Role Of CBD – Cannabidiol in Immunosuppression

CBD ImmunosupressionA malfunctioning immune system has a myriad of medical conditions some of which can turn out to be very serious. While a suppressed immune system may put an individual at the verge of catching a cold, fever, or any bacterial or viral disease sooner than a healthy individual, over dominance of the immune system can turn out to be catastrophic as well.

For instance, autoimmunity is a concept in which the immune system starts to damage the cells and tissues inside the body itself. There is a wide range of clinically identified autoimmune diseases, a few of which turn out to be fatal in extreme cases as well.

Over dominance of the immune system

The concept of autoimmunity is specifically accentuated in the patients of transplantation. While organ transplant can be considered as the last resort for patients with malfunctioning organs, autoimmunity or an over dominance of the immune system against the transplanted organ begins to damage it ultimately leading to its failure to produce the desired outcome.

Taking into consideration such medical conditions, it won’t be wrong to claim that a drug with a capacity to produce immunosuppression can turn out to be very effective for patients who have been a victim of autoimmunity, hypersensitivity, or have gone through organ transplantation.

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Cannabinoids as immunosuppression

But how would you like to know that nature already has it covered for you? CBD as an ingredient of hemp or marijuana has been identified as a source of immunosuppression which can help a great deal under the aforementioned medical conditions related to the malfunctioning immune system.

Cannabinoids which are an active ingredient of the Cannabis plant specifically the Delta 9 Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) has been found effective in producing immunosuppression in the patient. CBD derived drugs, therefore, can provide an effective cure for the patients of autoimmunity or hypersensitivity in the years to come.

More research on Cannabinoids

It has been further accentuated in the research that the role of CBD or its constituent THC in immunosuppression is primarily because of its targeted action on a special type of immune cell that has recently been discovered and is known as the Myeloid-derived suppressor cell, MDSC.

While the majority of the immune cells have a role in stimulating the immune response, this unique type of immune cell causes a suppression of the immune response.

Once these cells are accumulated or stimulated inside the body, they can effectively fight against the over dominance of the immune system especially in the patients with organ transplant.

In the light of the information mentioned above, it won’t be wrong to conclude that CBD has been proven to have an impact against the over dominance of the immune response inside the body.

In a case of autoimmunity, hypersensitivity, or even organ transplant, CBD derived drugs can turn out to be a remarkable option for the patients to avoid organ rejection.

While the government approval is still pending regarding the Cannabis-derived drugs, the prospects certainly appear to be fair which point towards a higher probability of CBD getting the government approval to be used as a medicine.

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