E. HEMP Plus Vaporizer Oil – 10ml/165mg CBD

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Each 10ml bottle has 165mg of CBD, Plus there’s even more than that. Our products are made with our Full Spectrum Cannabinoid Extract which means, in addition to cannabidiol (CBD), you’re getting CBC, CBCA, CBG, CBGA, CBDA and with only the trace amount of any THC so there is no ‘high’ or grogginess.


HEMP Plus Vaporizer Oil – 10ml/165mg! Free Shipping All U.S. Orders!

This has been described as being one of the Richest, yet smoothest vape oils available. Highland Pharms HEMP Plus Vaporizer Oil is made with the same great CBD Hemp Extract used in all of the Highland Pharms HEMP Plus products. Our ejuice/vaporizer oil DOES NOT include any Propylene Glycol (PG). We use ONLY all natural Vegetable Glycerine (VG). So our oil is 100% Pure and Natural!

Ingredients (10ml):
  • Vegetable Glycerin
  • CBD Hemp Extract
  • All Natural Flavoring
  • Organic Polysorbate 80 (emulsifier)

ALSO, we are EXTREMELY PROUD to announce our ejuice/vaporizer oil is made with Hemp extract from Ultra High Grade Hemp grown at a Boutique Hemp Farm. Most other brands use hemp oil extract from Industrial Grade Hemp that is grown and processed overseas. Ours is 100% Organically-Grown!

Each 10ml bottle has 165mg of CBD, Plus there’s even more than that. Our products are made with our Full Spectrum Cannabinoid Extract which means, in addition to cannabidiol (CBD), you’re getting CBC, CBCA, CBG, CBGA, CBDA and with only the trace amount of any THC so there is no ‘high’ or grogginess.

NOW AVAILABLE IN 3 FLAVORS: MINT and our Original STRAWBERRY as well as NATURAL (unflavored)!

This is a 0/100 PG/VG base infused with our Ultra Rich CBD Hemp Extract and a wonderful All-Natural Flavor! Its not a fake sweetener flavor. Our customers find this to be the best cbd vape oil for sale.

Order this once and you’ll see why its our most re-ordered item.

Highland Pharms Hemp Plus Vape Oil For Sale – 10ml FREE SHIPPING!

8 reviews for E. HEMP Plus Vaporizer Oil – 10ml/165mg CBD

  1. The Best

    I have tried several cbd vape oils over the past few months. NOTHING compares to this one. Truly the best tasting and it does the best for my pain. These guys REALLY know what they’re doing!

  2. Works for my Fibro

    I read the previous person’s review and am sorry they don’t get relief from this ejuice. For me, though, it works very well. In fact, I first bought the smaller bottle and am almost out. I am back today to get the larger bottle. I know many people find cbd helps and some people don’t. I know how bad fibro can be and I wish it worked for everyone. I am glad I have been able to find natural help with this and I wish everyone the chance to find their help.

  3. wish it were stronger…but…

    I went from being a smoker to a vaper bc I wanted to try to quit nicotine and it has been a long road… until I found highland pharms while researching what I could try to help my fibromyalgia symptoms. I purchased the vape juice and suddenly realized that it’s been over a week since I last used nicotine ejuice and my fibro fog had started to be less “dense ” lol and I have been able to sleep slightly better. I only wish that it was stronger so I could test weather it would help my pain levels.

  4. It does it

    I have used different brands thru my time and only this CBD vape oil last more than a day so I will purchase Highland’s again…May be a dollar more but the 10ml. will last eight days longer than their twelve ml. bottle which doesn’t do much compared to HighlandPharm

  5. Vape Oil

    I have tried 3 different CBD products for my multiple symptoms – severe fibromyalgia, chronic migraine, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, severe lumbar spasms, RLS and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. This one definitely has been helpful, as has the drops. It is taking time, but I am seeing a difference – I still need my prescriptions, but not to the extent I was needing them; especially for the migraines.

  6. Owner of smoke shop

    Excellent product these and the cbd300 & cbd180. We have tried both mint and strawberry the two original flavors and my customers keep coming back for more. The taste is much better than other brands. And I truly mean it. Thank you highland Pharms for truly helping those in need. This has cured epilepsy, pain & much more for my clients & I have seen it first handed as well as tested products myself. Phenomenal line of products you guys are going to blow up in no time. Can’t wait to grow our business together. Thanks again. I usually don’t do reviews but I will for this since it is truly a life saver.

  7. Adrenoleukodystrophy/Addisons Disease Patient

    Having a strong background in Neuro/psychopharmacology has not only enabled me to comprehend this disease as it relates to these awe inspiring molecules but to find relief from an orphan disease, for which 100’s of pharmaceutical medications failed. I’m happy to say that several other afflicted members have found relief as well, mainly with spasticity, neuropathy and overall tranquility. I am happy to say that I have regained function in my legs with reduction in fasciculations and neuropathic idiopathies. Lastly and most critical is the blessing to see how the modulating effects of these steroid like compounds have decreased my dependence on Cortisol. Thank you Elliot for all of your help and guidance. Yes, the oil works wonders!

  8. This has been a miracle for me

    I use this oil in conjunction with the FX Chill for my General Anxiety Disorder. As of writing this, I have been on CBD for about a month. NO DRUG I took EVER worked this well, not Paxil, not Zoloft, and no side effects. My regimen with this is 3 drops of the FX Chill sublingually in the morning, and then I vape the E. Hemp Plus 165 a little in the evenings. I combine it in the vape pen with a couple drops of high quality essential oils (Roman Chamomile and Lemon Balm oils) it’s my wind down before bed. Now that it seems to be built up in my system (got more effective over the course of 3 weeks) I may try 1 or 2 drops in the morning instead and see if that works as well. This is huge for me and I have been telling several friends with anxiety or pain issues to try this! Thank you guys, you have really changed my life.

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