Role of Hydroponics in Hemp Market Growth: Advantages and Recent Trends

Role of Hydroponics in Hemp Market Growth

The increasing demand for CBD is inclining hemp cultivation towards hydroponic equipment. There is no doubt that the cannabis industry, in general, will be one of the larger new sectors in the modern world as we know it. However, with the increased popularity of CBD comes the fear of being exposed to low-grade strains of cannabis. Good quality, potent CBD capsules are derived from either marijuana or hemp plants. As such, with heightened regulations such as GACP and hemp becoming a key focus, the adoption rates of hydroponic farming systems are estimated to rise sharply.

Hydroponics 101

While the term is relatively new, the growing technique used in hydroponics cultivation goes as far as the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

Hydroponics is a soilless crop cultivation method that uses water, nutrients solutions, and a growing medium. It also involves a controlled environmental condition, making it more energy-intensive yet more productive than conventional agriculture. A hydroponic can be either indoors or outdoors.

Hydroponic Cultivation Technology for Hemp

Hydroponic Cultivation Technology for Hemp

While sun-grown cannabis in soil is the traditional part of the industry, it is an approach that hinders hemp production in specific areas. Indoor cultivation has allowed the production of cannabis in many parts of the world that could not otherwise sustain such crops.

Hydroponic cultivation for hemp has significantly impacted obtaining the highest quality product through total control of the production process.

What Are the Advantages of This System?

This growing method brings with it some significant advantages over traditional growing methods. If you are still on the fence about whether hydroponic hemp cultivation is beneficial, here are some key benefits of this growing method.

1.    Higher Quality Without Ideal Conditions

One of the most significant advantages of growing hydroponic is that it allows high-quality hemp production, even without the ideal outdoor environmental conditions. With hydro technology getting cheaper and more accessible every day, more growers can produce extremely high-quality hemp plants through domestic productions.

2.    Higher Yield

Higher Yield

Compared to traditional soil-based hemp cultivation, a hydroponic production often allows higher crop yields from smaller areas. This is because the plant roots require less space than they would with soil since they can obtain all the nutrients they need in a small space.

A hydroponic cultivation system allows you to create a particular environment where you can provide the exact amount of nutrients and water to help your crop flourish.

In most hydroponic farms, the density of the plant is only limited by the availability of light. With ideal conditions, you increase the speed and strength at which your cannabis plants will grow, allowing you to harvest as many as six times a year.

3.    Total Control Over Your Environment

Everything from nutrient content and nutrient application timing can be adjusted to suit your crop’s specific needs in a hydroponic system. 

Every grower knows that cultivating an excellent herb takes great skills and knowledge. Hemp requires just the right care and environment to flourish. Instead of battling elements in outdoor growing conditions, hydroponic cultivation allows you to easily regulate your crops’ growing conditions with nutrients received by the plant, depending entirely on your input.

You also have more control over your crop’s vegetative and flowering stages, one of the method’s biggest blessings.

4.    No Soil!

No Soil

Another considerable advantage of hydroponic farming is that you don’t have to deal with soil anymore. This zero-soil required method not only means a clean growing environment but also provides a more direct and precise method of delivering water, nutrients, and oxygen to your plant’s roots.

In soil growing, your crops have to fight through material and potentially harmful organisms and even work harder to extract their nutrients. Zero soil growing gives you precise nutritional control, and your crops can inhale everything they need without having to work for it.

 This easy situation around the root zone promotes faster growth, healthier plants, and even larger buds.

5.    Save Time and Space

Want to grow cannabis but short on space? Hydroponics allows you to cultivate your crop in an ideal growing environment, even in a small area. To top it off, hydroponics compactly delivers water, oxygen, and nutrients directly to each plant; hence each plant requires significantly less space to thrive than with a soil grow.

This means you can effectively grow many plants more effectively, whether in your walk-in closet or a large warehouse. The only limitation to your number of plants is the strength and availability of light.

6.    Easier to Control Diseases and Pests

Some pests and diseases can affect your crop, and it doesn’t take long for them to do some real damage. In addition to this, hemp plants are susceptible to soil-borne diseases. Using a hydroponic cultivation system gives you a better vantage point to monitor your plants more often and thoroughly.

Also, there are usually fewer or no pesticide applications when using a hydroponic cultivation system. This is because soil-borne pests and diseases are reduced under zero-spoil productions. Outdoor crops must rely on pesticides and herbicides for optimum yield.

Hemp and Hydroponics – Current Trends

Hemp and Hydroponics

In the industrial hemp farming industry, growers are now switching to hydroponic cultivation over traditional growing practices.

Besides providing great options for hemp cultivation, the future of hydroponics offers excellent potential for future investments. Agri-tech companies have successfully tapped into serving both the hydroponic and the explosive cannabis industry as they see potential in combining the two sectors.

The benefits of combining the two ushers in a new era of unspoken excitement with an agricultural revolution that has hit an exciting new reset in the cannabis industry. Hydroponics may be the future of hemp cultivation, not just in western countries but worldwide.

Final Thoughts

Hemp plants grown using hydroponics can be grown and harvested multiple times throughout the year thanks to an indoor farming unit’s interior conditions.

Although the model presents in many different forms and systems, water filled with nutrients is the primary medium your crop needs to survive and thrive. It might seem scary at first to an observer, but a hydroponic setup is advantageous, and the intense input pays off with rapid time growths and considerably larger yields.


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