Top 5 Cannabis Strains For You To Try In 2020

Top 5 Cannabis Strains For You To Try In 2020

We Human-race, always pop-up when it comes to devising different ways of recreational activities, and Cannabis tops the list as it revives your entire spirit in and out. Scientists have already set out to unravel the benefits of Cannabis and how it can treat various medical conditions.

You would be surprised to know how it serves us in many ways that we would not have considered before. Ever wondered how great writers created the most classic piece of artistry with their flawless imagination? Imagine an instant fix to your mental stress or creative block or medical problems- Cannabis can be the ultimate answer.

Cannabis or marijuana plants have three types of variants- Sativa, Indica, Ruderalis and Hybrids. It has two significant compounds, known as Terpenes and Cannabinoids.



Terpenes are the aromatic compound on the top layer of the plant, a crystal-shaped structure responsible for the aroma it possesses. So next time you smell a plant or a cannabis plant, in particular, you are smelling the terpenes.

Myrcene is a terpene most commonly found in Cannabis, which, when inhaled, feels very herbal, Pinene – as the name sounds, gives a pine tree like aroma, and limonene gives a lime sense of aroma.

Learn more about Terpenes in Cannabis here:



The Cannabinoids are the chemical compound of the cannabis plant, which has two popular components out of 100’s of cannabinoids present in the plant called THC and CBD. Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is a cannabis compound that gives the feeling of being high.

Contrarily, Cannabidiol or CBD is the one measuring its medical range. Sativa is a variety where the THC level is high, and CBD is low, whereas the Indica is quite the opposite, measuring high CBD level and medium THC level. One can also buy durban poison feminized seeds online in 2020 and reap out all the benefits of it.

If you are new to Cannabis, these top 5 strains are worth giving a try:

1. ACDC – Take a chill-pill, boy!

ACDC  cannabis

Interestingly, ACDC is a Sativa dominant strain, but the quantity of THC is deficient, in fact, the lowest of all strains. So, even beginners can start with this. This strain is high in CBD content compared to the THC level that gives you a sense of calmness and repose. It drives away all your mental disturbance and abnormalities and gives great relief to your mental stress like never before.

It uplifts your mood and provides relief from anxiety, pain, sleeplessness, and the after-effects of chemotherapy. One can consume it in many ways like smoking, vaporizing, edibles, or orally.

2: God’s Gift – The saint in you.

God's Gift cannabis

This God’s gift is an indica dominant strain with a vast 27% THC level. It is the potent offspring of OG Kush and Granddaddy Purple, known for its pain-relieving properties. It has an excellent flavor that most people enjoy, but the taste is similar to Granddaddy Purple with lemon and fresh citrus.

Besides, it gives a strong aroma of berries. Even though it should be intensely purple, it is covered by sparkling white crystals. The blend offers a high, unlike any other. After you smoke, you will instantly feel relaxed and calm. It is useful for those who suffer from sleep disorders, stress, and anxiety.

3: LSD- the popular one.

It is one of the most prominent strains. As for what creativity seeks, this Sativa plant, which has high THC level, plays an incredibly vital role in energizing, giving wings to one’s boundless fantasy, beyond the circle imagination and focus.

It relaxes your brain, eases your pain, and then it helps your brain to be more focused without sensing pain, opening up your creative source. It’s a hybrid of Skunk # 1 and the Indica breed, Afghan. It relieves people who have stress, depression, insomnia, and anxiety.

4: Laughing Buddha – Laughter Challenge

As the name says, even the people battling with depression can get a burst of laughter after smoking up this strain. This Sativa strain is high on THC, with less than 1% of the cannabibinoid CBD.

The strain has an aromatic diversity of scents like grapefruit, raspberry, strawberry, banana, berry, and citrus.

It is useful for those who are in the creative field like artists and writers. It serves as a boost to cognitive functions during your creative tasks. The laughing buddha strain also helps in medical conditions like stress, depression, reduced appetite, and fatigue.

5: Purple-Kush – Get Stoned

A completely sedating strain is this Indica-dominant Hybrid. This strain is suitable for those who have no work and are entirely free in the evening. It has a sweet taste and aroma. It is the Hybrid of the Hindu Kush, which is a mountain range in Afghanistan and Purple –Afghan.

This Hybrid has around 80% Indica and ranges 18% and above THC, leaving you completely high. It creates a very high euphoria effect relaxing your muscles, giving way to your imaginations.

It also aids in relieving severe conditions like arthritis or fibromyalgia and reduces chronic pain of medical patients.

Final Thoughts

Cannabis strains can be beneficial and have the potential to treat several medical conditions. However, not all cannabis strains are equal. Different cannabis strains have distinct effects and are helpful for several medical reasons. Consult an expert before you use any strain for medical purposes.

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