J. CHILL – FX CBD Vape Oil – 500mg-1500mg CBD

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Anxiety. Nervousness. Seizures. Chill has an incredible 500mg of CBD per 10ml of vape oil! This means 1000mg in a 20ml bottle and 1500mg in a 30ml bottle. But, additionally, what makes this juice so perfect for someone with anxiety issues is Linalool.


Chill FX CBD Vape Oil from Highland Pharms

CHILL is for Enhanced Relaxation and Anxiety Relief*

Great as a Vaporizer Oil – OR – as Oral Drops. (If taken orally, for best results put under the tongue for about 90 seconds, then swallow.)

Anxiety. Nervousness. Seizures. Chill has an incredible 500mg of CBD per 10ml of vape oil! This means 1500mg in a 30ml bottle. But, additionally, what makes this juice so perfect for someone with anxiety issues is Linalool. Linalool is a terpene that has been added to Chill. And, Linalool is known to be good as an Anti-Anxiety, Sedative and Pain Relieving plant compound. Terpenes are already found naturally in our vape oil. But, in our FX line, we’ve added a noticeable amount more of particular terpenes to give the e-juices (vape oils) their enhanced effects.

And, for the high concentration of CBD, we have to let you do your own research as to what some people have found with using CBD for their anxiety and seizures. The FDA does not allow us to provide you with any input. But, we CAN say that we have a number of customers with Anxiety issues who regularly purchase CBD products from us. We have to let you interpret what that means.

We do not add any flavoring to our FX line of vape juice as we believe it should be all the healthy goodness you want, without anything unnecessary added! While there is a hint of natural plant flavoring from the hemp extract that is present, the main flavor and aroma of CHILL is derived from the terpene: Linalool. The flavor has been described as: Floral and Candied Spice. Its light, but still very present.

  • 10ml Bottle has Approx 175 drops – 500mg of CBD
  • 30ml Bottle has Approx 525 drops – 1500mg of CBD

Each Drop has approx 3mg of CBD

100% All Natural

Ingredients include (10ml or 30ml size):
  • Vegetable Glycerin (NO PROPYLENE GLYCOL EVER!)
  • Hemp Oil Extract
  • Terpenes
  • Organic Emulsifier (keeps CBD evenly distributed)

(Please Note: Due to the High Concentration of CBD and thickness of the oil, you will need to have a vaporizer pen that can handle thicker juices. We recommend the EGO-C Twist with variable voltage as the ideal battery along with the Aspire Nautilus X as the ideal vape oil tank, both of which can be purchased elsewhere)

The Flavor – Aroma Profile:
  • Chill – Floral, Spicy

FX CBD Vape Oil is the ONLY Highly Concentrated CBD Vape Oil Infused with Terpenes for Added Effects!

FX CBD Vape Oil from Highland Pharms
* This statement has not been verified by the FDA. This product/info is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any health condition. Consult your doctor before using.

5 reviews for J. CHILL – FX CBD Vape Oil – 500mg-1500mg CBD

  1. Anxiety Gone

    I wasn’t sure what to expect when i ordered this, but knew that CBD typically helps my anxiety, which can be overwhelming at times. This stuff, though, is amazing! I’m guessing the super high amount of CBD is part of the solution, but I also believe the terpenes helped too. The flavor is light, pretty agreeable. But, man does this stuff calm me down almost instantly! Got it very quickly too. Thank you very much for this wonderful vape oil.

  2. Made be a Believer

    I had heard people having great results with CBD oil. After a great deal of research, I chose Highland Pharms due to their commitment to producing effective medical product and use of only US grown hemp. Transparency and availability of independent lab testing increased my confidence in the product I was purchasing. I was not disappointed. After a week of using the Chill Fx Vape Oil, I am a believer. I have used a variety of pharmaceutical solutions for PTSD and the associated anxiety, attention, and sleep issues over the years and have become increasingly dissalousioned with the limited benefits and compounding side effects. Despite only having used for one week so far and still tinkering my optimal daily dosage and how to properly use supplemental doses for acute symptom management, the early benefits are astounding. Supplementing with 3 drops of “focus” terepenes during the day, I have been able to cut my adderall dosage in half while improving my ability to attenuate my focus and reducing the negative impact that drug has on my BP and heart rate. I have had 3 nights of full restful sleep without the use of lunesta (It has been decades since I have achieved 7+ hours of rejuvenated sleep without pharmaceuticals). I have awoken truely rested and without the sleeing aid induced haze the next morning. The calming of the hypervigilance that was ever present has significantly reduced (most days eliminated) the muscle tension and pain throughout my body. Finally, though I am still working on how to properly use to address triggers and high anxiety episodes throughout the day (considering adding thd cbd 750 wax crumble as needed for accute symptom management) it is clear that the cbd is mitigating the intensity and time of those episodes, making it easier to stay present and decrease the intensity of the neurological response that have so often overwhelmed me. I can’t wait to see how my experience changes once I accurately titrate my dosage needs. I was admittedly suspicious and didn’t have high expectations when I placed my order. Highland Pharms has made me a believer.

  3. Calming!

    I feel calmness come over me as soon as I start vaping this oil. Highly recommend! It has a citrusy, piney taste… not bad at all. I add 4 or 5 drops to 2-3ml of my regular juice and vape when I need some relaxation and calmness.

  4. This has been a miracle for me

    I use this oil in conjunction with the E. Hemp Plus 165 for my General Anxiety Disorder. As of writing this, I have been on CBD for about a month. NO DRUG I took EVER worked this well, not Paxil, not Zoloft, and no side effects. My regimen with this is 3 drops of the FX Chill sublingually in the morning, and then I vape the E. Hemp Plus 165 a little in the evenings. I combine it in the vape pen with a couple drops of high quality essential oils (Roman Chamomile and Lemon Balm oils) it’s my wind down before bed. Now that it seems to be built up in my system (got more effective over the course of 3 weeks) I may try 1 or 2 drops in the morning instead and see if that works as well. This is huge for me and I have been telling several friends with anxiety or pain issues to try this! Thank you guys, you have really changed my life.

  5. Miraculous

    After a week of using this product and figuring out the right dosage for me, I am now a believer of CBD and it’s therapeutic effects on the body and mind. Not only does it aid with my PTSD but it helps tremendously with my involuntary body spasms. Although this is my second time trying CBD. I will surely be purchasing more products such as this one in the future!

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