil. We have been able to bring him home from the memory care facility. He is typically calm, alert, pleasant and has a normal sleep pattern. 1/2 dropper twice a day is his usual dose. Some days may need an extra dose.

  8. Ms.

    I am currently taking five drops in the AM and five drops PM. this dose is doing well for me. For hip and shoulder pain. From running for many years. I am 59 year old, still very active and want to stay that way. Nice product. Thank you .

  9. Mrs.

    My son is 30 years old. By 29 his doctor said he had the worst case he had ever seen. He is Manic Depressive with Social anxiety and Severe Anger issues. He was medicated from 11 to 18. Since 18 he self medicates with marijuana. I have been trying to get him to stop because it is illegal here. For possession he was on probation for 10 years. From 14 to 24. He has been taking this since we received it. He takes it 2 times per day 10 drops each time. The change has been incredible. He is such a free person. He is improving every day. He is talking about maybe being able to go do things. He made a resolution to stop smoking marijuana in 30 days. He is a new man. I am praying he will continue to improve. When my income taxes arrive I am buying the biggest bottle you sell. Thank you for making this product. I will be the first one in line the second they legalize medical marijuana. It is legal in Ohio right now but they prosecute for possession. Especially in small towns. Thank you again!

  10. Finally… Relief

    I am proud to say that this CBD oil is working for my Fibro. It is amazing, I was able to NOT take the Lyrica after taking this. Occasionally I take an Aleve for an extra boost but so far I am very happy about this product. I just don’t think I can stay on it cause of the price. The CBD 500 seems to work best for me but with limited income (SS) I won’t be able to afford $73 every months for it. 🙁

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