Tips for vaping CBD Oil for Beginners

Tips for vaping CBD Oil for Beginners

Vaping is emerging as the latest trend among the young as well as old, revolutionizing the way people smoke. From a third-person perspective, the world of vaping can seem to be overwhelming or even intimidating, especially for a beginner. If you are planning to adopt vaping CBD oil, be it for recreation or medical purposes, here are a few tips to make your transition easier:

Ascertain the optimum dosage:

Before foraying into the world of vaping CBD oil, the first task is to determine the CBD dosage that suits you. For a vaping novice, the biggest question that arises here is, What is CBD?

Well, for the ones who are unaware, CBD is a compound present in cannabis that gives it the medicinal properties.  The primary factor that you must consider while deciding the dosage is your body weight.

A majority of people believe that the heavier a person is, the more CBD oil they can handle. Apart from that, is it the severity of your condition that decides the dosage for you.

There are many health problems like acute and chronic pain where a person needs a higher dosage, while you can cure other ailments even with lesser dosage although it is always better to start with a minimum dosage of 5 mg and then increase it gradually.

Choose the right device:

Tips for vaping CBD Oil for Beginners

Once you know the right dosage, the next task is to find the right vaping device. Although the market today is brimming with all sorts of devices, it takes a keen eye to pick the right one. From a simple vape cartridge and disposable pens to the highly advanced reusable vape pens, you can choose any that fits your fancy. Here are all the options available for you:

  • Disposable pens: As the name goes, disposable CBD vape pens are easy to use and easier to dispose of. These lightweight cigarette pens can make it easier for you to get into vaping. 
  • CBD oil cartridges: The oil cartridges come with a pre-filled tank of CBD oil and have a battery attached to them.
  • CBD pods: CBD pods are identical to Oil Cartridges, except in terms of battery. They come with a JUUL battery, which allows one to switch seamlessly between CBD and nicotine.
  • Refillable CBD pens: Lastly, there are rechargeable and refillable vape pens that come with a battery and internal coil. They are long-lasting and can be an extremely cost-effective option.

Learn to operate it right:

If you are already into vaping, then transitioning to a CBD oil vape will be easy for you. But, if you have no prior experience, then you can get familiar with the basics through a manual that comes with every device.

The disposable CBD vapes are the easiest to use; for all you have to do is inhale. They don’t have any buttons so you can activate them by drawing. The other devices like a vape pen or CBD pod have a standard procedure that you can follow.

Once you have assembled the parts of your device, press the fire button five times to switch it on. Then you can long-press the same fire button and start inhaling. Initially, start with small puffs and give a gap of at least 5 minutes before you take another puff. It will help you know the effects of CBD on your body. You can then gradually increase the pace by taking bigger puffs.   

Take care of the vape:

Take care of the vape:

A vape otherwise lasts for a long time, helping you save up on a few bucks. But, if you can take good care of your vape, you can extend its life by much longer. The first thing that you must take care of is keeping it clean.

Once in every few weeks take an alcohol wipe and clean the vape’s battery terminal. It will remove the layer of debris and dust settled over time or even CBD oil spills from the vape.

The connection between the vape and the battery will improve significantly and will ensure that you get more flavors while vaping. Keeping the coil clean will add a few months to its life.

Be cautious while charging:

The battery is an essential component of a vape pen. It is responsible for producing the vapor for you to inhale; therefore it is important that you take good care of it.

Make sure that you charge the vape only with the charger that comes inside the kit. It will not only prolong the life of the battery but also reduce the chances of any faults.

Besides that, avoid leaving the vape on charging overnight, for there is a high chance of overcharging which can significantly reduce the capacity of the battery. You can charge it when it reaches 30% of the capacity to keep it running for longer.    

Keep extra batteries handy:

Keep extra batteries handy:

For beginners, it can get difficult to know how long the battery of their CBD vape will last. Imagine you are out vaping with friends and the battery runs out.

Apart from being let down, you will have to wait for hours for it to charge to take another puff. Extra batteries can be a blessing in disguise in situations like these.

If you know you are heading out for the day and will be needing your vape, keep an extra set of vape batteries in your bag. This way you will always have a backup, and the vaping will never have to stop.    

Change the coils as and when needed:

Coils can majorly impact the vaping experience, and we tend to neglect this important component. The vapor and the goodness of CBD oil that you get depends entirely upon how well your coil can function.

So, if you notice a buildup on the coil or you are getting a burnt and repulsive flavor upon inhaling, it is time to change the coil. You can buy a coil from a reputed brand and install it into your vape. Before you start using it, you can even prime the wick with CBD oil so that you don’t get any dry hits. 

Vaping CBD oil is a conscious decision that many youngsters are making. Apart from being easier on the pockets, it is also easier on your lungs and throat. So, get a high-grade CBD vape oil from and enjoy the benefits of vaping CBD juice.

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