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Specially formulated for our smaller friends with paws, CBD PAWS from Highland Pharms is a lower concentration of cannabidiol (CBD) so that you’re not wasting money.  This is a lower concentration of our same Ultra Rich, High Quality CBD Hemp Oil Drops for a lower price.



Specially formulated for our smaller friends with paws, CBD PAWS from Highland Pharms is a lower concentration of cannabidiol (CBD) so that you’re not wasting money. This is a lower concentration of our same Ultra Rich, High Quality CBD Hemp Oil Drops for a lower price.

We infuse the oil with our same Full Spectrum Cannabinoid Extract, so your pets are getting the same great benefits of the full spectrum of cannabinoids, without any effect of ‘high’ or psychoactive effects.. You may find that your pet sleeps better and is more rested, as many people have reported that their insomnia and restless leg syndrome has all but gone away while taking Highland Pharms CBD products. But, your pets will not be ‘high’. In fact, you can even take it yourself, if you wish to try it.

Natural Plant Well-Being for Our Animal Friends

Typically, start with 10 drops of CBD PAWS, then increase or decrease based upon your findings. The bottle has approximately 500 drops, so there are 50 – 10drop servings in a 1 ounce bottle.

We treat our pets like family members, so why shouldn’t they get to experience the same well-being that humans do? Let’s face it, our pets are subject to many of the same health issues that we are. Why wouldn’t we give them the same chance at a healthy life? (note: we cannot make any health claims as to what CBD will or won’t do for your or your pets).

  • MCT Oil
  • CBD Hemp Extract
  • All Natural Strawberry Flavoring

Order CBD PAWS today for your dog, cat, bird, hamster or reptile. (or ferret, raccoon, deer…..)

20 reviews for A. CBD PAWS (for your pets)

  1. Princess Sela Thanks You

    We want to take a moment to thank you for having the CBD Paws product; we have searched online for a while trying to find decently priced CBD oil, and were thrilled to find someone relatively nearby to get it from (we’re in Austin). We have a ferret with insulinoma and the Paws CBD oil has definitely helped her to feel better and has kept her seizures under better control. Thank you!

  2. My Cat is Doing Better

    I give 15 drops a day to my cat who is 13 years old. Previously, he wouldn’t hardly get up beyond going to eat and go to his litter box. But, now he actually chases string when I play with him and he has gotten back to loving his catnip ball. I think this CBD has given him life again.

  3. Beliver

    On my second bottle, my dog is happy and upbeat. I will be ordering this for my dog for the rest of his life. Wish I would have found this sooner. Thank you

  4. Self

    I use this for my 13 year old German Shepard. His arthritis is horrible. This helps his pain. He can still climb the stairs.

  5. mrs

    Although my dog Cleo has only been on the CBD oil for a couple of weeks I see a big improvement in her arthritis. She is much more active and she’s not limping so bad and I’m thrilled with fact she is getting back to the crazy active dog she was. I will be a return customer for sure!

  6. Great customer service and price, but didn’t work for us

    My little dog has anxiety issues and severe arthritis. She will be 14 years old in a few months. We started with the suggested dose and went up to 15 drops every day (I was not comfortable with doing more than that, given the lack of safety information). We used the whole bottle and unfortunately we did not observe any improvement in regards to her comfort level with this product. However, I will say I appreciate the excellent customer service we experienced with this company, and no other company that we researched had a better price than this. I hope more people have better results than we did. Just like any other therapy, it doesn’t work the same for everyone unfortunately.

  7. Love this product!

    I recently purchased this product, and have been using it on both of my dogs for about 3 weeks now. They are both older, 10 and 20lbs, and they both have several medical issues. One has severe anxiety and could never sleep through nights, while the other recently began developing weekly and sometimes twice-a-week seizures (result of a HORRIBLE experience with the flea medication, COMFORTIS— DO NOT USE!!! Resulted in over a year’s worth of seizures with no end in sight!!). Her vet, of course, prescribed an anti-seizure medication, but the side-effects include lasting liver damage, among other serious damages. I couldn’t bear to trade “one evil for another.” At the suggestion of a friend, I looked into CBD therapy for both of my dogs’ ailments. After extensive research, it seemed like a great solution to the issues I was facing with my pups! I decided to go with Highland Pharms based on their use of USA-grown cannabis, their commitment to all-natural ingredients, as well as their inclusion of other cannabis extracts that enhance the effects of the CBD. I have not been disappointed! Since starting on this product, my anxious dog has seen incredible improvement, and is now sleeping through nights. The other hasn’t had a single seizure since we started treatment. They’re like brand-new pups!! As they’re small, and because I want to ensure continuous CBD flow, especially for the dog with seizures, I give them 4-5 drops in the morning, and 4-5 drops at night. This seems to work best for them, and I give it by mouth, rather than on their paws (this seemed a little too intense for them, though I hear it works great for other dogs). I strongly recommend this product, and have been telling all of my friends with pets about it! It takes about a week or two to see the results really kick in, so don’t get impatient– but it’s worth it, especially if it helps you to avoid putting your dog on other, harmful medications. Here’s to healthy, happy pets! Thank you, Highland Pharms!

  8. Wonderful oil

    My dog and I both used this oil and it is wonderful!!! Thanks!

  9. Miss

    Great product. I had been buying cbd from another website. They no longer have cbd for pets. Through a Google search I found this product. Cbd has saved my black lab’s life. The vet said he would live another 3 months. He is a diabetic, who is blind and has glaucoma. A year and a half later he is still a happy dog. He’s 12 years old.

  10. Small dogs

    Using on small, 25 – 35 lb, older dogs. Definitely improved appetites, they seem to be more lively.

  11. So grateful!

    Has greatly improved my liittle 12yr old dogs life. I will be a lifetime customer!

  12. m

    I bought this product for my 2 dogs. The 12 yo shepard/lab mix has had trouble getting up the stairs for several years (did the bunny hop with her back legs.) After only 1 week she is able to use her back legs separately going up! I had hoped it would help our 2 yo doby/pit mix with her anxiety but haven’t seen the calming effect hoped for yet. The energy level in our older girl is amazing. So happy to have found your product!

  13. Very pleased!

    My 65lb bully mix started having head tremors and one dose a day has stopped them in its tracks! Thank you!

  14. Calms my Dog

    I have a 10 lb Chihuahua and at night sometimes she does not want to calm down and go to sleep! She gets her treats,we play some then it’s time for bed…….I put 2 drops of PAWSPlus Hemp Oil on a dog treat,within 15 to 20 mins she calmed down and went to sleep. I will use this when she goes to grooming for a toenail grinding,as she gets stressed.

  15. Pet Parent

    Since we started giving our 11 year old dog hemp oil drops, her seizures have decreased from 3 a day to 1 in three months! I highly recommend this product!

  16. Dog owner

    My dog is doing very well, still has some problems but it’s only because he has canine degenerative myelopathy that has no cure. So I am reaching out to to the Hemp oil to help relax him and keep up his spirit up.

  17. Excellent product

    This product eliminated my dog’s seizures. I am so happy to not have to give him phenobarbital anymore. I highly recommend this product.

  18. Mr

    Have an 11 year old German shepherd. Been using for a couple of weeks now twice a day and haven’t seen any improvements. Was only doing once a day and then upped dosage because of size. Won’t buy again

  19. Prozac replacemement

    My wife and I adopted a 4 year old Hound/Lab mix that was on Prozac for behavioral problems. We heard about Highland Pharms through a co-worker who had put her dog on CBD drops and was happy with the results. We slowly cut back the daily dosage of Prozac and over the course of a week had eliminated it completely and replaced it with the drops. No issues so far and she is sleeping much more peacefully.

  20. Safe and rapid remedy

    This product is amazing! My dog was not feeling well (GI Upset and anxiety) after a busy weekend of being out and about and some bad food she had). She had diarrhea and stomach ache. I gave her some of the oil and immediately her heart rate decreased to normal and panting stopped and she was relaxed. She healed quickly after that. I will definetely use this when we travel (real reason I bought it)). Thank you! I am grateful for your company and product to help my special little gift from God.

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