Top 5 Ways To Buy Peyote Cactus Seeds

Top 5 Ways To Buy Peyote Cactus Seeds

Peyote Cactus is native to Mexico and Texas. This is not a regular cactus as it has no spines, globular shape, and it’s really small. Native people have traditionally used this cactus for rituals and religious ceremonies.

This breed has “buttons” or “crowns” on top, which contain mescaline. This is a psychoactive compound that’s illegal in most countries around the world. That’s why the Peyote Cactus is also illegal in many countries and can be difficult to acquire.

But there are ways you can get it. People still use it for religious reasons but also for recreational and medical purposes. Like with many substances out there, the laws aren’t always enforced strictly, and there are loopholes people use to get Peyote seeds. Here is how.

Buy The Whole Plant Online

As we mentioned, mescaline is a psychoactive substance that’s illegal almost everywhere. However, many countries don’t control natural sources that have this compound. For example, the EU allows growing Peyote cactus even though mescaline is banned.

At the moment, the only countries where Peyote is legal are Canada, Ukraine, and the Netherlands. Simply put, if you live in these countries, you can buy the whole plant online without any worries. A lot of people from different countries order from suppliers in these three countries.

How? Some countries regulate selling Peyote and consumption, but your package won’t be prevented from entering the country. You aren’t technically doing either of the two, and you can get a free pass. They use these whole plants to source seed and grow their own without anyone knowing.

Buy Seeds Online

Buy Seeds Online

Similarly to plants, you can purchase top quality Peyote cactus seeds in all countries where it’s legal. But there are many other countries where Peyote cactus seeds are decriminalized. In most cases, this means that you can’t sell or buy plants, but you can buy seeds.

Even if you order them online from another country, nobody will blink an eye. Seeds are cheap to get, and you can acquire large quantities. This is the best way to start growing your cactus and get infinite amounts of seeds for your needs.

Some of the countries that have decriminalized Peyote are:

  • Uruguay
  • Argentina
  • Colombia
  • Croatia
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Czech Republic
  • Mexico
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Russia

However, you should make sure to check how your country regulates decriminalization. Every government has a different approach to enforcing laws and regulations. 

Buy in a Store

Countries that have legalized Peyote have stores where you can buy them. You can walk into the store as if you were buying flowers without any issues. On the other hand, in countries where the plant is decriminalized, there are stores where you can find seeds for purchase.

In most cases, these vendors use their extensive knowledge to find breeds that are regulated differently. As the law doesn’t treat them as illegal, they can sell them with ease. On top of that, most countries in this category have stores that don’t offer seeds, but you can buy it if you know where to look for it.

Simply put, these “public secrets” are something the authorities are aware of but don’t care that much about.

Find it in Nature

Find it in Nature peyote

In a lot of cases, people aren’t even aware of this cactus. This also includes the local authorities. As we mentioned earlier, Peyote cactus grows in Mexico and Texas. Even though it’s illegal in the US, many people find it growing in nature.

People casually harvest these plants when nobody is around to see them. The plants are growing on their own as it’s a perfect climate for them.

It’s possible to find people on Reddit who are willing to harvest a plant for you or sell you some seeds. However, you should know that this involves risk.

Native American Church Members Can Use it!

For a long time, the natives living on US soil and in Mexico used Peyote as part of religious ceremonies. At one point, this was banned by the US Federal Government. Now, its use is legalized for all members of the Native American Church.

You shouldn’t make the mistake of thinking that all Native Americans have permission to use it. So if this is your religion, you can get the plant for this kind of use. When used in the right doses, Peyote has no cognitive side-effects. This is why Native Americans have the right to follow their cultural rituals.

Bottom Line

No matter what you decide to do, make sure to get informed on the local level. Laws that regulate these substances change often and are enforced in different ways. But if you are in Canada, Ukraine, or the Netherlands, there’s nothing to worry about.

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