K. ULTRA-PLUS Hemp Drops 6000mg CBD

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This is essentially the same product as our other bottles of CBD Drops. This is just more concentrated and a larger bottle. Each drop in this bottle will have approx 3mg of CBD per drop -AND- this bottle will have 100ml of content (approx 2000 drops) while our other bottles only have 25ml of content (approx 500 drops).


Highland Pharms ULTRA-PLUS Hemp Drops – 6000mg CBD



Why “PLUS” in the name? Because as with all Highland Pharms products, its not just about the CBD. Its about the full spectrum of cannabinoids. Its about the terpenes, the phytonutrients and everything that Mother Nature put in there. In Summary: its about the CBD-Plus……

This is essentially the same product as our other bottles of CBD Drops. This is just more concentrated and a larger bottle. Each drop in this bottle will have approx 3mg of CBD per drop -AND- this bottle will have 100ml of content (approx 2000 drops) while our other bottles only have 25ml of content (approx 500 drops).

So, this is 4 times the number of drops. (NOTE: the bottle is intentionally not full. We only put in 100ml of liquid so mathematically its easy to figure out how many milligrams of CBD per drop)

Our highest concentration of CBD Hemp Oil Drops. This formula packs 6000mg of CBD into a 4 ounce bottle. 10 drops equals approx 30mg of CBD (each drop has approx 3mg of CBD).

Knowing this, you can adjust the actual amount you take so that you get the number of milligrams of CBD you need for your situation.

Read below about the high quality Full Spectrum Cannabinoids we infuse into our products. But, there’s even more exciting info to point out: We are proud to announce that our hemp oil drops get their CBD from extract of hemp grown by a Boutique Hemp Farm who grows only Ultra High Grade Hemp Plants.

Most other brands use Industrial Grade Hemp grown “somewhere” overseas. Our line of products is truly The Best of The Best!

Our CBD Hemp Oil extract is in MCT Oil (Medium Chain Triglycerides Oil) extracted from coconut for a better, smoother All Natural Mint flavor!

Ingredients (100ml):
  • MCT Oil from Coconut
  • Hemp Extract (containing CBD and cannabinoids)
  • Natural Flavoring (not included in Natural Flavor Formula)

ULTRA-PLUS Hemp Drops is definitely one of our Best Buys. The cost per milligram of CBD is just under 5.8 cents. You will be hard pressed to find any CBD Oil Drops being sold at this price per milligram. And, if you do, chances are the quality is NOT the same.

The video below talks about our other 3 sizes, but the facts are still basically the same except as how they apply to the amount/concentration.

All Highland Pharms CBD products are infused with CBD Hemp Extract that isn’t “just CBD”. Our extract is a Full Spectrum of Cannabinoids extract. This means, in addition to cannabidiol, or CBD, it includes CBDA, CBC, CBCA, CBG, CBGA and only trace amounts of any THC, so you will NOT feel any ‘high’ or grogginess.

With Highland Pharms, you get All the CBD Goodness – Without the THC High

All of the CBD Extract used in the Highland Pharms CBD products is extracted using the gentlest extraction method: SuperCritical CO2 Extraction. This method prevents the damaging heat that destroys the effectiveness of cannabidiol (CBD). It costs more to do it this way, but it delivers an Ultra Rich and Pure CBD Extract for our products. Our company and your body is worth it.

We’re not able to make any health claims as to what CBD can do for you. But, we can tell you what we take it for. One of our business partners takes this product, 10 drops in the morning and 10 drops in the evening for a pinched nerve which causes Chronic Back Pain.

And, our other business partner takes these CBD Oil Drops for his metastatic colon cancer. We obviously believe in our products.

ULTRA-PLUS is a very intense and Ultra Rich formula. It is generally taken by putting a few drops onto a spoon and putting that into the mouth. After 60-90 seconds under the tongue, the drops are then swallowed. However, you can take these by putting them into juices or smoothies or however you wish to take it.

The natural flavor is rather “hempy”, which is why we’ve lightly flavored it with a natural mint flavoring. The “hempiness” is due to all the natural elements of the hemp plant still present in the extract. This is what makes it so well rounded.

Highland Pharms ULTRA-PLUS Hemp Drops – 6000mg CBD

9 reviews for K. ULTRA-PLUS Hemp Drops 6000mg CBD

  1. Mr.

    Initially, I viewed the 6000mg ultra-plus drops as a very cost effective way to buy the CBD oil. I have been using the 500mg vape/drops under tongue and combining the 495 vape solution to achieve an approximate aggregate total of 10mg per day which worked well for me. In a previous review of the 495 vape solution I told how I was able to ditch my cane because of the relief of pain in my knee and hip. For me, that was enough of a victory. So when I purchased the ultra-plus hemp drops purely from a savings standpoint, my goal was to match the total mg/day I was used to and save some cash. But I had this huge bottle with 2000 drops in it and decided to do 2drops in the morning and 2 drops at night with vaping cut back a little because I enjoy the vaping. I now do a total of approximately 14mg a day. Being diabetic, I closely monitor my blood pressure and I have had short circuits in my nervous system that send shocking pains from various points to nowhere. They hurt like hell for a brief second. I also had to put a pain relieving cream on my feet every day to help with the burning pain associated with neuropathy. I say “had” because I don’t experience any of that any more. I even started reducing the gabbapentin medication used to help the severe itching in my legs because they have cleared up completely. The only thing different in my routine is the addition of Highland Pharms CBD oil in my system. I am fortunate to have found a full spectrum oil of excellent quality. There are many out there not worth mentioning. I have found this product works well for me in my current dose. Please don’t think that more is better when figuring what works for you. Start slow.

  2. WORKS!

    I just bought my second bottle and let me tell you, if you are in pain and can’t find anything to work, this might just be what you need. I was at my wit’s end in the middle of the night and ordered some. HOLY COW! IT WORKED IMMEDIATELY. I have been on pain medications for years and my pain was a 10. I couldn’t even get out of bed anymore. The first day after taking, I was up and moving. A couple of days later, I was out the door shopping! It tastes horrible, but who cares????? IT IS WORTH THE CHANCE if you feel like I used to.

  3. Highly Efficient CBD Dose

    After much research, we found these very high potency CBD oil drops. We could find nothing stronger on the market. My wife is dealing with a degenerative neurological condition, so we are praying this helps her. The drops do not taste bad and are easy to consume.

  4. mrs

    This product is great. I can tell its more potent than the 1250 mg bottle. I did notice I need less dops of oil as it made me a bit sleepy, but I am gradually building up to taking my full dose within the next few weeks. For anyone wondering, I take this to prevent seizures and to decrease my anxiety. Thank you! P.S. I signed the petition to keep CBD oils and extracts legal.

  5. purchaser

    Spendy but worth every penny. Am going thru chemo & the product does a good job of relaxing me & relieving pain which may or may not be related got the cancer. Helps with digestion too. Will definitely re-purchase Thanks for a quality CBD oil

  6. Review

    I’ve purchased the K. Ultra-Plus Hemp Drops 6k. Sounds like a computer video graphics card. Non the less, I’ve been using the 6k. My experience so far, seems a placebo; now I’m not knocking the product, and reading previous reviews, but for me, doesn’t affect me in any way. I’ve been diagnosed with Depression, Anxiety for beginners; don’t care to divulge the rest. I was looking for something to take place, or at least help decrease some of my meds, but unfortunately stuck as a number for big pharms to take Rx. Of course, not expecting a thc high when I purchased, but don’t feel good as others taking this. Again, my personal experience, and glad this product helps others.

  7. Mrs

    So far so good. I have been taking it for about a week and it seems to help. I think the higher dose is what I needed all the long. Great product!

  8. Mr

    Good product but it would be better without the MCT Oil (Medium Chain Triglycerides Oil) and the mint flavor.

  9. Another Great Product!

    This product is excellent. I know that no claims are made by the company, but in my experience, shortly after I started using their CBD products, my chronic pain and inflammation vanished. Not ebbed, but vanished. I had shoulder pain from a skiiing accident eight years ago, and while treatment was “successful” from a medical/orthopedic perspective, the pain lingered and would vary with arm position, especially when I was trying to sleep. That is no longer an issue for me because of this product. Shipping is fast, packaging is excellent, and the products are the highest quality I’ve found. Do not hesitate to become their customer!

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