The most uses of CBD – Why do People use CBD?

Why do People use CBDIn this Article we talk about why people uses CBD. So less about studies on a possible therapeutic use of CBD, but for what reason most people use it. What is the purpose of using CBD and why do people use it. This is an important topic, because CBD is often claimed to be useful for a huge amount of things. And it is said that it’s useful for epilepsy, that’s useful for pain, that it has been shown to be an antioxidant, that it can be anti-cancer.

All of these things are based off the studies that have been done with CBD. So indeed there have been many studies done on a variety of applications for CBD, where it has shown itself to be very useful.

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But the actual uses of CBD we have found can be isolated to a few main uses. And then we’ll get to some other uses that people can consider as well.

For what people most often use CBD

  • Pain: The number one use we see is for pain. People that are either using a CBD Concentrate, a topical or taking a CBD tinctures sublingually or a capsule orally. And they’re using it for pain, if they want to find something like an opiate free or an alternative to painkillers.
  • Anxiety: The other reason we see is, that a lot of people use CBD for anxiety. It seems to be very powerful for certain people, not for everybody but for many people, they have found it to be very useful for anxiety.
  • Inflammation: And with pain we didn’t mention inflammation. So of course, whenever there’s inflammation there’s more of a chance that there will be pain too. And CBD has shown itself most prominently to be a potent anti-inflammatory. So people are definitely using it for any kind of inflammation.
  • Epilepsy & Seizures: Also, CBD has been shown to be an effective anti-seizure and antiepileptic drug. And people are definitely using it for epilepsy. Especially for intractable epilepsy, which is epilepsy that is not responding well to other treatments. We always recommend, that if people want to use CBD for epilepsy that they take that very seriously. Because of things like drug interactions and we recommend that you use it under the supervision of a doctor.

Other things for what people use CBD

As far as other uses of CBD we’ve heard of (besides Studies and the most prominent uses), it being helpful in a variety of other things that maybe people aren’t thinking of.

  • We’ve heard of people using it for hemorrhoids.
  • We’ve heard of people using it for a cut on their finger and they put the balm on it, or for gingivitis or injury so that it’ll heal faster.
  • We’ve heard of people using it for diabetes to lower their HBA1Cc or their blood sugar.

These are all indeed useful interesting things that CBD may be able to do. And we think that, if you have some kind of a condition, which perhaps is not responding to conventional treatment, you should consider CBD. But with one caveat. You should do it carefully. If you’re using other medications you need to be aware of CBD drug interactions. And you should always check with your doctor before taking something like CBD.

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CBD is safe for experimenting

cannabidiol-cbd-oilThe benefit though is, that CBD is generally pretty safe and it’s okay for experimentation. So if you have something that is not responding to conventional treatment or you don’t like the conventional treatment because of perhaps some kind of side effects, then we would be say you could try CBD.

A perfect example of this would be someone who has insomnia. Whether it is anxiety or pain related but they can’t sleep. And perhaps they were using a sleep aid, something like an Ambien or something like a prescription sleep aid that is very strong. If you want try using CBD for sleep in a higher dose, something like 30 to 40 milligrams and up of CBD. See if it would help you with your sleep as an alternative to a prescription medication that maybe you don’t like because of its side effects.

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Consult a doctor if you would like to treat yourself with CBD

Again, as we always say, you should do this with doctor’s supervision. Preferably a doctor who is knowledgeable or at least knows or is aware of CBD and what it is. The more people that use it the more doctors are going to find out about it. We always ask doctors if they know what it is.

So the more it gets into the mainstream, the more people are going to find out about it. And it’ll be much easier for us to not have to worry as much about the doctors are saying, well i don’t know what that is, it’s not FDS-approved, you can’t use it. But that’s a very limited mindset and point of view. Because it can really help a lot of people.

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Some of the main reasons that people are using CBD for are inflammation and pain, epilepsy and seizures and anxiety and mood problems. These seems to be some of the places where it really shines. But there’s a lot of random other medical situations where CBD has shown itself to be effective. But we just need more data before we can say definitely it works for that.

Is there something that you use CBD for that it’s kind of obscure or you haven’t heard of other people using it for or maybe something we didn’t mention? Please let us know, we’d love to hear it.

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