What is Batch testing of CBD & why it is so important?

What is Batch testing of CBD

In this Article we are going to be explaining, what it means when people say batch testing of CBD products. We have covered this topic already in another article but we have not done a single dedicated article yet on this. So this will be a good review or either new concept for somebody that hasn’t heard about it yet.

If you’re in the CBD space, either as a consumer or as an entrepreneur, you’ve probably heard the term batch testing from someone or from somewhere and perhaps you don’t know what it is. We are going to explain that. What is batch testing in CBD?

What that means, is simply that the lab test is done for every batch or at least regularly done on each new batch of CBD products that are made.

Why Batch-Testing of CBD Products is important?

CBD Lab Testing

The reason why this is important is, because at this point in time, CBD products are still an unregulated industry, where basically brands are working as their own FDA by doing third-party testing.

A few brands are doing a pretty good job of this. One thing that you’re going to see more common and probably become basically just a standard is the batch testing. And that’s where the brands/manufacturers are held responsible for doing it for each and every single batch of products that are released.

And not just doing lab testing, which is obviously that you have to do that for all the CBD Products that people are using, all the different kinds of products, the topicals, the tinctures, the capsules and the concentrates.

Batch testing really should be standard, because with CBD coming from a plant, every batch that’s made can vary, because plants aren’t all just uniformed and the same.

So they can vary in the cannabinoid content and it can vary in how it was grown from one season to the next. All kinds of variables that exist and that’s why you need to batch test.

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The Benefit of Batch-testing

The added benefit of batch testing for the consumer is, that the consumer can take the exact product that they have in their hand, look up the maybe 5-6 digit batch number on the product label and then find the exact lab report for that exact product.

Not just some random lab report that’s two years old. This is why batch testing is so important and powerful.

lab report batch testing

The exact Lab Report of the Product you are going to buy/use

When you buy a CBD Oil product, no matter if it’s a tincture, capsules or concentrate, it wasn’t made one by one, it came from a big extraction of CBD and that would be the batch.

And you want a product from a batch that is tested and where you can see the exact lab report for that product you are going to buy. Because it can vary from one batch to the next.

QR Code System and Batch testing of CBD products

qr code thitd party test results cbd oil

You may have seen the QR codes that are becoming very popular in certain states and we predict the QR codes will be across the board.

Everybody’s going to have it, all the brands in the next two years will start adopting the QR code system.

Because it’s just so easy, you take your phone, scan the QR code and that takes you to the lab results of the bottle that you have in your hand or you going to buy online.

That’s really what you’re looking for, you don’t care about the results from a bottle that someone else has. You want to know that the CBD product that you bought, the one that you have in your hand, the one that you’re going to use is up to the standards that it should be. And that you will find in the lab tests.

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Even more benefits of batch testing of CBD Oils

The other great thing about the batch testing is, you can see what terpenes are in there and you can see how much CBN, CBG, CBC or how much of another minor cannabinoid is in the product you’re taking.

You can compare it to another product and see which one worked better for you. You have so much more insight into what you’re using when you have the lab tests for the exact product that you have.


Batch testing is going to continue to be very prominent in the space. We don’t see it going away. It will just become easier and easier for all the consumers that are using CBD products to see the exact lab report for the exact product that they have in their hand or they going to buy online.

In summary, the batch testing is a system where you can see a lab report for the exact product that you have. Because one product might vary from another product.

It will vary in some way and the batch testing allows you to see the information for the exact product that you have purchased. Because that’s the one you care about.

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